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A Place to share life events, story news, thoughts ect from KerenOlivero.

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Published: Sep 18, 2014 Updated: Aug 13, 2022

1. Chapter 1 by LadyKeren [Reviews - 36] starstarstarstarstar (285 words)

2. Chapter 2-my thoughts on the rp drama by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (251 words)

just my thoughts on what had transpired the past few days. 

3. Chapter 3-checking in by LadyKeren [Reviews - 1] (204 words)

Just checking up on those I made friends with. 

4. Chapter 4-New Week..Moving Forward by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (126 words)

update on my progress, and some uplifting words..

5. Chapter 9-well, it's official by LadyKeren [Reviews - 1] (62 words)

6. Should have known this would happen by LadyKeren [Reviews - 3] (219 words)

7. Well..it's been real.. by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (179 words)

my experience here was fun while it lasted..alas, it is time for me to say farewell for now..

8. Chapter 8-Update/Reflection by LadyKeren [Reviews - 1] (317 words)

9. Fanfiction Pet Peeves by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (1246 words)

Just a list of things that would make me avoid a fanfiction like the plague or stop reading if I am too bothered. 

10. Sam Wright-In Memorium (1946-2021) by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (288 words)

A moment of silence...

11. Story News/Reflection Part 2 by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (1550 words)

Just an update on the status of my stories and things on my mind I feel the need to lay on the table that I held back in the first part of the reflection. (chapter 8)

12. Chapter 12-About Me/My Journey into Fanfiction by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (1130 words)

Just a spiel about little ol' me.

13. Chapter 13-The fan community by LadyKeren [Reviews - 0] (1721 words)

My thoughts on the community and why I've detached myself from it. I'm not calling out any one person, just speaking generally of what I witnessed.