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Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones are close friends for years. They're like father and son and trust each other deeply.

But one day, Michael will meet the one who will become everything to him. A young and beautiful woman...who will be Quincy's youngest daughter Kayliah, 17 years old.

Will they take the risk to live this forbidden love?...Will Quincy discover who is the one who make his daughter happy?



Categories: Romance, Adult, Thriller: 1982-1983
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: None
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Chapters: 54 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 83870 Read Count: 23857
[Report This] Published: Mar 27, 2012 Updated: Apr 16, 2013
Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Nov 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 32

Wow, I'm so stupid! I went to go read the next update and I saw that this chapter didn't have a review and I was like "whoa, I review on every chapter, how is this possible?!" So I checked it out and I realised that I missed it some how! Sorry! :(

Anyway, I loved this chapter. I'm glad Michael's helping her! I think it'll totally strengthen their relationship all the more! Hopefully Kayliha will be able to make a career out of this! :D


Author's Response:

You don't have to be sorry girl. I know you're reviewing everytime so I won't be mad at you if you forgot one chapter lol...And when there's a sexual chapter, the readers often forget to review on the chapter before this one lol.

It will strenght their relationship and will bring something unexpected...

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Nov 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 34

Oh my God... While reading this chapter I was all happy and I thought this was going to be one of those cute chapters and then all of a sudden HERE COMES QUINCY and ruins the happiness! Wow... I can hardly believe this! Honest! Oh my God... I hope thye do something about it because a month is a long time and Michael's right, Quincy's gunna be totally on them!

Author's Response:

I know this chapter began really well but then Quincy arrived! I didn't want it at the beginning but I thought I needed him to come back in the story.

They're living a forbidden love, hidden from him so sometimes this kind of situations has to happen. It keeps the drama...

About Quincy being on them...Well we'll see...

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Nov 24, 2012 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 35

I was like 'Oh no' when Peggy saw the book and the message at the end from Michael, but her reaction in the end wasn't as bad as I had expected! Quincy's reaction is the one that scares me. His reaction could totally flip this story around!

Michael's reaction could be interesting too, I wonder if he'll be in a more calm state when he reads the message from Kayliah, or if he'll freak out...

I can't wait for the next chapter!! :DD I love this story soo much!!!

I want to give it a million stars!!

Author's Response:

Quincy's reaction will be different for sure but will come later in the story...I want to scatter Quincy's appearances in the story for let the tension climb, until he will know...Some things may happen that will make his reaction...well you'll see lol

Michael's reaction will be in the next chapter and I hope to be able to post it soon, but I'm so busy.

Thank you so so much for loving this story so much!!!

I'm working on other stories too including a slash story...Hope you'll like them too!

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Nov 29, 2012 Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 36

Yay! I'm glad Michael's reaction was good!

What Janet said was so true, Kayliah is like Quincy's little princess. It's even like that in my family, so I could totally relate to that! lol!

Telling Michael's mum wouldn't be too bad... I mean, Kayliah probably wouldn't mind since her mum knows, but the last sentence when it said that it could be dangerous is totally true. The more people that know the higher chance that the secret might get out before they want it to..

Author's Response:

Yeah it's good but he didn't have the choice...And to see that someone close to Kayliah took the news well was a relief for him...

Yeah I know what is it, being the only girl in the family...1 brother, 2 cousins and me...I'm the little princess lol

I didn't write the chapter yet about Michael telling his mother, but I think that more persons will be involved...You'll see...

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Dec 13, 2012 Title: Chapter 38: Chapter 38

Phew! I'm glad this chapter endedd on a high note! I was afraid things were just going to fall apart!

I have a feeling this isn't the last of Ola...

I hope what Michael said was true, that all he did was flirting, and he never felt anything more than that.

Author's Response:

And I feel you have a good feeling lol...I let Michael did this with Ola in his trailer, because I maybe have something else planned with her...I don't know yet ;)

Yeah he only flirted...He was very attracted to Ola that's why it went a little out of control in his trailer...But he doesn't have a real crush for her, not enough to leave Kayliah.

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jan 02, 2013 Title: Chapter 40: Chapter 40

Ohh gosh! When Quincy said that he knew about her secret my jaw dropped! I was seriously freaking out! But then when he continued and specified that it was the secret about being a model I was able to wipe the sweat from my brow there, lmao!

Yay! I'm happy Quincy approves! But something tells me he won't be so approving when he learns about the real secret that Kayliah is hiding from him...

Happy New Year to you as well! :D

Author's Response:

I know all my readers felt this lol...They nearly all had a heart attack whe Quincy began to speak lol....One secret at once lol.

He's approving for her to have a real model's career but I think that your intuition for the real secret can be true...We'll see this in a few chapters.

Thank you sweety!! :D

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jan 11, 2013 Title: Chapter 42: Chapter 42

Wooo! That was hot and sexy! I loved it XD

I can see why Michael would want to tell Quincy, but I think I'm leaning more towards Kayliah's logic. I don't think thaat Quincy would be able to handle it if he was told about it.

Ooh! Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm anxious to see what Michael's reaction will be! I think he'll be a little upset at first, but in the end he'll be happy for her :D But if they don't get to see each other for 6 months how will that affect their relationship? Will Kay be meeting some ultra sexy male models? I guess I'll have to wait to find out won't I ;)


Author's Response:

I know I know lol.

Yeah I understand them both. They both have a good logic if I can say...Quincy's reaction will come very soon.

You're pretty right in all you said. About Kayliah meeting ultra sexy male models, you'll have to wait...You'll see what will happen during those 6 months and a lot will happen...

