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I love you Michael..

Fan fiction lover that specializes in Urban MJ Fan Fiction. The tone of most of my stories are usually dark, focusing on the underside of urban settings such as profanity, explicit sex and sex work, explicit violence , grifting, lying, drugs, adultery, etc. Some of the conflicts and events are unorthodox and most of the characters and subculture highlighted depict African Americans. Thank you for your support and reading my stories :)


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Skyler was a small time girl who landed a job at a new york bank. One day her whole world changed. It was the day she met F.B.I's most wanted. Michael Jackson



Categories: Bad: 1986-1990, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance, Suspense, Trigger Warning!
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Date: Aug 30, 2014 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

GREAT opener!!!!!

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Aug 31, 2014 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17

Shit, Hot!!!

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Jan 03, 2015 Title: Chapter 46: Chapter 46

Great work!!!

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Jan 04, 2015 Title: Chapter 50: Chapter 50

LOL funny ending not sure why but funny ending. Wow plot twist

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Jan 06, 2015 Title: Chapter 55: Chapter 55 The Wedding Part 1


Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Jan 06, 2015 Title: Chapter 55: Chapter 55 The Wedding Part 1


Summary: Feature

We have all seen those stories that get no comments and those stories that regularly get a handful of comments per chapter. This series will focus on providing tips on how to be one of the latter, not the former!


Newest Segment: Developing Minor and Supporting Characters

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Date: Mar 14, 2015 Title: Chapter 24: Writing Suspense into your Fiction

@ Redone boo :) no problem! Also, I am rather late in this discussion lol I haven't read all the replies or suggestions on this topic so I do apologize in advance if you in fact did clarify a point (because you might very well have). My post was based on some of the later replies I have seen and some of the suggestions I have read. 

Also, I notice that there are some things I pointed out that I could have clarified more in my last response.

I want to clarify again if I did not clarify before in my last post that I really think this is an excellent story or "fanfiction guide" that you created and you have done an excellent job in providing pointers for writers  because god knows I need it! hahaha Because I am always looking for pointers and things that I can do to grow as a writer. 


With that  being said, when I refered to "restricting creativity" I was mostly specifically referring to conceptual ideas, characterizations and story concepts. For example, having a strong OG's as a good OG characterization. I was in no way referring to grammatical advice, structuring of stories, or other technical pieces of english writing. 


This is why I made the comment that maybe its not that some writers need to improve technically but maybe "every story is not for everybody".  I was specifically referring this phrase to some of the conceptual suggestions that you made, just to give you another perpective to think about ...thats all :)


I think there is a niche and audience for all these different concepts, themes and characters. There is no right or wrong. For example, There might be some readers that might not like Michael to be portrayed as a virgin and of course there are some who don't  (I personally don't prefer this myself but just giving you something to think about because I know some MJ fans who like to see him portrayed as a virgin in these MJ stories or innocent)

There are some people who don't like cussing, or hyper sexual explicit deragatory slang or "slang dialogue"  and there are a niche of writers who cater to that audience who don't. However, me personally, I LOVE it lol  Because I think it can make certain conversations strong with emotion and reflects the "conversation" of certain communities or groups of people depending on what the personality or cultural beliefs the character is reflecting. Lastly, I always love a good dirty explicit sex scene lol because I love feeling what the characters are feeling and you do that by being detailed and maybe sometimes explicit (there is an audience for that too).



There is a audience for all these different concepts and characters regardless of how  cliche or repetitive they might be and I respect you giving suggestions of other concepts and characterizations that people can open their horizons too as well. Its just the way some of it was phrased seemed a bit restrictive and to me kinda implied that if these suggestions are not used than you won't get any readers or replies


The reason why I mentioned replies is because that was an essential thing you mentioned that you wanted to help readers achieve in your opening quote of the cover of this fiction. 

This is why I said, "just because a story has low replies  doesn't make it good or bad per se because there are other factors that should be taken into consideration such as. 

There are readers who don't give reviews and instead favorite stories or just give ratings.

