Terms of Service

These are the community rules (Terms of Service) that you accept when signing up to the Archive. They run side by side with the Submission Rules to create a safe community for us to enjoy, and be proud of. Make sure you've read and understood these rules, as violating them will have consequences.


  1. This is a community; we share, we love, we support, we help, and we grow. As such, any personal information given by members about their lives is to be treated with respect and confidentiality. If someone is talking about family struggles, or illness, or work issues, don't go gossiping about it, not on the site, not in PMs and not offsite.
  2. Michael called his fans The Army of Love, and this is the name I have taken for us to use. Be respectful, always, to each other. No bullying, no hate, no gossip, no nastiness at all. Treat each other with love and compassion, as you would like to be treated.
  3. No identity theft. This should go without saying but unfortunately it doesn't always. Be yourself, you are the only you out there, embrace that. Don't steal the identity of another member (active or otherwise) and use it either on this site or another to take credit for their work, or for any other reason, nefarious or otherwise.
  4. No crusades or group attacks. If someone has stolen something, or has behaved inappropriately, or you disagree with them, simply report them and the offending content. Do not contact them yourself, do not attempt to get other members to contact them, do not start attacking or bullying them. Leave it to the admin team, it's what we're here for after all.
  5. No RolePlaying. This community does not support RPs, and any member found to be attempting to start RPs, either on or off of the website, will receive a warning which will result in a temporary or permanent ban. Any posts attempting to gather members for RPs will be deleted. No warning, no negotiation.
  6. Be careful about the information you give out online. Always assume that someone wants it for less than genuine means. Keep yourself safe.
  7. No photoshopped/ manipulated images of Michael in erotic/ sexual/ compromising positions are to be posted anywhere on this website. Not in stories, not in comments, nowhere. This is a very serious rule, and violating this rule or arguing it will not be tolerated in any circumstance.
  8. No "Bumping" a story! If you're not adding a chapter, don't update the story.
  9. No exchanging of email addresses on this site. Please see the news for a gross list of reasons why we've had to enact this
  10. Keep it clean! Usernames, story titles, story summaries, and your bio should be family friendly! No swearing or inappropriate comments. If your username, story name or anything else that's viewable by members of all ages are not deemed suitable they will be edited.
  11. All links to other sites should either be submitted for affiliation or listed in your profile page. No advertising other sites in stories or story summaries.


If you violate a serious rule, your account will be instantly locked down the second we see a violation. Pleading ignorance is not an excuse; rules have been posted here and on the News page. The offending story/ chapter/ image will be removed or edited without warning.

If you violate a less serious rule you will receive a warning. Multiple violations by the same member, even if it's of different rules, will result in account lock down.

When your account is locked you may/may not receive an email telling you why this has happened. Email an admin for clarification. If after your account is unlocked, you make more rule violations, your account will be permanently locked.

One account per user. Don't start a new account because your old one is locked, we will find out and we will lock that account too. This is the consequence for violating rules. 5 reviews minimum in the first month to avoid deletion.



Keep this site fun for all. The more people try to break rules, get around rules, and/or act in a way that is counter to the benefit of a community, the more rules need to be created. We don't like making them. Please don't put us in a position in which we need to make more.