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Hellooo people of!

I'm an author here and writing has been a passion of mine since a very early age. I love all things literary - whether it's reading or writing. I adore literature and am huge fan of John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Shakespeare and C.S Lewis among others. I also study English Literature and one of my favourite novels ever is The Great Gatsby.

I'm currently doing A-Levels in the UK, but outside of school, I'm an avid artist and have been drawing since I was in nappies. Another creative hobby of mine is music - I sing and play and I'm learning how to produce using software.

Music in general is a great part of my life and I listen to mainly Hip-Hop and R&B, both from today and from the 90s, though I like my House and Dancehall too. 

I grew up around MJ and his music and he fascinates and inspires me. My favourite allbum of his is Bad, as is the era, though I love him from 1958-2009. I combined two of the loves of my life and ended up writing a fanfiction story on this site. I take pride in my written work and doing anything creative is like a release for me. 

I'm still young and don't really know what I'll do in life XD but as for now, I know that I want to keep writing until the story is finished for you guys. 

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In the Summer of '97, Eva leaves India to move to London where she will be staying with her troublesome twin cousins, Aadesh and Adil, as well as her stern Grandma Riya. 
She meets Michael, an aspiring photographer, and they form a close bond. 
There's only one problem. 
Eva is to have an arranged marriage in one year. Her husband-to-be has a dark, cruel side which only Eva knows. 
Can Michael save her from the marriage? Will Eva's secrets from life in India catch up with her?


Disclaimer: I own characters and their backgrounds used in this story. Everything else belongs to their rightful owners.

Categories: Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance, Suspense
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: Emotional Abuse, Racism
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 76487 Read Count: 17529
[Report This] Published: Sep 24, 2017 Updated: Jan 05, 2019
Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Aug 30, 2018 Title: Chapter 22: XXII

Their lil lunchtime in the treehouse was sweet...til Eva freaked. I get she’s worried but she’s not really hurting Vikram by hanging out with most, Vik will be jealous but doesn’t genuinely care about/love his bride-to-be. But I agree with Mike that they should just continue spending time and having fun because really, what Vik doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Also he sucks ass for destroying Eva’s beautiful hard work. Great as always tomato!

Author's Response:

I agree I don't think Vikram will care for her to be with michael because he has clearly shown his feelings towards this marriage and the way he treats her love of art smh. Yes I agree too that Eva should enjoy the moment she has with mike now because mike will find a way to get her out of this mess. ah don't ya just love a jackass that we all face in different ways in our lives? smh lol. thanks onion <3

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Sep 24, 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Introduction

OH MY GOD. FINALLY. THE MONENT HAS ARRIVED!!! YOU POSTED THIS FINALLY! Oh wow it’s been a long two months of planning and changing the story plot multiple times and I cannot wait to see all of the help and everything I’ve contributed to the story come to fruition and I look forward to reading. Every Sunday is gonna be lit lmao. Everything is on point! Of course as an Indian girl like Eva, I have to say you completely captured her culture and Vikram is just intimidating as ever! Like so scary and freakishly charming. “Kiss me”. But yeah the twins are snappy as ever I love how we already get a look into the the majority of the cast’s personalities and it’s only been one chapter. Michael aw such a bean, lowkey hates class but I already stan him and Paul. I can tell the situation with Eva and her husband-to-be is already sticky and I anticipate Michael and Eva’s meet. I don’t really have anything else to say other than I’m so happy this is finally up! Next Sunday better come QUICK! Keep it up sis <3

Author's Response:

thank you my precious little one. I am glad it met the expectations we had to go though. the amount of plot vhanging was too funny lmao. I indeed had fun writing it! I'm glad I was able to get the culture right. it's all thanks to you pushing me <3

Author's Response:

thank you my precious little one. I am glad it met the expectations we had to go though. the amount of plot vhanging was too funny lmao. I indeed had fun writing it! I'm glad I was able to get the culture right. it's all thanks to you pushing me <3

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Aug 14, 2018 Title: Chapter 21: XXI

Yikes I do feel bad for Eva. Paul and Michael found out about what's happening to her which is essentially a good thing because now they know that Vikram is a dangerous af man - not that kind of dangerous, which we like, the bad kind (and now I've unintentionally made a pun out of TWO MJ songs...or is it albums?) - anyway, they know so they won't let this wedding go ahead. No way. I know they will do what they can to save Eva. 

"I- I rather see you living because I care for you too much" Eva blurted out nervously staring into his russet coloured eyes.

"You care for me that much? Even with all the mean things you say?" Michael teased.

