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The day for our results arrived and we all were worried sick over our results, so at the end of the day Mr.Smith called us all to in the class to tell the results.
Michael and I were holding our breath waiting to know if we passed. After several tense minutes our names were called and hearing we had passed.

We let out the air of relief and gladness that we had done it. Now the results had been said by Mr.Smith and he mentioned that we would be having a small ceremony next week among us and the staff to receive our certificate.

Walking out of the classroom Michael and I walked down to one of the empty hall ways and Michael leaning on the wall pulling me into his warm embrace.
"Now we have the results we leave immediately the day after the ceremony button and it will be in the afternoon because Joseph isn't going to be home for that day and that will give us enough time to go" he stated determined looking down at me.

"That's a good idea but we need to tell mama this week, we've hidden it for too long away from her Michael" I replied worried.

"Yes love your right we have to, we will do it tomorrow let's go home now" he answered grimacing at the thought.

We didn't talk and went to the bus stop to catch the next bus.

The next day after another grueling day of classes before the ceremony, we went straight to my place and seeing mama with her friend aunty Ruth gossiping over a something.
When we walked in into the living room, mama turned around smirking to aunty Ruth and placing her palm out "you owe me 30 bucks, I knew they would get together pay up"

Aunty Ruth grumbling in dismay went into her purse and brought out the money giving it to mama who tucked it away in her front pocket

"Mama!" I declared displeased she made a bet about Michael and I.
"What?" She played off being innocent widening her onyx eyes.
Aunty Ruth laughed and said her goodbyes leaving mama, Michael and I alone.

Michael and I sat on the seat next to her, her eyes eyeing us with crystal clear amusement.

"Ooh look how much you've grown Michael every time I see you you grow more handsome" she said to Michael making him giggle and blush at her words.
"Mama why did you make a bet that isn't very nice to do" I said sarcastically.
"I don't see you guys too often while I'm always at work so I never knew what's going on!" She pointed out smartly.

We continued to chat more about school and other related topics but that wasn't the reason we were here.
"Mama we have something to tell you" I said smiling to her meekly.
Mama raised her eyebrows in skeptical shock "are you pregnant Amber? I thought they taught you in schools about protection"
"N-no!" Michael stuttered back to her.
Her features calmed to gratitude and she said "oh thank goodness I thought I was going to be a grandmother, I am too young to become a grandmother".

"Well we have come to you tell you something Mrs.Bailey and this is it..." Michael spoke seriously and began to tell her about some part of his life and the mafia only giving out small details here and there.

After speaking we waited in silence, what she gave us was laughter, I was expecting more of an angry reaction.

She laughed for several minutes and when she noticed our serious faces, she sobered up.

Mama ran a hand though her slicked black hair and sighed momentarily and said "give me a few days to process this all...it is alot to take in kids"

I was generally pleased with her response and nudging Michael to follow me, we got up from the seats and went out the door to go up the stairs to my room.
"Now don't be making children up there! Alright?" Mama shouted from the living room.
"MA!" I cried out in shame at her words and Michael giggled at her words and we went to my room.
Going into my room and dropping our bags we sat down on the bed.
"Mama can be just as bad as helium sometimes" I complained to Michael.

Michael rolled his eyes and replied lovingly "she's only teasing you baby"
"Don't baby me Michael your only saying that because you love her cookies" I pointed at him dramatically.

He bit down on my hand lightly and letting his big brown eyes linger on me and he crooned huskily "its not polite to point baby"

I was lost in his hypoentic eyes feeling breathless but I snapped out of it by coughing and removing my hand.
I asked about Chris, it has been awhile since we had last heard from him.
Michael responded agreeing along with me "your right it has been awhile since we last heard from him, we've been so busy with our classes we forget about him..last I heard from one of his basketball friends he had skipped a few days to go see Daniela"

I scoffed knowingly "I knew that idiot would do something so darn stupid he couldn't wait till we finish to go see her..how will he pass?"

