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Michael and Tiffany are assigned on a mission: To find the last Mafian group and bring home a missing child at the same time. Will they make it out alive? or die trying?

Takes Place in February of 1983 prior to the Motwon 25th Anniversary Concert.

Rated: T
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Published: Sep 04, 2014 Updated: Dec 21, 2014

1. Chapter 1 by staciethehedghog [Reviews - 0] (599 words)

Hey everyone, Savanah here sorry that I've been inactive for awhile you know how school is but anyway, Here's my new story enjoy!

2. Chapter 2 by staciethehedghog [Reviews - 0] (308 words)

Here's Chapter 2!

3. Chapter 3 by staciethehedghog [Reviews - 0] (473 words)

Oh My God! Hey everyone, Happy Sunday! Sorry that I've been very inactive due to all this schoolwork that I've been doing lately that has really been murdering me lol! but anyway! here's the next chapter to Enter the Mafia Zone, I'll try to update more often if not all the time and since I'll be getting winter vacation soon, hopefully I'll have free time on my hands :) so enough of me being a blabber mouth and onto the Chappie!!