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A few months later all arrangements were done.
I took off from work for 10 days, and I was ready to take a flight to Los Angeles.
Michael had told me a bodyguard would pick me up to take me to neverland and he would meet me there. I opened the backdoor of the black SUV with tinted windows, and got in.
“There is my sweet lady!”
“Michael, I yelled, you came to pick me up!”
We hugged and kissed and snuggled up in the backseat.
The whole way we hugged, give some kisses, talked, hugged some more, before I fell asleep, tired from the whole long trip.
Michael gently woke me up to say we have arrived.
I looked around and there was a huge gate, as we drove through a beautiful landship appeared.
“Oh, Michael what a gorgious place...”
“Wait to get to the other gate, its even more stunning”, he said.
We drove up to his house, I couldn't believe my eyes. Rides, animals, nature, a lake, swimming pool, it was all there. I got a tour through the house and he showed me my room.
The place was huge, filled with energy and love. I could feel his love for this place, it had everything he needed.

We spend a few days at neverland, having a great time. We loved to go on the rides. We got on the ferris wheel and on top he asked the worker to stop the ride. The view was incredible.
Michael took my face in his hands and kissed me. He whispered in my ear; “I am so crazy about you, the minute I saw you I felt you are the one for me.”
His lips went all over my neck, face and mouth, his tongue twirling around mine, he stroke my back, hair and then my breasts. I couldn't breath.
“Michael, stop, stop, please, I can't take it anymore, not here, not now..”
He laughed. “I know you want me,” he said with a grin. “I will have patience...for now.”

Michael had a few meetings at his house, but after those talks he was off, he went silent, mombeling in himself like; they don't care, what do they want, they want to take over, I don't want to go. He got angry at times, grumpy, and nothing I could say would lift him up.
This evening he was in a good mood. He arranged a romantic dinner for us.
Later he put some music on and asked me to dance. He softly sing in my ear, and kissed my neck.
I felt so special, I got goosebumps, I wrapt my arms around him and hold him tight.
He began to kiss me, gentle, but got wilder and wilder. He rubbed himself at me and I could feel he was getting aroused. He lifted me up and he walked to his bedroom where it was dark with candles litted. Michael took off my dress en stroked my whole body, I trembled. I took his shirt off and kissed his chest and nipples, he was gasping for air.
I sat down on the bed and unbottun his pants and took it down along with his underwear.
I touched him and stroked him. Michael was moaning. He helped me stand up and took off my underwear after that he lay me down on the bed.
He got on top of me and came in me, thrusting and twirl his pelvis, he looked me deep in my eyes with his big brown eyes flickering, his face in sweat and his long curls tickeled my face. I thought I was gonna loose it. It was magic. Suddenly he turned us around, I went on top of him, stroking his whole body, as we were thrusting together fireworks exploded. We held eachother tight and tears were running down our faces. “I love you,”we said at the same time.
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