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I went home in a haze, thinking about our talk, he said some things that bothered me and now I feel worried about him. His touring will wear him out as he said, his anxiety building up, no sleep, but I think he have good people around him who keep him safe and healthy. I should not be worried and be happy we met and had a special time, I know the other side of him and have warm feelings about him now that I know who he is.

The next day I got a call. A onknown number...should I answer?
“Hi, is this katy?”
“Yes, who is calling?
“This is Ben, Mr Jackson's assistant, Mr Jackson is asking if you want to meet him tonight before he goes to Italy.”
“Well, I would like to say goodbye, so yes. Where do we meet up?”
“We will pick you up if you give your address, we booked a private section at a hotel, be ready at 1900.”

I still have a few hours, good! I have time to get myself dressed up.
Its nice to have a change to say goodbye and see if he is feeling better.
With my black dress, light make-up and my long black curly hair tight up I am ready to go.
Ben is taking me to a small hotel nearby, he leads me up to a corner where I see Michael.
He greets me with joy, give me a big hug and help me sit down, what a gentleman!

“Michael, how are you? Its nice to have some time to say goodbye.”
“Im fine katy, I just wanted to see you to thank you for last night. I was happy to get things of my chest, I felt safe with you. And I want to thank you for staying by my side untill I fell asleep. But, my God you look good! Do you want to have some wine? I will join you.”
“Sure, I will have a drink with you before you have to take off.”

Again we had deep talks, what a wonderful man I thought, he can talk about anything, he is just so smart, kind, humble, take interest, if only man can be like him...As the evening goes, I notice I begin to feel butterflies, his face is beyond beautiful, I drown in his eyes.
I have a feeling he likes me too, by flirting and touch my arm and he blushes too.
His assistant came to our table and said that it is time to leave.
“Katy, I don't want to leave, I really enjoy our talks and your company. But I have to. Is it ok to have your phone number, so we can stay in touch?”
“Yes, ofcourse, I love to talk to you and stay connected.”
We stood up, he gives me a hug, I kissed him on the cheeck.He looked at me and said; “I really really like you katy.” He took my face and kissed me on the lips. What soft lips...
We kissed, his tongue touches mine, that was the best kiss ever, so gentle, warm, we made out for a while, touching eachother, his hand went under my dress, touching my ass. We were almost not able to let go.
“Michael, we really need to go” his assistant said.
He walked with him, turned around and blew me a hand kiss.

I went home and tought, forget about him, it was one time only. I got back to work, life goes on, I worked hard and be busy just to forget about him. That worked. It was a week already that we said goodbye, he is busy, I am busy, its ok.
But, a few days later, my phone ring. It was Michael.
“I miss you so much, all I can think about is you. My tour will be over soon, I would like you to come to neverland for a holiday. I can show you around town, we can go out, have a great time, what do you say katy...?”
As soon as I heard his voice my heart makes a jump..its not over!
“I miss you too Michael, and yes I would love to come over. I would like to get to know you better.”
“Lets arrange a date so I can pick you up from the airport, I am so looking forward to it, we will have a good time, I can't wait my dear katy! I have my assistant make the arrangements, he will call you soon.”

After a small talk we hang up and my heart was filled with joy. Is this really the man for me? After many man who are cheating, abusing, just being bad, did I really find Mr right? The biggest star in the world, is my man? Its hard to believe. I have to take it easy, dont fall in love.
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