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Being gay is tough in a world where there is so much hate surrounding it. It's even harder when you're famous.

Michael Jackson and Adam Lambert have to go through their superstar lives living a lie. Living in the closet. It works for four years without any issues, but after awhile people start to wonder why they're always together.

Now, the two of them have to deal with the media hounding on them for supposedly being gay and they have to deal with all of the hateful words that are targeted at homosexuals.

Will Adam and Michael collapse under the pressure or will they be able to stay strong and stick together?

Will they ever come out of the closet?

250+ reviews! So awesome, I can't even explain it! Honestly, it's so overwhelming! Thank you thank you thank you! <3 :D


 Haha, just imagine me in Quincy's place for a second... that's how I feel about all the reads/reviews/favorites, so thank you again :D

And Adam... Just admit it, you want a piece of that sexy ;)

Categories: Bad: 1986-1990, Adult, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance, Slash, Suspense, Trigger Warning!
Characters: Michael
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Emotional Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 87 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 165392 Read Count: 20508
[Report This] Published: May 21, 2012 Updated: May 28, 2013
Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed starstarhalf-star
Date: Sep 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 54: Chapter 54: No Freedom

Uh-Oh I smell trouble.... Ugh... I HATE Madonna always want to have things her way and if she don't get it, acts like a spoiled rotten ***** kids, change tour mind you don't know what your up against!!! Please follow on the right path!!! Please!!! Lord have Merci!!!!!!

Aw... I'm sorry to hear about tour exchange student :( I have friends who are Mexican, and the woman's mother speaks fluent spanish but a little English so... It's hard on her too but hopefully, things will turn out better for her five her my warm regards and thanks for like S.B.L let's see what's wrong with Randy soon please continue!!! :)

Author's Response:

Haha your sense of smell isn't fooling you...

Ugh, I was so mad when I heard that that happened to her. Like, it's not like she wasn't listening she just didn't understand! Liek, I'm tryign to learn Finnish, and so far it's okay but not great. If I had to go to school in Finland, where they only spoke Finnish I would probably be just like her. I'd try my best to understand (obviously) but that doesn't mean that will understand.

I think once he realises that she's French he'll start to chill out... hopefully. If he doesn't then whatever, I'll just keep giving him dirty looks in the hall, either way is good with me!

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Sep 03, 2012 Title: Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Stalker Maybe?

Oh Lord have mercy Jesus. She won't let go huh? Damn... And I thought they were done with her ass lol!! WHAT!? She want's to take the kids with her!? Oh HELL TO THE NO! Let's see what happens next great chappie girl :) and thanks so much for liking S.B.L :)

Author's Response:

Haha! Next chapter will be... not tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe the night after. School's starting to I'm just like losing my shit right now trying to get myself prepared! Lmao!

Dude, thank you for writing it

Author's Response:

Haha! Next chapter will be... not tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe the night after. School's starting to I'm just like losing my shit right now trying to get myself prepared! Lmao!

Dude, thank you for writing it

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Sep 09, 2012 Title: Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Handing Them Over

Aw man... I was afraid it might happen wahhh!!!! I just hope the children will be okay FUCK YOU MADONNA WHY!? WHY!???? please continue Miss it's good :)

I am so sorry about what had happened :( it must have been very scary too I am praying right now for the fire not to come to your house though :)

Author's Response:

Lmao! I love your reviews...

Yeah, it sucks but it happens, what can you do? It wasn't that scary for me since it isn't that close to my house, it's just that people are panicking over it so they're thinking up the worst possible scenarios. But I really, really doubt that it'll get to my house since there was a fire around my house awhile ago so most of it's all burnt anyway so if it does come it won't have anything to feed off of, so all of the burnt stuff in my area really acts like a barrier so I think I'll be fine. :) And thank you!

Keep up the good work with SBL girl! You know I love it! :D

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jul 25, 2012 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Craving The Spotlight

Yay!! Adam's back!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!! ugh... Madonna? she is nothing but a God foresaken *****!!!!! God **** her ***!!!!! Continue!!!

Author's Response: Lol! Oh yes, the God foresaken b**** is back!! Haha all of the censoring in your review made me laugh! Haha! I'll continue as soon as I can! :) Either Friday night or Saturday :)) Thanks for all of your reviews!

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jul 23, 2012 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 33: You Can't Promise

I have been reading your story this whole time loving every bit of it! I think the unknown shooter is none other than Madonna please continue :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh thank you! So glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reading and thanks for the review! :) BTW I love your penname! xD Love hedgehogs <3

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jan 23, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: American Music Awards

Yeah it's going good and I have chap 33 part 2 up :)

Author's Response:

Haha but where I was left off was at like, chapter 100!

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jan 23, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: American Music Awards

yeah I know :) but I'm copying and pasting it there so I'm doing as much as I can.

Author's Response:

That's what I figured ;)

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jan 23, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: American Music Awards

:) ;) are you also a member of MJIFC?