Michael responded solemn "well love gets you to do crazy things"
I nodded in response and we spent the rest of the evening chatting before mama called us down for dinner.
The week rushed by and before I knew it was ceremony day and our escape day..I could feel dread swim in my stomach back and forth like a wrecking ball.

My nerves were on the edge and in my frustration I snapped at poor Michael a few times but he took it knowing how scared and frightened I felt now the the day we had been planning along with Marlon was here.

The ceremony day came and we both collected our certificates and the rush of emotions I knew that it was over and all my years of hard work was over and to top it off mama had agreed two days ago to allow me to go with Michael on our adventure.
The next day I felt the butterflies flip in my stomach over and over again while Michael and I were packing our remaining bags in my room.

What if Joseph catches us before we leave? What if we can't make it? What if I'm not ready to do this? These thoughts running through my mind.

"I can't do this Michael" I said to him and he turned around a look of concern in his eyes. He dropped the shirt in his hand and cupping my face in his large hands.
He responded soothingly "button you can do it"
"But what if Joseph---"

He kissed me briefly not letting me finish my sentence and said "don't worry button ok? Everything will be alright"
I nodded and he let go of my face and continued packing.
We packed everything we needed and we took the short cut beside the large oak tree and I couldn't help but pat the old withering tree that held so many memories for I and Michael.
When he didn't hear my footsteps Michael glanced back to see me standing by the tree and he called out my name and I stepped away from the tree to stand by his side.

He smiled warmly and giving my hand a squeeze we set off to the back of the park to avenue into the deep alley way.

Coming out of the alleyway we met with the dealer, he watched us from his position next to the horses inspecting us, it was down tight creepy and I definitely told Michael who agreed but we were only there for the horses nothing else.

Michael was brave enough to stand next to him and shake his cold and sweaty hand...I was glad he didn't want to shake my hand he wasn't exactly a friendly one.

His voice deeply effected in the influence of cigarettes "you look after them , these babies aren't cheap"

We both nodded and Michael talking to him for a few more minutes made an agreement. The dealer left and we were on our own.

Michael sensing how nervous I felt, grabbed my hand and pulling me towards the large animal after soothing the horse and he lifted me up to hop on. Now on the horse he gave me instructions and seconds later he was on his own horse.

Marlon's pov:
I was sitting in Joseph's car just listening to the music play from the radio, I hoped Michael and Amber had ran away in time because Joseph suddenly wanting to return home and have his lunch wasn't a good idea no matter how many times I tried to persuade him take us to a restaurant he wouldn't budge.

We were driving near the alley way when I spotted from the distance Michael and Amber on their horses.

Shit I can't let Joseph see them or he will have all our heads as his play toy! I thought panicking inwardly.

"What's up Son? Your fidgeting" Joseph suddenly asked and looking at me from the corner of his eye.

I had to think fast and all I could think of was a toilet break.

"I need to take a quick leak, I can't hold it I'll go down that alleyway I won't be long" I reasoned confidently and praying he would take the bait in.

He shrugged his shoulders and stopped the car near the alleyway and I hopped out making sure he wasn't watching I ran down the alleyway as far I could and waved frantically to them to leave.

They saw my signal and took it as an act of warning and they did on the horses riding into the deep forest, I watched till they were out of sight.

I bent down on my knees briefly and chuckled humoured and relieved to know that they were gone from here and would be safe from here and out.

I jogged back to the car and retaking my seat in the back of the car.

"I heard the sound of horses, I must be hearing things" he mumbled to himself and we drove on.

I agreed silently that yes he was losing his marbles but I wasn't ready to get a beat down and kept my mouth shut.

I looked back out the window one more time to the alleyway, an inner peace washing over me they had escaped and no longer attached to this dreadful shady business, my turn will soon come.

Chapter End Notes:

The final chapter instead of splitting it into two! Well this saga for our loveable couple is over but there is more to be seen in the sequel!...I want to thank everyone who commented and read silently (you know who you are) you kept me motivated to keep writing..



I'll see you all in the sequel 😉 ..the sequel I'll hopefully be posting this week or weekend depends how my week is 😘



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