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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter will be about Tommy thinking about whether or not he should audition as a guitarist for Michael upcoming tour.


Tommy was still practicing playing his guitar and he wanted everything to be absolutely perfect for the audition which would be held the very next morning. As he was playing his guitar, Tommy began to think about the audition and he also thought about what Michael was looking for when someone audition for the spot of being the king of pop guitarist. 

Etta who's Tommy beloved American bulldog puppy was barking happily at her daddy as she was watching him practicing. She was also enjoying the music that her daddy was playing on his guitar. She wagged her tail and barked some more as in a way for her daddy to keep playing until everything went well.

"I don't know if I can audition for the role of Michael Jackson new guitarist Etta, wbat if Michael doesn't like how I played my guitar or what if I forget how to hold my guitar." replied Tommy as he ran his finger through his blonde hair out of frustration.

Etta gave her daddy a stern look and she always hated whenever Tommy would bring himself down and it made her slightly upset when she heard her daddy doubting himself. The puppy jumped onto the couch and licked her daddy and barked at him. Tommy gave his puppy a sweet smile and rubbed her tummy. Etta barked happily loving all of the attention that her daddy was giving her.

"You always know what to do whenever I start to doubt myself or if I'm upset about something Etta" replied Tommy to his puppy as he kissed the top of her head.

Etta barked happily and licked her daddy face while wagging her tail and she was very glad that Tommy wasn't doubting himself anymore because his sad mood was making her upset and she didn't want to become upset.

Tommy began to adjust the strings on his guitar because he didn't want any of the strings to break and that would be extremely embarrassing to not only him but to Michael as well. After tightening up the strings, Tommy wiped off all of the dust that was on his guitar. He smiled softly and carefully placed his guitar back into the guitar case and went to feed Etta her dinner.

Meanwhile back at the Jackson Estate, Michael was chatting with his best friend Amara and he was also eating a bucket of KFC and he giggled loudly as he was listening to Amara talk about the awful date that she went on last night with this guy who she met at the bookstore.

"He was an idiot for not paying for your meal and he is definitely a jerk for not even opening up the door for you" replied Michael as he took a bite out of his chicken.

"I was so angry that he didn't know how to respect me and I'm a lady who deserves to be respected Mikeybear" replied Amara as she frowned a bit angrily.

When Michael saw that his best friend was close to tears, he pulled her into a tight hug and he wanted nothing more to hunt down the guy so that he could beat him up very painfully.

"You'll find your perfect man who will do nothing but love and cherish as well as treat you like a queen" replied Michael as he hugged his best friend very tightly.

"I don't know what I would do without you Mikeybear and you are the best guy friend that I could ever ask for and you always know what to say to me whenever I'm feeling sad or upset" replied Amara as she wiped away her tears.

Michael giggled happily and he smiled because he saw that a smile had appears across his best friend face and he wiped away the last of her tear using his thumb and he grinned some more as he began to sip on a bottle of water.

"I hope that you can find your special guy who will loved and treat you like a king that you see Mikey" said Amara as she looked at him.

"I hope that I can find my special someone when I hold the audition tomorrow morning for the newest guitarist" replied Michael happily.

Amara rolled her eyes and giggled softly as she was eating a slice of vegan pizza and drinking a glass of fruit juice and she removed a strand of curly hair from Michael eyes and she giggled some more as she hugged Michael.


Chapter End Notes:

The interaction between Tommy and his dog Etta was so very sweet and even though Etta is a dog, she has always supported Tommy in everything that he does.

I absolutely adored the friendship between Michael and Amara and they really cared about each other so very much.

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