Submission Rules

Submission Rules

These rules apply for any and all content uploaded to The Archive. Anyone found not following these rules will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including the locking of accounts. These rules work side by side with the Community Rules (otherwise known as Terms of Service).

  1. No plagiarism. If it's not yours, don't take it and claim it as your own. While there are no copyright protections, legally, for fanworks, as a community we protect our own and will not tolerate theft, be it of fiction, pictures, graphics, anything. If you feel your work has been plagiarized please contact a member of the admin team and we will deal with it.
  2. Please use good grammar so that your stories are understandable to readers of all mother tongues. WrItInG LyKeE DiS is rude and unhelpful to everyone, particularly people who have English as a second or third language. Please use correct punctuation. It just makes everything easier to read.
  3. All fiction should be as respectful as possible. Of course we allow Out of Character portrayals of Michael and his family, but please make it clear that this is the case.
  4. Stories must have proper Warnings and Trigger Warnings. These can be chosen when you create a new story or go in to edit your story, just as you would choose a category. If one of the Warnings fits something your story will contain, select it. Multiple Warnings may be chosen. New Warnings may be added periodically.
  5. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for stories or reviews eroticizing: Incest, Beastiality, Pedophillia, Adults having sex with minors and rape. If your story contains any of these topics, it cannot be erotica. No non-con erotica or rape fantasies, no erotica around Michael and his brothers/ sisters/ children. Of course in some instances incest, rape or pedophillia will crop up, but treat them with the seriousness they deserve. If it is felt that your story is sexualizing these topics it will be removed. These are things some of our members will have experienced, given how many of us there are, and it is unjust and disrespectful to portray something so awful in a positive light.
  6. "Please Read," "Untitled," etc are not acceptable titles or summaries.
  7. NO ROLEPLAYING. This community does not support RPs, and any member found to be attempting to start RPs, either on or off of the website, will receive a warning of a temporary ban. Any posts attempting to gather members for RPs will be deleted. No warning, no negotiation.
  8. Post stories to the correct Categories. Adult stories are for stories that contain explicit material, or violence, or cussing. Family is for stories that are suitable for ALL readers.
  9. No photoshopped/ manipulated images of Michael or anyone else in erotic/ sexual/ compromising positions are to be posted anywhere on this website. Nowhere. This is a very serious rule, and violating this rule or arguing it will not be tolerated in any circumstance.
  10. No "Bumping" a story! If you're not adding a chapter, don't update the story.
  11. No exchanging of email addresses on this site or linking to wattpad. Please see the news for a gross list of reasons why we've had to enact this
  12. Keep it clean! Usernames, story titles, story summaries, and your bio should be family friendly! No swearing or inappropriate comments. If your username, story name or anything else that's viewable by members of all ages are deemed unsuitable they will be edited.

If you violate a serious rule, your account will be instantly locked down the second we see a violation. There are no new rules here, they have all been active on the site for a while, so you will all have seen the News posts about them. The offending story/ chapter/ image will be removed or edited without warning.

If you violate a less serious rule you will receive a warning. Multiple violations by the same member, even if it's of different rules, will result in account lock down. This may or may not be permanent.

One account per user. Don't start a new account because your old one is locked, we will find out and we will lock that account too. This is the consequence for violating rules.



Keep this site fun for all. The more people try to break rules, get around rules, and/or act in a way that is counter to the benefit of a community, the more rules need to be created. We don't like making them. Please don't put us in a position in which we need to make more.