"Stop ruining the moment! I'm serious" Eva huffed to him with a roll of her eyes trying to get back to the topic. 

^ love love love

O M G. I can't believe Paul betted on when they'd kiss for the first time! LMAO. The kiss was soooo sweet, really well-written and I know you're a little shy when it comes to these things but it was great, Lorry! Aw I'm glad Eva was able to experience such a spcial and memorable moment amidst all of this marriage/Vikram bs. Legit. She deserves to be happy fam she's so young got a whole future which she could possibly spend with Michael. The ending was hard to read...Eva's like a puppet. I mean, being physically harmful is one thing, but being sexually abusive is another and I'm legit just fearing for her life at this point because it's so baddd and she's not even married to him yet man! Messy now but I'm sure it'll be cleaned up. Wonderful as always, Lorry! Update soon. <3

Author's Response:

I agree that its good Mike and Paul know now that Vikram is no good for her and is a dangerous man sigh you had to bring in the puns onion lmao and of course those two brilliant minded friends will find someway to get her out of this situation. Paul somehow is always loosing his cash either way he has enough to last him a long time so  a small dent in his bank account won't effect him lool. poor girl deserves to have a live without that pervert Vikram in her life and be with Michael who can show her a new whole world (Catch that refernce from one disney film hmm? lool). something will be done Onion! thank you for all the encouraging words as always <3

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 20, 2017 Title: Chapter 5: V

Omg Riya is scary af I'd be shook. I get she is super disappointed but just a suggestion, try to show not tell; you could describe the look on her face instead of directly saying what the look on her face was, which would make the conveying of her emotion a lot more effectual.

So heart-warming how she decided to keep the memoir in a rusty, old frame because she really just loves it that much. Just hope Riya clock it lmao. Can relate to Aadesh - not a fan of lamb curry either haha 

I know I helped a bit with this, in terms of telling you about the dynamics of a typical Asian supermakret what with the funny video I sent you and going to an actual store and sending you real pics I took XD and I am NOT disappointed. This is DEF accurate, it lives up! Nice that these two cultures are interested in each-other. The race issue is just left right and centre in this chapter wow. It's good Michael can't understand what was being said jeez lol 

Was def a unique way of spending time together and I get the right vibes from Mike he's sooooo nice. Great chapter tomatoooo <3

Author's Response:

I will always take your words in lol. I'll try to do that more as I'm writing. Eva truly loved the picture they took together and kept it if riya sees she will not be happy lol. Poor Adil can't get a break lol. I'm glad I did your culture justice and hope to continue haha. poor mj don't need to understand what was said for his own good (for now).  thank yooou lovely for the feedback onion <33

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed
Date: Oct 01, 2017 Title: Chapter 2: II

BRO wtf this was so short. Seems like Eva's got her whole daily routine in place by her high-key racist grandmother :/ SO peak like the whole arranged marriage thing is really weighing down on her conscience and it must be terrifying af..! Haha but I'm just anticipating seeing her and Michael meet for the first time. Keep it up sis! <3

Author's Response:

I am SORRY this was short for you little one lmao. I will make the chapters longer in the upcoming chapters. have some mercy on me geez lol. yes I feel for poor Eva she has to live with her and have the marriage at the bank of her mind who knows something might happen lol. but we shall read when the two cuties will meet it will be legendary haha. thanks onion <3 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jun 28, 2018 Title: Chapter 18: XVIII

Yikes Michael didn’t take the truth so well. He just needs time and to give Eva a chance to explain. He must be sooo confused and sad I feel so bad for mike😭. He clearly doesn’t understand why Eva had to keep it a secret and I don’t think he gets just how big this thing is... At least Aunt Jay could bring some happiness with her good news! And damn that cliffhanger I wonder if Eva will be able to tell her side of the story, if he’ll listen. Bc rn, Michael only knows ones side - Vik’s. 

Author's Response:

I agree the magnitude of what is going down has not dawned him yet that she did this for a reason and yay to aunt jay at least in the mist of drama a flicker of happiness appeared lol. we shall what goes down in the next chapter onion! mwhahahaha -cough- thanks as always <3

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 13, 2017 Title: Chapter 4: IV

That is one hectic af household! People running everywhere half-naked. Lol. Aw she dressed up and we know why haha. I wanna meet Aadesh's Spanish gf oooh seems like forbidden relationships are a recurring theme here. TBH - glad Michael forgave her and let her model but he seemed desperate to get the project done. Still he was being fussy af like the perfectionist he was lolll poor Eva she's never done that before give her a break Mike - she really should get a pager so she can contact him! GOOD POINT. And love how they got over the awkwardness and she lost track of time with Michael and he let her keep their first memoriam together. 

