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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone, Savanah here sorry that I've been inactive for awhile you know how school is but anyway, Here's my new story enjoy!



     Enter The Mafia Zone.

     Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Suspence.

     Characters: Michael Jackson, Tiffany Andrews, Chief Neville Ingram, Emanuel Myers, Delilah Myers, Mafia Father: Lord Bobo Rutherford the First and Gang.

     Rated PG-13 for some Mild Adult Language.

     Date: February 15th, 1983.

     Location: Andrew Mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

     Time: 5:15 A.M.

                                                        Chapter 1.

     The ringing of the phone erupted loudly throughout the large empty mansion as the beautiful Latin American woman Tiffany Andrews tossed and turn in her queen-sized bed hoping to drown out the noise but it was no use giving in, and making a huff, she roughly picked up the receiver to answer it while avoiding the need to yawn.

     "H-Hello?" She answered in a groggy tone of voice.

     "Yes, is this Officer Tiffany Andrews?" A gruff male voice asked on the other hand as she answered back.

     "Good Morning there Miss Andrews, this is Chief Ingram here, sorry to wake you so early into the morning hours but I advise you to come down to the station right away we need your help." Tiff blinked her eyes twice while having a confused expression painted on her face.

     "Okay then, but why? today is my day off."

     "I understand and I do apologize but this is a very serious matter and I need for you to get here as soon as possible. Please." Sighing then came underway as she pinched the bridge of her forehead between her eyes.

     "Yes Chief, I'll be there bye." After hanging up, she made a low growl throwing the violet comforter off of her as she got up to go into her bathroom.

     "Great just great, my one day off for the month and I have to work? ain't that just peachy... hmph! give me a break! I could be thinking 5 good reasons to not want to go in but I have no other choice; Mama is visiting Abuela in Mexico and the Guys are in Cuba for the big game and what do I have? this gigantic mansion all to myself but yet, I gotta go to work! of course this does sound important and I could never deny not even if my life depended on it in the long run. Hmm... I wonder if Michael would like to come with me; besides apart from being ready to put on a concert, he is ready for anything new."

     Tiff looked around in her big walking closet trying to find some decent clothes to put on; she then grew a smile as she came across her purple turtleneck sweater, black jeans, and black combat boots along with an ordinary denim jacket. After putting her hair up in a loose curly ponytail, she then got her keys, making it over to her black convertable. The sun had not risen up yet for it was still kinda dark outside with the street lights still on but it didn't matter to her at all; her mind was already set to go to Hayvenhurst to see the Pop singer as she drove off down the street heading to Encino.

Chapter End Notes:

Here you all go!

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