Author's Response:

No not yet :( This is the only fanfiction site I use currently

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jan 23, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: American Music Awards

Okay then no Biggy

Author's Response:

Haha alright :)

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed starstarhalf-star
Date: Dec 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 69: Chapter 69: Valentines Day 69

Awwww.... Girlfriend it wasn't cheesy I enjoyed it I love your sex scenes it get's me going lol!! Now I'm off to read the next one :)

Author's Response:

Lol you sure it wasn't cheesy? Haha, I don't care if you think it was :P

Lmao! Good! Glad to hear it gets you going! XD

Thanks for the review :D

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed starstarhalf-star
Date: Dec 23, 2012 Title: Chapter 72: Chapter 72: Future Regrets

Those two need to stop acting like immature children already or else, we can get a gun and shoot it in the air for them to stop lol!


hahaha!!! Aw... Poor friend and then you get the blame lol! Cute but at least your sensai didn't get mad :)

Author's Response:

Haha! well guns and shooting might appear in their next fight.. :/

No I'm kidding! That would be really intense, but there won't be murder! lol!


Haha! Poor friend?! No! Poor ME! lol! I think if it had been me he would have gotten mad but because my friend has only been there for about a year he let her off easy ;)

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Jul 24, 2012 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 34: Janet Snaps

Aww... Poor Michael :( his family are always in his business!! Thank God Janet stood up for him she is the only sane one in the group please continue!! btw thanks about my penname lol!!

Author's Response:

Janet's actually got her head screwed on straight! Everyone else is kinda... nutso... lol! And no, THANK YOU for having that as your penname!

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed
Date: Aug 15, 2012 Title: Chapter 45: Chapter 45: New Kids

Sigh, first day of school. To be honest, I'm home schooled so I really don't know what inside a classroom looks like -_- Cody's "new friends" seem like trouble I just hope that Cody will realize that something is not right about it.

Ashley a lesbian wow... Well hey her new family is gay so what can I say? But she should come forth out of the closet I know this all seems new to her that's how all teenagers who are gay or a les have to deal with.

Aww.. Mike and Mia doing a puzzle together is so cute lol! Hope you update soon Miss Kourtney :) love it!!!

Author's Response:

Oh your home schooled? Oh I didn't know that! What's it like? Do you sleep in?

Yeah, there's actually this guy at my school who's now openly gay and admitted that he was really scared of what everyone was going to think and he was really scared of being bullied so he actually cut himself off from most of the school for a long time. He didn't play on any sports teams, barely participated in class, ate lunch alone... people thought he was emo for awhile or something, but then one day he started hanging with everyone again and admitted that he was gay and he realised that nobody really cared whether he was gay or not. People still treated him the same. So it turned out good for him :)

But I think that's what all homo/bisexual teens need to realise that for the most part, people don't judge. I mean obviously there are some jerks who do judge, but in reality it isn't that bad. I think what really makes people think that it's so bad is because in all of the movies with gay people all they show are the people who bully them and I think that's what makes people so scared to come out. I dunno, maybe that only makes sense to me, but I think that that plays a big factor in it all. Media influences teens a lot these days (I will admit it's influenced me too). Oh well, that's society for you...

XD He he they are cuties! I'll update soon! Tomorrow or the day after probably! Depends, I have to babysit 7 kids tomorrow! I'm in for one hell of a day watching 7 kids that are all 6 and under! Shiiiiiiiiz.... haha! Good pay though, so that's nice. And all of the kids are cute too, BONUS! Haha, and they love me. I think they only like me though because I give them piggy backs and horsey rides :/ Ah well, it's worth it.

Wow, sorry, I ramble... I'm gunna shut up now :x

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed starstarhalf-star
Date: Dec 28, 2012 Title: Chapter 73: Chapter 73: Jeopardy

DAYUM!!!! That was.... *ahem* intense tsk tsk.. That was really immature ugh... -_-' fighting like little children over nothing oh Lawd.... Please continue!

Author's Response:

You'll see that soon enough the fighting might not be over nothing... :O

Reviewer: staciethehedghog Signed starstarhalf-star
Date: Sep 16, 2012 Title: Chapter 57: Chapter 57: The Best We Can Do

This is just like in Romeo and Juliet where the families hate each-other Adam is Romeo and Mike is Juliet lol!!!

Wow.... 4 buses? My sister lives in an apartment which is like I think 10 minutes from where we live? And she has to take 2 buses to get to our house to visit whenever she's on her off days from work. Since she doesn't have a car (and can't drive -_-') anyway, great chappie :) hope you update soon :)

Author's Response:

Haha! Nice comparison! I like it! ;)

Yeah, it sucks. 2 buses for a ten minute drive? Ugh, I'd probably just walk! Okay, probably not, but still. That's unfortunate.

Thank you for the constant reviews! I appreciate it so much!