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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm so very sorry that I haven't updated any new chapters in a long time because I've been busy working.

Thank you all for being so patience, and here is a new chapter.

When Tommy arrived back at the apartment, he was so very excited because he was going to be Michael Jackson new guitarist for his Bad Tour. Tommy couldn't stop smiling at all and he said to himself "I can't believe that I'm the newest guitarist for Michael Jackson Bad Tour.”


The young blonde haired male walked into the apartment and he smiled seeing his best friend Charlie. He walked over to the table after placing his guitar case which had his guitar inside onto the couch. He was still smiling happily and he was hoping that Charlie would noticed him and asked him, why he was smiling so very much.


Charlie was busy preparing dinner for Tommy and himself, while he was cooking the dinner, Charlie began to sing softly to himself and he was listening to music off of his walkman while still preparing the dinner. Etta was by Charlie feet looking at him, she was hoping that Charlie would dropped a little food onto the floor so that she can eat the food.


"Hey Charlie" said Tommy with a happy smile on his face, he looked at his best friend and smiled some more at him.


"Hey Tommy, how did the audition go?" asked Charlie as he looked up and saw his best friend who had just walked into the apartment. Charlie could tell that Tommy had a good audition because he's smiling.


"The audition went very good, you're looking at the newest bassist guitarist for Michael Jackson" replied Tommy as he smiled happily. 


"I'm so very happy for you Tommy" replied Charlie as he smiled at his best friend. 


Tommy said as he smiled "Michael is absolutely so very gorgeous with his beautiful hazel brown eyes, he also has a beautiful smile." Tommy walked over to the couch and sat down and looked at charlie saying:


"I should have every single rent payment that I know that I owed you by the end of the month."


Charlie walked over and sat down next to Tommy on the couch and said:


"Tommy you're my best friend and you shouldn't have to worried about paying the rent, go and enjoyed your time on tour with Michael Jackson because you deserves this wonderful amazing opportunity."


Tears welled up in Tommy eyes as he was listening to his best friend talking to him. Tommy hugged his best friend very tightly while crying a little bit saying:


"Thank you so very Charlie."

Chapter End Notes:

Hope that you all loved the friendship between Tommy and Charlie.

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