Wonder what Riya's reaction will be..... Great chapter tomato. <3

Author's Response:

lmao cause the twins don't care for privacy smh. of course she has a reason to dress up and don't worry we shall meet the young lady soon lol. michael is too forgiving but it's good at the same time but maybe he just wanted to get it done between the deadline, everything has to be done right tsk. he does need to find a way to get in contact with her but we shall how that goes. thanks onion <33

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Dec 08, 2017 Title: Chapter 11: XI

I wanted drama. I got drama. Well Marcus has like -0 chill so. YES he was out of line lmao. The family dynamics were fun though but I wish Michael and Marcus didn’t need to bring their beef into the entire cookout but thankfully Roy broke it up🙄. Looks like Michael and Janet are going to need to fight for Eva’s attention! To me, it’s like she’s already family but she just doesn’t know t yet. I can tell they LOVE her and she def enjoyed trying out those foods. Again I’m enjoying seeing the clash of cultures. Hopefully Mike is alright! Wonderful tomato …

Author's Response:

You asked and you received the drama you wanted. Ikr they shouldn't have but what can you do with those two smh and yes thankfully Roy came in and shut it down. Yas she will have two of them and she won't know how to handle it lool. I agree she doesn't know it but she will realise in due time. The jackson clan are a welcoming bunch minus idiots like Marcus smh. She sure did and gosh I hope he's OK too. Thanks onion! 

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 08, 2017 Title: Chapter 3: III

Unique way in which they met. Luckily she caught his camera or he would’ve thrown her into the water along with it lmao. When Eva mistook Michael for being Indian I suppose she thought he was of Tamil descent? Bc idk Indians aren’t “dark” persé (I know I ain’t) but aw it shows that she’s desperately looking for someone who she can identify with since she just moved to the UK. Love Jay and Roy they’re couple goals. Can’t wait for the photo-shoot!

Author's Response:

michael wouldn't be that mean to throw her in the water if she hadn't caught his camera smh lmao. yes something like that and yes she is slightly desperate to find someone she can talk to. Yass to mike's uncle and aunt they are sweet in their own way lol. it's coming soon <3

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 09, 2018 Title: Chapter 19: XIX

I’m really happy Michael forgave Eva. His time to be upset was finished! Since everyone’s secrets are out, I feel like this is a turning point in the story; the chapter of revelations and I love that Michael and Eva got flashbacks. For Eva’s it’s honestly very real in the sense that arranged marriages do typically tend to happen between two people who know each-other somehow; either from childhood or family connections. And Michael’s was really profound. The way you described the car accident was really great I could picture the action in my head. 

Since everyone’s on good terms again, please tell me they’re not going to let this marriage go ahead. Vik is evil. They gotta come up with something! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Lovely as always tomato <3

Author's Response:


it is good to see that mike went against his heart and allowed Eva the situation but something has to get this chain of change to happen who knows what could happen! I am glad you liked how I described the car accident I found that to be the hardest to write about but now it gave michael a chance to grief and let that pain stay in the past!. who knows might happen onion! thanks as always <3 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jun 22, 2018 Title: Chapter 17: XVII

Aw so cute they admitted they'll miss each-other. It's interesting how relationships across race barriers are somewhat "forbidden" in this story and everyone's secretive af, and then you got Marissa who just don't give a fuuuuckk lol. People should be more like Marissa. Paul and Michael's plan was genius, the scene was really funny and ironic too but I love that it worked. I feel really bad for Michael but he had to find out sooner or later. Yikes Daadi steady pressuring poor Eva :( idk how much longer she can hide it, either. We'll see I guess. Great chapterrrr 

Author's Response:

yes I agree 'be like marissa' who is blunt with no cares lmao and it is sad that relationships are forbidden when you can bring two worlds together and live together but some people refuse to want that smh lol. the pair of friends when it comes to their plans sometimes works luckily this time nothing failed thank goodness if imagine Virkram had found em? yea the poor guy had to find out eventually at least it was in a better enviornment than in a public place. Daadi needs to leave poor Eva alone we shall how it goes! thanks onion! <3

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 22, 2018 Title: Chapter 20: XX

I can’t read Eva being so terrified like I actually feel her fear. As for Vikram well he is just really good at doing what he does, putting up this lover-boy facade. Someone has got to make Daadi realise that this man is a monster and he doesn’t deserve Eva. Maybe if Riya caught Vikram being violent toward or mistreating Eva, she might change her mind about this marriage. And welp there’s that lamb curry again that I love so much jk. Me and Eva wouldn’t get along in terms of food preferences😂. I thought the irony and tenseness of having none other than Michael as the photographer was cool af. If only Vikram knew muahaha. But I can tell he was uncomfortable the whole time...but he did his job like a pro and I’m proud of him for that.