There are some readers who read stories  that they like but don't give any reviews 

I just said that to say that I don't think that  reviews specifically should be the end all be all factor for what determines a great story as you kinda imply in your opening. I have read a few really great stories that have little reviews likewise there are few stories with a lot of reviews in which concepts or story lines are not as appealing to me imo (and this goes back to the whole every story is not for everybody) Once again I am not trying to be harsh or offend :)


And I will apologize if my last review came off "harsh" to you because that definitly was not my intentions at all. 

In my last post, I was just giving a different perspective of what I have personally heard from other MJ fanfiction writers who write. There are some who just do this for fun because they love Michael and I just pointed that out because I think that is a point you might want to consider as well. 


In your last response, I noticed you said that you were interested in hearing what I have to say just in case you might have to change something and that was not my intentions to change your opinions. I was just trying to give you a different angle or perspective to think.You have definitly given me much to think about! Keep up the good work and Nice guide ! :)


Author's Response:

Yay, thanks for returning and addressing my queries :)

When I say a strong OG, I meant that the author develops the character. Doesn't just keep her as someone who is passive b/c of poor character development. For instance, someone who we only really know the description of, but has no set personality, has minimal history, and changes with the wind. I don't feel that is restricting's actually asking authors to be creative. 

I agree about different niches. I just also do believe that there are some rules to writing fiction that should be attended it if you want the fiction to be read by more than just a couple people. What you described (e.g. virginity, swearing, sexually explicit language, slang), I don't see any one of those as being rules to good/bad fanfiction. There is a time and a place for everything. My main message is that an author should be aware of and attend to that time and place, if he/she wants to write a fanfic that more than three people will read without cringing. I'm being completely direct. I like some ff with a number of very sexually explicit scenes, tons of slang, swearing, different types of OGs, etc. A person can write using ebonics, the Queen's English, or American really doesn't matter to me, as long as it's consistent with the setting, the characters, and the plot.  Ditto for a dirty explicit scene - if it's in the first chapter, is unrealistic, doesn't match the personalities that have been portrayed, etc - to me it's a wasted scene and I'm out of the ff. Putting something in, just to put it in, is IMO the lowest level of creative expression.

 I also agree about there being some uses for the cliche characters and concepts, as I stated in that segment and the reviews. These can still be done well. I'll be posting another chapter of cliches soon, and I think the same about many of those. If the writing is good, the author takes a unique slant, and/or in some way adds a spin to it, it can work in the author's favor. There are very few instances in which I think an author just shouldn't go there...and those tend to be the ones that are: a)banned on this site or b) show that the author has no clue what they are talking about (Just thinking off the top of my head of instances that I've seen recently: a court case that ignores how court cases proceed, a PO dating their client, a therapist dating their client, a student who attends med school and college at the same time, a student who takes gen ed courses during law school, etc). One could argue that there is an audience for both, but one could also argue that there was an audience for The Chevy Chase Show, Celebrity Boxing, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, and 2 Girls 1 Cup... I'm not naming those to say that the writers are similarly low brow, but to make the point that stating that there is an audience for everything, doesn't necessarily mean that that is the audience an author wants.  I'm essentially writing this for those authors who strive to eventually have a story that appeals to readers in a similar way that Michael's music appealed to the general public. He didn't go for the small niche, he strove to be timeless and make music that all people could enjoy.

Thank you for clarifying re: my phrasing. I will attend to that more carefully in my next segment on cliches.

I focused on replies as those are originally why I started this thread. People were asking and begging for replies/reasons why they weren't getting replies. So, I'm going to be completely blunt: I think replies are an important measure of whether or not people enjoy a story. When people are members and read a story but don't post a review, it's not simply because they are being lazy. Often there is another reason that they aren't saying. It could be because they don't like what they read, they feel it is played, there is something in it that turned them off, it is forgettable, they are otherwise occupied at the moment, the author never replies to them, or they just don't know what to say. I don't think that I ever said that low reviews meant a story was bad or that reviews are an end all, be all. Please quote me if I did....

There are readers who don't give reviews and instead favorite stories or just give ratings.

