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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's Chapter 2!


                                                   Chapter 2.

     The rumbling sound of the convertable stopped by the time Tiffany had reached into the driveway of the Hayvenhurst Estate. The street light was still on as bright as the full moon and everywhere was quiet like a newborn baby. Getting out, she made her way towards the backyard encountering the patio table and chairs; knowing Michael himself, he would be up in the tree gazing out waiting for the sun to come out any minute now. Calling his name out in a hushed tone, and making her feet move again,

     BOO! the voice cried out making her jump about just 1 inch from the ground as she heard chuckling from behind; rolling her eyes, she saw the singer who cimbed down to greet her but she wasn't impressed at all.

     "Damn it Mike, can't you just answer when people call out to you?" She asked making a small smirk in the process as he rubbed his neck and blushed. 

     "Heh, sorry about startling you Tiffany sometimes I can't help myself. So, what bring you here? and why are you up so early?" He asked.

     "Well first of all, the Chief called me needing me to come to the station for he has some important and serious matters to discuss and I was wondering if you would like to join me?" Nodding and smiling, Mike accepted.

     "Sure, I don't see why not, I have nothing better to do right now or for the rest of the day so I'm free. Let's go!" And they both made it towards her car and drove off out of the drive-way.


Chapter End Notes:

Part 2 Coming soon!

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