SIS THE ENDING. I was so shook! Thank God for Adil but that was Part of me wishes that it was Daadi who appeared instead of the twins but I’m glad it was the twins because they will actually do something about it. I know they won’t let Eva’s life be ruined and I can’t wait to see what their synced minds come up with. I need Michael and Eva to have their happy ending ok. Amazing (and kinda terrifying) update, tomato! <3

Author's Response:

I did not expect that I described her fear so well (after so much research) I highly doubt Riya will see any fault in her golden boy all she sees is good and nothing else. I had to add that lamb curry in it yet again lool. ah isn't irony fun hm? especially when it hits Vikram and he gets in his feelings which lead to him abusing poor Eva that was uncalled for thankfully the boys were there to help her but I do feel Riya will not do anything and just ignore whatever she might see. at least the poor girl has some people on her side to get out of this mess. thanks onion for the support as always <33

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jan 10, 2019 Title: Chapter 23: XXIII

Lol the struggles of shopping were too relatable in this chapter. Eva’s choice sounded beautiful; reminded me of the royal blue sari I have. Yeah wasn’t surprised Vikram is fooling around with other women and Eva is basically just a side piece. If only Riya knew that actually Vikram is everything she wouldn’t want in a son-in-law. Oh the irony...

Author's Response:

I love how you can relate (I hate shopping cough) and I had fun describing her dress with ideas online to helpout hehe. Vikram is a vile and disgusting man he does want he feels pleases him sadly without any care for Poor Eva smh. If she only knew and had her eyes open but would that even help? Thanks onion <3

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Apr 07, 2018 Title: Chapter 16: XVI

Wow Paul must be working magic or something the way he can flirt with just about any female. Like that’s talent, fam😂. He may be aware of the power he has but I’m glad he will keep his eyes on the gorgeous Georgie bc I SHIP IT. Looks like they had a great time at the farm with all of the horses! I can totally relate what with the childhood nostalgia/memories aspect of it because me and my siblings would regularly go visit our aunt on Sundays and whenever we do this in the present day it DOES still feel nostalgic to me, revisiting places where we grew up. Anyway I kinda missed Eva in this chapter but she made an appearance towards the end so i’ll let you off, Lorry‘. Haha OMG AADESH IS A TOTAL FANGIRL. Love it. And omg typical for them troublemakers to be fighting all the damn time lmao. You can’t leave them alone for more than two secs legit. But you know how aadesh has his hopes up about the prospect of a relationship between Michael and Eva? Yeah he might not want to get ahead of himself because it seems as if Rita is working hard to make sure this wedding will go ahead ☹️ Fr she’s planning Eva’s future for her which sucks, but that’s the reality of arranged marriages. Great chapter tomato!

Author's Response:

just one of his great talents that he is slowly pushing away for his girl lmao. Mike and Paul had fun indeed going back to their memories and being able to relive em as adults and I agree its great to go and back feel that nostagalia feeling again. the troublemakers are always fighting sadly enough smh and yikes Daadi is planning behind the shadows poor Eva. hopefully something will happen to intervene to stop the wedding from happening! time will only tell! thanks onion! <3

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Dec 03, 2017 Title: Chapter 10: X

Lmao, a "snacking queen" I love Paul too much. Oddly enough I've legit never had malapua but I want to try some now! Loveee that he took her to his house esp after he's been to hers like equality duh. The way Michael introduced 'the famous Eva' to his family and how they all see her makes it as if they're a couple. Eva's still very reserved, maybe it's cuz she's at his house for the first time, but Michael broke the ice with Muscles and all, which was sweet!

The cook-out should be good. I WANT DRAMA. Lmao great chapter tomato! <3

Author's Response:

cause Paul loves his food just as much as his buddy and wil shower praises when he can lmao. wow you never have? it sounds yummy lol. can't blame her but she's getting out of her shell more and accepting it. Poor Eva not knowing she's his girl. michael will have to address 'their relationship' some day lol. yeah introducing muscles was a good turn luckily she liked him and musscles did the same phew. your love of drama don't worry something might happen at the cook out. let's see what goes down lol. thanks onion XD