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So this is my idea of some humour <3 

So it is the year 2013 Michael and Lisa are exs 

 Michael is going to preform a new sexy song at the grammys this year 

 Lisa is unhapply forced married to Lockwood ( first name is also Michael ) to get a recording contreact 

 They are all going to the grammys . Lisa was not seen Michael is so long . Latley she has been fantesisisin about they great times they had filming You are not Alone. 

At the awards after Michael preforms she is so turned on , and Lockwoods see it . 

She goes to the washroomto cool off but she ran into Michael in the mens washroom changing out of the famous goldpants ( or just some really hot cothing ) . Just picture Michael in a undershirt looking in the mirror wiping sweat offhimself . Also in a fancy washroom .

 Michael who will be really flirty in this says : So you really miss my dick hun babe . 

Lisa : ummm No ... why 

 Michael: biting u r lips and staring at my jr is nothin then ??? Arnt you married to whats his face . How is he satisfing you hun ? * Winks at Lisa then taking of his shirt and puting on a suite *

Lisa : Who .... Oh shit I gotta go anyway 

 So that is all I got so far Michael should be really flirty and teasing but still Michael's personality . Do you wnt this Idea ?????

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The characters for this story must be:

-Michael Jackson (of course!) in any era you want.

-Justin Bieber with pink underwear.


-Lisa Marie Presley.

-Tom Sneddon.

-Any other character you want to include.

There must be:

-A strange death.

-A sexual scene with Justin Bieber.

-A scene where Tom Sneddon dances to Michael's muisc.

It must take place in:

-Bikini bottom.

*Any categories are allowed*

So, I challange you!

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Anyone interested in finished novels?  I have a few.



 (One Shot)


 (One Shot)




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Hey again MJFictioners. Another wacky challenge here for you!


- Story must take place on a random island, real or not.

- This time, Carly Rae Jepsen must be in the story and be with/see a pink-thonged Princess Diana (from my last challenge XD); Carly can be dressed in any clothes.

- Michael Jackson has to be in the story (duh!). He must be painfully stupid or incredibly bright.

- A creepy Barney must appear in the story.

- Celebrity of your choice has to wax Michael's balls.

- Oprah and Doctor Phil are related to Michael, in whatever way.

- A wish must be granted.

- Bondage of some sort must take place.

Anything else can be made up. Length of story, plot etc is to your own imagination.

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So , I was thinking this is a greate site and well I read most of the MJ/LMP stories and oMg i love them well I can't write as you see here my grammer is so bad .

How about writing a story on Lisa and Michael getting back together because I would so read it.

I really liked the story stay but I dont think the outher is gonna finish it so you guy could<3 

If you want me to make you a banner just ask because I love making them <3

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I felt like posting another. Here are the requirements!



- Michael is a 3ft man catching a train to go to work.

- Has to meet a girl/guy on the way (of course). Girl/Michael is attracted to one of them, but both can't be attracted to eachother instantly. Gives out his number, arranges date etc.

- Girl must dump him over his height at some stage in the story.


Anything else is your choice. Characters, personalities, plot, era, the girl can be 3ft too if you want, though I think her being normal size like 5'6,5'7 will make it more interesting/ intense. Have fun with it!

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Hey guys , so I love lisa marie and Michael stories I love reading about there life please wirte one ! If you dont have any ideas Ill give you some !


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Okay, here's the deal. I know that there are over some 30 stories listed under the MJ/LMP category but what I've noticed is that most stories we have on the site portray Lisa Marie as a negative influence on Michael. Sure she isn't the nicest of people on the planet but Michael loved her, so much so that he tried so hard to get back together with her. He actually wanted to remarry her. And I hope most of you have seen the letter he has written to her that was about to go on auction recently. So I want you to write a story portraying Lisa as the love of his life. A sweet sexy romance between Michael and Lisa. Mind you, character flaws may be added and at the end of the story they don't have to be together but I want someone to write an epic romance for Michael and Lisa Marie. You know, like how they tried to make it together again and what stopped them. Wish you luck.

Categories: Romance, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994 Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael

I want you to write a story about Michaels girlfriend but more about how his girlfriend loves him so much that it drives her to do crazy stuff.Even to the point where she would attempted murder.Also makes that she's ends up pregnant but keeps it.Make their relationship a hectic drama but show the love and the romance that they're not meant to be.Make sure it around the 1990s


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My writing sucks so I'd love to have someone to generate my idea into a story using their great writing skill. So Amelia is a very active mermaid who would love to get close to human kind. She saw some people throw trash into the ocean so she collected those trash and threw it on their head when they were sunbathing. Oh and btw when she stays out of water, her tail turns into a pair of legs. Sounds familiar? If she stays in human form for too long, she'd get dehydrated and faint and etc (probably die). One day she meets Michael on the shore and their love blossoms but she's too afraid to show her true self. Michael's engaged to Lisa Marie at the time but he's unhappy with the engagement. And the story begins...

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