^I've done that in a couple some cases. Mainly when the author doesn't engage with the readers....and those are also the first stories I remove from my "favorites".  The thing is, that as a writer, that isn't as helpful as a review. You don't know what they are responding to when they neg you or favorite you.  Ditto for readers who read a story they like and don't give any reviews. That's like having a fan who loves to hear your song on the radio, but never requests it, doesn't purchase your album/singles, and doesn't play it on spotify.  It's a fan that clearly isn't gripped enough to do anything about liking the song. 


I hope my response makes sense. It's early and I'm tired lol. Thank you again for clarifying and expanding more on what you said. You helped me to better flesh out my thoughts on this topic (in my head) as well as gave me some points to ponder as I go forward with this segment.

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Mar 12, 2015 Title: Chapter 1: The Basics

 Very interesting and this review is kinda long sorry lol

I know Im going to be in the underdog here but I agree with Coco as well and I actually think Coco made some really good points in their last comments.


 Some of the critiques and recommendations here are actually  really good pointers but I feel some of these critiques are just subjective opinions about "what some don't or don't like in a story" not necessarily pointers on how to improve as a writer. Now I understand everyone has their own personal style of MJ fan fiction writing that they prefer  reading and that's fine.

However, I don't see why all fan fiction writers have to write in a "standard way" when its creative writing. Some of these "rules" kinda defeats that purpose in my opinion.

The whole point of MJ fanfiction  writing(in my opinion ;) is out of pure love for Michael. We are all here because we are MJ fans. I don't see why people should be artistically restricted in how they choose to express that in their story or fantasy. I am in no way trying to offend  :) but just being honest with how some of the critiques came off to me in my opinion.

In my opinion, I think we all should be encouraging each other as writers and supporting each other and not looking down on each other's works ( whos is the best writer or who is not the best writer- now of course there are always going to be more talented and creative writers but I feel all works and ideas should at least be valued and respected).

It's one thing to say, "Yea this can help with grammar or developing a story plot" but it is another to try to dictate ideas and concepts someone should or should not put in their writing if they "want more reviews".

I don't think everyone who writes a story here comes here for that. Maybe some people write stories because that's what they enjoy doing. Maybe some people are not striving to be "perfect" writers and this is just something they do for fun because they love Michael or because they like writing because it makes them feel good (there can be many reasons but just giving some examples)

I just don't like this whole "elite" rulemaking of MJ fanfiction writing and I don't think whether someone has a lot of reviews or a lot reads dictates whether a story is a good story or not. I guess I am trying to say,it might not necessarily be  the writing that is the problem but maybe every story is not for everybody (and thats okay) but at least creative freedom is respected and encourage. Once again, I am in no way trying to offend with this opinion but just my personal opinion about some of the suggestions stated. 

Author's Response:

I appreciate you breathing more information to what Coco was saying. I was hoping she'd expand upon her comment. :)

My thought is that these "rules" aren't rigid. They vary by case, so I'm not quite sure what you mean by "standard". They are often flexible, as I've conveyed over and over. Those that aren't, are generally identified in highly regarded published literature vs. that which is often relegated to discount stores.

I have also stated time and again that these are a combination of my opinion, the opinions of others, and research I've done. I'm sorry if I haven't made that clear enough :/

As to encouraging each other, I believe several reviewers have stated that this helps inspire them on how to develop as a writer. That is my goal - to encourage writers/budding writers to feel like they have more information/assistance in developing their stories. Often people start writing without a clear sense of what they are doing, then 2-20 chapters in...they stop. They hit "writer's block" or feel trapped by where they took their story. My intention is to help writers avoid that block and/or overcome it when they get there. IMO perfection is unattainable, but progress is always a goal.

About your "want more reviews" point. Fair enough. How about if I say, "if they want more people to stay engaged in their stories and/or take interest"? I just mention reviews as those are an excellent means of finding out whether people are staying engaged, what they think about one's story, and lessening the void that one faces when posting a chapter into the great abyss of the interwebz.

I notice that you are focusing a lot on reviews. Is there a reason that point is so salient to you? What if I removed that entirely and the focus was just on becoming a better writer and/or deepening and strengthening fanfiction?

