01 Jealous Lisa by Suzzanna

So this is my idea of some humour <3 

So it is the year 2013 Michael and Lisa are exs 

 Michael is going to preform a new sexy song at the grammys this year 

 Lisa is unhapply forced married to Lockwood ( first name is also Michael ) to get a recording contreact 

 They are all going to the grammys . Lisa was not seen Michael is so long . Latley she has been fantesisisin about they great times they had filming You are not Alone. 

At the awards after Michael preforms she is so turned on , and Lockwoods see it . 

She goes to the washroomto cool off but she ran into Michael in the mens washroom changing out of the famous goldpants ( or just some really hot cothing ) . Just picture Michael in a undershirt looking in the mirror wiping sweat offhimself . Also in a fancy washroom .

 Michael who will be really flirty in this says : So you really miss my dick hun babe . 

Lisa : ummm No ... why 

 Michael: biting u r lips and staring at my jr is nothin then ??? Arnt you married to whats his face . How is he satisfing you hun ? * Winks at Lisa then taking of his shirt and puting on a suite *

Lisa : Who .... Oh shit I gotta go anyway 

 So that is all I got so far Michael should be really flirty and teasing but still Michael's personality . Do you wnt this Idea ?????

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This Is It by Ahenobarbi Rated: M starstarstarstar [Reviews - 23]

Michael is finishing his last show at the O2 Arena and as he begins to sing the last song of the night he sees an unexpected face in the crowd.

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