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jan 18, 2013 Title: Chapter 43: Chapter 43

Awwww :'( Long distance relationships are hard but I really hope they make it! Their passion for each other burns so bright! They must stay together! I hope that Kayliah's introductory to fame doesn't change her though... :/

I was upset when Michael got angry at her, but when things cooled off I cooled off as well :) I'm glad he supports her; he always should. But his initial reaction was definitely understandable.

Author's Response:

Yeah his initial reaction was understandable. He wasn't expecting this kind of news. But he loved her and he knew it was a great opportunity.

About Kayliah's changes with fame, well it will change her and not really in a good way...It's all I can say. But before that, Quincy will play his role.

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jan 24, 2013 Title: Chapter 44: Chapter 44

*applause and praise for Eltoie* :DD I'm glad they didn't takr this story down, because this is one of my favorite stories. Besides, the age difference isn't major anyway, and like what was mentioned, no sexual interaction until she was 18.

Okay, onto the chapter...

I was hopeful. I thought this was going to be a sweet final moment before she left, and when they were alone I really thought it was going to stay that way! But noooooo! Along came Quincy to ruin everything!

I think he overreacted a bit, but I guess I can't blame him. When one of your closest friends go for your daughter how else can you respond? And to know he took her virginity and this had been going on for about a year could be a major shock! I think if he had let them explain that they love each other both equally and it was a healthy relationship things might have been a bit different.

Now that she's leaving and right after this it's going to make things a lot harder.

Author's Response:

You're sooo right applause and praise for Eltoie :DD. I'm glad too cause I worked hard on this one like on all of my stories. The age difference is indeed not major and nothing happened before she's 18. It's a point I wanted to respect...

About the chapter, it would have been good for them to have a last happy moment together but they were quite careless to kiss each other like this, in the kitchen, even with a closed door. I think Quincy did reacted a little too much but he was in complete shock. His daughter is still his little princess and he felt so betrayed by Michael. He had all his trust in him as he said. Michael tried to explain that their love was real and equally shared but Quincy didn't want to listen.

Our couple will have take a decision before her leaving...What will they decide?...You'll see very soon.

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jan 31, 2013 Title: Chapter 45: Chapter 45

Awww :'( Nooo! This is not what I wanted to happen at all! I don't want them to break up </3 !! I hope Quincy realises how much they love each other soon so that they won't have to do that! It's so sad!! :(

I can't wait for the next chapter, I'm desperate to know what's going to happen!!

Author's Response:

Michael and Kayliah will have to take a decision regarding their relationship...As Michael said, now it will be even harder for them to love and see each other. They don't want to break up but with Kayliah's leaving and Quincy who knows and don't accept their love, it will be hard.

I will update next week :)

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Feb 07, 2013 Title: Chapter 46: Chapter 46

Aww :'( That's so sad! But I'm glad that they've decided to stay together and try to overcome this. I hope that Quincy will realise how much they love each other because they're really the definition of true love. <3 :)

The last sentence wehere it said "It was just a goodbye... a heartbreaking goodbye..." practically brought me to tears! That was so sad but so beautifully written!!

Fantastic chapter. So beautiful. So gorgeous. :)

Author's Response:

Yeah it's very sad but in other way it's good too because they don't break up. They decided to stay together and made some plans for their future...They're the definition of true love...But for how long?

Thank you very much sweety, I'm happy you liked this chapter so much :)

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Feb 23, 2013 Title: Chapter 47: Chapter 47

:'( Noooo! Kayliah why?!?! Oh my god... no!! Blake probably isn't nearly as sexy as Michael! Ugh, I can't believe this!! This is so upsetting! Michael made some really good points; he took so many risks for her and he lost Quincy's friendship and now it seems that that's all for nothing :( That's so sad... Needless to say I hope they make up

Author's Response:

Yeah that's so that. Michael was right when he said all the things he did for her and now she just cheated on it.

But Kayliah's behaviour will be explain in the next chapters. I don't mean it will be easy to forgive her but her life in New York made her do some changes, and not only about her boyfriend.


Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Feb 23, 2013 Title: Chapter 48: Chapter 48


No. Just. No.

MICHAEL DON'T DO IT! Ugh, see, this is what I think is gunna happen, he's gunna call Ola and they're gunna get together, but Kayliah is so sad and upset for having hurt Michael that she breaks up with Blake, comes back and kinds that Michael has moved on with Ola and then now SHE'S upset and then Michael feels guilty and then it's all just a big mess. >:(

Author's Response:

Your analyse is pretty good but it won't happen like this. Michael will call Ola and be with her but for the rest, there are things you didn't plan and nobody can find about.

You'll have to wait and see ;)

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Mar 01, 2013 Title: Chapter 49: Chapter 49

:( Noooo! Why is Kayliah just letting herself go like that? I bet it's her new model boyfriend smh -_- I don't even remember his name except for the fact that it starts with a B.... a B for BAD INFLUENCE!

I hope she'll listen to Michael and fix their relationship :)

Author's Response:

I think you're right...Blake, her new boyfriend, will maybe be the cause of her troubles. I didn't get the thing with B of Blake and Bad influence...It's well done, you're right lol.

You'll see in the next chapter sweety :)

Reviewer: YANAgirl07 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Mar 07, 2013 Title: Chapter 50: Chapter 50

Awwww :') The beginning of the chapter was kind of sad, but now it's still kind of sad because she got herself in that situation and she's so upset, but at the same time it's happier because she's going home :DDD

I think that since Michael was able to get her to see that the lifestyle she was living was wrong Quincy will be more accepting :)

Author's Response:

She's indeed very upset because of what she did.The parties, the cheating, hurting Michael. She now realises all the wrong things she did and she can't stand it.

Quincy will be more accepting but not right away, and not for this reason...Not only.