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well hi, umm i am a HUGE MJ fan and adore anything positive that has to do about him. I am a wife and a mother of a toddler so I do t have much of a social life so if like your stories, I will read religously lol. I am always looking for more Michael friends who I can share his awesomness with. kisses


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Hmmmmmm, I was thinking of writing a story and I have a plot but oh yeah!! I have no talent for writing, LOL. So heres my train of thought, as I love mature Michael, he had faked his death and is living quietly on his private island. His children and family and a few friends know and visit often. He goes to L.A. incognito to do some shopping and observe people and sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen with that unknown quality he has never really found before. A woman with quiet beauty and almost fairy like way about her. He cant let he go.....

Now heres the challenge, how does he woo her? How does he reveal himself to this woman and keep the peace he finally acheived? And if love does happen, will he convince her to leave her whole life behind to be with him? So all you amazing writers please accept!!

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