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Someone, somewhere once decided that we should all be the same.

Someone, somewhere came to the conclusion that some of us are strange.

Someone, somewhere decided that strange was an illness.

At the age of 13 you’re either pronounced strange or normal. If you’re normal, you go to school, live with your family, and take part in activities just like anyone else.

If you’re strange then you’re taken away from you family and forced to live in a compound with other people that are strange just like you. You stay there until you’re cured or until the day you turn 18. If by 18 you’re still strange then it’s decided that there’s no hope for you and you’re executed.

Michael was deemed strange.

It’s been four years and he’s still not better.

His 18th birthday and those of his friends are coming up, and time’s running out...

Rated: T
Categories: Sci Fi, Suspense, Trigger Warning! Characters: Michael
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: Death
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Word count: 9567 Read: 4673
Published: Mar 30, 2013 Updated: May 29, 2013
Story Notes:

So I got the idea for this story after watching the music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes' by Adam Lambert and after listening to the song 'Strange' by Tokio Hotel and Kerli, so yeah. :P

And one of the categories for this story is Sci-fi, but it probably won't be heavy sci-fi, I just think it kind of fits in that category, but we'll see.

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This chapter will give a little more insight into the whole strange and normal thing :P

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I've attached a link to a quiz related to this story in the end notes! Check it out! :P

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