I think assumming that I am poo-poo-ing creative freedom is a gross overstatement. There are tons of different types of FF that I've favorited, that I read, that I'll give shout outs to. Now, if by creative freedom you mean that I'm not down with people portraying Michael as a sex offender or in sexual relationships with minors, then I'll cop to that. Then again, I suppose you could say the same thing for this site as it doesn't condone such writings.

I apologize if I'm terse - long day and I'm trying to go through each point directly.  I hope you stick around and reply. I would really like to further operationalize some of the points you've made. That will help me know exactly where I might need to make changes and/or where I'm not being explicit enough.



Michael is fed up with his PR marriage with Lisa and wants out. One day Michael's business partner introduces him to his strip club in hopes that Michael will be a co-owner. However, something else catches Michael's attention. Michael is blown away when he meets the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen.  Does a one night of flirting turn into obsession, love or a chase? See what happens when lies, lust, and temptation get the best of us.


Categories: Adult, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Suspense, Trigger Warning!
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Mild Violence, Some Scenes of an Explicit Sexual Nature, Strong Language
Trigger Warnings: Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Racism
Series: None
Chapters: 50 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 215737 Read Count: 30252
[Report This] Published: Jan 29, 2015 Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Dec 03, 2016 Title: Chapter 47: Need

Hang on tight guys! I have been busy with classes but they are wrapping up this semester and you should be getting an update soon! Thank you for your patience and endless support of my story xoxo

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Mar 18, 2016 Title: Chapter 42: Fighting For Love

I will be updating soon, hold tight, love you guys xoxo, thanks for baring with me been super busy.

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: May 27, 2015 Title: Chapter 25: The Proceedings

 @ big fan     


Thanks for the review and I see you have my story as a favorite!!! I really appreciate that. My clumsy ass accidently deleted your response when I tried to edit my response to you lol ughhhh! But thanks for the review, I did see it and I hope to see you around again, thanks! sorry again xxx

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: Sep 17, 2015 Title: Chapter 35: What Lies Beneath The Surface

Hey big fan why don't you just stop leaving reviews since that is obviously what you don't want to do. I rather you do that than delete them. So finish deleting all the reviews you have ever gave me and you don't have to make anymore. Its rude what you are doing  but I rather you not say anything if that is what you don't want to do.  




A young, single, and downtrodden mother named Alessandra gives up on love and life. However, she runs into her high school crush and best friend. Sounds just about ordinary, but not when his name is Michael Jackson.



Categories: Dangerous: 1991-1993, Adult, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Original Girl
General Warnings: Some Scenes of an Explicit Sexual Nature
Trigger Warnings: Rape
Series: None
Chapters: 35 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 88690 Read Count: 17949
[Report This] Published: Feb 05, 2015 Updated: May 23, 2020
Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Mar 20, 2015 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15 (Monkey Business)

Okay first off, I am over here like

Lol I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Moneky Business!!!!!!!! That is in my top 10 fav MJ's songs. It is soooo underrated and YES gurl his vocals are sexay!!!! I loved the photo of Bubbles its so cute and the Jerry Springer description was well written. I am a Maury girl, yea I know I shouldnt watch it but its ratchet messy and hilarious lol  Aless knows the force and felt the force therefore she KNOWS the D was good lol Oh and congrats on the 3000 reads!!!! xxx










Author's Response:

Girl, I am rollin at your GIF image lol!!! Hahaha! I love it, I'm glad you enjoyed it and there will definitely be more on the way, kay! Love you boo!

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 17, 2015 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20 (Wanna Be Startin' Somethin')

Hey gurl, I liked the urban dialog which is a personal preference of mine. I like the characterization of Anton, he is sooo cute lol and love his interaction with Mike! Nice to see your still writing, keep up the good work :)

Author's Response:

Thank you, realtalk92! I appreciate your feedback and yes I find the urban dialog more relatable and it's fun to write and Anton is cuter than baby buttons isn't he?

Reviewer: realtalk92 Signed
Date: May 24, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 (Who Is It?)

So happy to see you back OG! I immediately smiled when I saw you update!! :D Its been a while, good to have you back!

Author's Response:

Thanks sis! From one OG to another, its good to be home! Plus, this ain't gon be the last you hear from me! 😊