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Katrina stepped out of the plane. Finally, she landed in California and to her it was the biggest step in her life. Her parents coaxed her to fly to California because sadly, there's not much game developing companies in the Philippines and the only way she knew was...

Go to the US.

That means she has to go far away to a place without family around her.

Katrina doesn't know how she'll be able to be on her own. Hell, she doesn't even have friends here. She took a deep breath, called for a cab and there she is, on her way to the hotel.

She unlocked the door to her suite; it had a queen sized bed with white fluffy comforters and pillows neatly arranged on it. The walls were decorated with cream-colored wallpaper. And a big sliding glass door that serves as a door to the balcony.

She hung her coat to the coat hanger on the corner of the door and lied down on the bed. "What did I get myself into?" She asked herself. It was a hasty decision for her, to be quite frank. But what can she do? She's already here. Desperate to get her thoughts out of her mind, she turned the TV on.

"The King of Pop, Michael Jackson will have his first CD signing in the Virgin Megastore in New York on November 7th. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of his latest studio album, Invincible and get your up close and personal encounter with the man!"

Katrina's mouth hung open as her eyes were fixated on the screen. November 7th? That means, it's the day after tomorrow. That means she has the chance to buy a copy of that album and even travel there. She grabbed the pillow, hugging it. She smiled to herself. It had been 5 years since she ran into Michael. However, unlike Michael she didn't hold on to the belief that they'll see each other again. Michael deserves to be with a woman of his league, a famous person. Not like her, she was just a student that time. She never stood a chance to him.

But the way he looked at her.

Katrina noticed how Michael looked at her the moment they met; she knew he couldn't take his eyes off her. For some reason, it gave her a glimpse of hope. But to her, the real world doesn't work that way. She was convinced she was just another fan to him.

Right, that's what she is, a fan.

But that didn't give her an excuse to back out on her plan, she was determined to go the CD signing, this was her only way to seeing him again and she won't let it slip. She looked at her watch, it's late at night and she got a long day ahead of her tomorrow.
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