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Author's Chapter Notes:

I am so very sorry for the late update.

The next morning 

Michael walked into the place where the audition would be held for the newest guitarist. When he looked around, Michael was very amaze how everything was all set up and he smiled watching everyone doing their tasks that needed to be done. Michael saw his manager Frank chatting with Michael personal assistant and he walked over to them and said 

"Hey Frank and Nicole, how are you two doing this morning?" 

"I'm doing very well kid and how are you doing?" asked Frank as he looked at Michael. 

"You look very tired Mr. Jackson and may I get something to drink or to eat?" asked Nicole as she look at Michael.

Michael yawned softly saying "I am a little tired because I was up all night long thinking about what will the new guitarist be like and will she or him like working for me." Michael yawned again before saying "Nicole I told you so many times that I don't like being called Mr. Jackson because it makes me think of my father Joseph."

"Sorry Michael and I keep forgetting that you told me that I could called you by your first name" replied Nicole as she handed Michael a warm cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Michael grinned happily as he took the cup of warm hot chocolate with whipped cream from Nicole hand and he took a sip of his warm drink and he smiled happily enjoying the taste and he said "Thank you."


All of the guitarist were waiting outside of the lobby and they were all excited about meeting Michael, but some of them were extremely nervous because they didn't want to messed up in front of Michael. 

As they were all wanting to called on, they were either reading books or magazines, fixing the broken strings on their guitars, or getting to know one another a little bit better. One of the guitarist was bragging to another guitarist saying.

"Michael Jackson will definitely picked me because I am the greatest guitar player ever and I been to so many audition, so Michael will choose me to his next guitarist." 

The guitarist who name was Tobias said "You can keep dreaming because Michael will choose me because I've skills and the ambition to played the guitar and not messed up."  

Meanwhile Tommy was running the down of California hoping to be on time for the audition and he didn't want to be late or disappoint Michael. As he was running, Tommy was sipping on a cup of warm hot chocolate with whipped cream and trying to think of a really good song that he could played on his guitar.

Tommy POV

I hope that I won't make a complete fool of myself in front of Michael and I just want to be able to played an entire song on my guitar without going all fanboy crazy over Michael Jackson. 

Relax Tommy you're going to do an amazing job and take lot of calming breaths and you will be just fine.

After giving himself a little prep talk and taking calming breaths, Tommy felt so much better and he pushed the door of the lobby opened and walk inside and he looked around until he saw a line full of people holding their guitars. Tommy took some more calming breaths and he walk into the line and waited patiently to be called on.


Michael was sitting at a king table with his manger Frank, his dance choreographer as well as his personal assistant. Even though Michael was excited about choosing a guitarist, he was also so extremely nervous, but he needed to focus and make his decision very wisely.

Michael POV

I am so very excited, yet so very nervous because for the very first time in my life I am the boss and it's my time to take charge of my own life as well as mi music. I know that I should make the right decision about choosing the right guitarist and I will listened to every single person who's trying out today before making my decision.

Nicole walked out into the lobby and she called the first person into the room for the audition and she went back to her seat and said to the person.

"Please tell us your name, how long you've been playing the guitar, and what song will you be playing for us today."

The young boy who was up first for his audition fainted on the ground because he couldn't contain his excitement over Michael or the fact that he was trying out to be Michael new guitarist.

Michael called over a medical worker who there just in case anyone needed medical attention. Michael rushed over and helped the medical worker put the young boy onto the stretcher after giving him a bottle of water. Nicole called 911 and the EMT workers took the young boy to the hospital.

Michael was hoping that the boy would be ok and he said to Frank.

"I hope that the young boy will be ok because that was so scary when he had passed out." 

"That was very brave and kind of you to helped that young boy kid and you've a very kind heart," replied Frank to Michael as he looked at him.

"The fans are my family and they mean the whole world to me Frank and they're the reason why I enjoys performing" replied Michael softly as he removed a strand of curl from his eyes.

Two hour later 

Michael wanted nothing more than to screamed or run away because the audition was turning out to be very bad and not to mentioned very painful to watched. Michael began to get a massive headache and he began to looked around for an exit so that he could make his escape. 

Frank was busy smoking his cigar and he saw that Michael was growing more and more frustrated and he saw that it was only one person left who still needed to try out and he said "Kid there is only one more person who haven't try out yet and do you think that you can be able to watched him." 

Michael looked around until his brown eyes landed on a blonde haired young male with brown eyes and when Michael saw him for the very first time, he couldn't removed his eyes from him and Michael thought that the young male was very gorgeous.

Michael POV

I have never seen someone so very gorgeous in my whole life and that young male is absolutely gorgeous with his brown eyes and blonde hair. I also loved his style and the clothes that he's wearing. I wouldn't mind listening to him played his guitar for me.

Tommy walked into the room and looked around and he said softly "Hello my name is Thomas Joseph Ratliff but please called me Tommy, I've been playing the guitar since I was little. The song that I'll be playing on my guitar is called Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses.

Tommy began to played the song on his guitar and he also began to sing the word of the song as he was playing his guitar. Tommy was getting lost into the music as he was playing and singing.

Michael was very memorized by Tommy singing and he actually smiled because he thought that Tommy was extremely good at playing his guitar and he really wanted Tommy to be his main guitarist for the Bad tour.

When Tommy was done, he took a bow when he heard everyone clapping and cheering and he smiled softly looking at everyone. Michael stood up and he gave Tommy a sweet smile saying.

"You are officially the newest guitarist for my Bad tour Tommy and you were extremely amazing and I loved every single moment of your performance." 

Tommy was extremely happy and shocked and he smiled happily and said "Thank you so very much Michael and I won't let you down."

Tommy packed up his guitar and he couldn't wait to shared to shared the good news to his best friend.

Chapter End Notes:

Michael and Tommy finally met for the very first time.

I hope that everyone loved Michael point of view about Tommy when he first laid his eyes on him.

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