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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm so very sorry that I have not been able to update any new chapters in the longest because last week was my last day of my internship.

So here's a new chapter 

The next morning 

Tommy woke up from his deep slumber with a happy smile on his face, he still couldn't believe that he was the newest bassist guitarist for Michael Jackson. Tommy finally felt that his life would finally get better and that he will be very happy. After thinking for a bit Tommy got out of the bed and made his way downstairs and into the kitchen where he saw Charlie and he said happily:


"Good morning Charlie, how are you doing this morning?"


Charlie was preparing breakfast for both himself and Tommy and he was humming softly to a Michael Jackson song which was Thriller. When he heard the happy tone of 

Tommy voice, he said:


"Good morning Tommy, I'm doing very good and thank you for asking me how I was doing. Breakfast is almost done and mind setting the table for me please."


Tommy nodded his head softly and went to set the table, as he was setting up the table Tommy saw his beloved puppy Etta and he smiled and laughed as he rubbed her belly and he just shook his head softly because his dog always want him to dropped everything that he doing to pay attention to her.


"Tommy we're having waffles, French fries, as well as hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon for breakfast" said Charlie as he carefully place a plate full of French fries on the table. 


Tommy took two plates and carefully placed them onto the table, he also grabbed two glasses for their drinks as well as napkins and the silverwares. Tommy smiled softly as he began to feed his dog Etta.


Breakfast was finally ready, so Tommy and Charlie began to sit down at the table and began to eat their breakfast and chatted for a bit. 


Tommy took a sip of his glass of orange juice and ate his waffles and French fries, Charlie smiled as he drank a cup of warm hot chocolate with whipped cream. 


"I'm so happy for you Tommy because you're finally living your dream of being a guitarist" said Charlie with a smile on his face.


A blush made it way onto Tommy face and he said with a sweet smile on his face "Thank you Charlie for the sweet compliment. I'm so nervous about my very first rehearsal as Michael new guitarist for the Bad tour.


Charlie gave his best friend a stern look and said:


"Thomas Joseph Ratliff you need to stop doubting yourself, you're a wonderful amazing person with w heart of goals, Michael is proud to have you as apart of his four family."


Tears welled up in Tommy brown eyes and he hugged his best friend very tightly saying "You don't know how much I needed to hear that prep talk from you." 


After breakfast Tommy decided to take a little walk and he smiled listening to Michael Thriller album on his walkman.


Tommy's POV

I'm going to be okay and all I have to do is do my best and makes Michael proud of me. I want Michael to be happy to know that he made the right decision in hiring me as his new bassist guitarist.

Chapter End Notes:

Tommy and Charlie have such an amazing friendship.

I hope that the chapter was okay.

I hope that everyone is loving the book so far, because I'm enjoying writing the book so far.

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