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New York, Virgin Megastore, 10 am.

Katrina anxiously stood in line, fans slowly filled the store and the line didn't get any shorter at all. But she was getting nearer and nearer to the end. On the end of the line, there are two bodyguards in suits who take the sleeve from you then place it on the table. Katrina took a quick peek at the end of the line and there he is...

He didn't really change a lot, except for his hair being shorter and a bit on the straight side; not like the first time they met, his curly hair was tied back into a low ponytail, and a few strands falling freely right in front of his face. He also wore a fedora that time.

Michael was busy entertaining the fans who are getting their autographs from him, after the other is done, another sleeve is being placed on the table then he looks up at the person in front. He's been doing it for almost an hour or so that it felt more like he rehearsed it. This was his first time doing something like this. The record label had told him to do one and to him it's a nice way to at least get to see the fans, and let them see him face to face. Another one, with the pen in his hand, he signed the glossy page of the sleeve and just as he was going to hand it back to the owner, he looked up and boy he couldn't believe his eyes.

It was "Katrina".

Frank was behind him. Michael looked at Frank, then at the beauty standing in front of him. His mouth flung open, unable to come up with words.

"I told you we'd meet again, right?" Katrina mumbled, biting her bottom lip.

Michael's heart wanted to jump right out of his chest, just as when he was able to forget about her, even had two angels in his life, then she comes back.

But one thing he's afraid of is...

Will this be the only time they'll meet?

His heart is now closed but to his career, and of course, his children. To him they're everything.

Katrina wanted to just jump right at him past the bodyguards who were holding her back away from Michael. Why does it have to take them 5 years to see each other again? Why couldn't it be right at that moment, why?

Michael rose to his feet, causing the crowd in front of them to go crazy. Frank and the rest of his entourage watched closely at the scene unfolding right in front of them. Michael stood right in front of Katrina.

"I thought I won't see you again..." He whispered, giving the small booklet back. Katrina giggled, taking it.

"I told you we'll meet again, right? I kept my promise." Katrina said; her tone melodious. Michael smiled at her.

'Unbelievable' he thought.

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