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Chris’s Pov:


I was resting on a locker with my arms folded to figure out a way to get Michael and ‘the bitch’ (I refuse to call her by her name for now) get back together as friends. Michael’s misery is beginning to destroy my groove even introducing him to other girls does not get him over this chick.


I continued to mumble and crack my brain over these two until a soft voice spoke up next to me questioning, “you know my lil bro Michael?”


I jumped in fright and turned to the brother in front of me who reminded me eerily of Michael and clutching my heart I said breathlessly “Damn! Warn a brother before you scare me and shit”


He smirked and shrugged his shoulders not caring over my damn health. I responded to his question, “Yeah man I know mike and you his bro? I see the similarity”


Marlon then spoke seriously picking my interest “well since you know my lil bro, you know the fight between him and amber, I need help to get them being friends again”


I nodded my head in agreement to his statement and said lightly “yeah brother I get what you mean I don’t like seeing mike all miserable it ain’t rght at all! Maybe we can get the bitch and him together at last”


Marlon frowned irritated at hearing my word I used for her which he didn’t like I could tell. I shrugged my shoulders carelessly “she is a bitch to me for now maybe when she gets in Michael’s good graces again then I might change her name who knows?”


Marlon ignored what I said and smirking holding out a hand to shake said  “well you can keep that word to yourself but now let’s shake on it for our mission to get these two stubborn people friends again and by the way what’s your name brother? I never asked, Marlon Jackson at your service”


I smirked back and shaking his hand firmly said boastfully “Chris tucker nice to meet ya brother!, the way you pronouncing your name makes you sound like your James bond man…any who this mission is on lets start to plan”


After shaking hands we walked down the halls chatting about our plans discussing what we would do.



Two days later…


Amber’s Pov:


It was another day I got used to doing without Michael and hanging out with Marlon at lunch. My small crush on him slowly died a few days after my confession to him. It hurt but I did not let it get to me since my grades were slowly dropping at the moment without Michael’s guidance so I had to work extra hard which helped me take my mind off both of the Jacksons in my life.


Currently at the moment I was walking down the empty side of the school that had a empty classroom which Marlon mentioned I should come to have a study break since he wanted to help me in Biology which was one of my classes I was failing.


Opening the door and walking into the quiet classroom only to see Michael sitting at one of the tables reading and writing notes by the looks of it.


When he heard my entrance he gasped and we both said at the same time in surpise “what are you doing here?!?”

I exclaimed putting my hands on my hips “I was just about to ask you the same thing! And why the heck are you in my room?”


Michael hearing that got up and stepping in front of me said a little annoyed “Your room!? This is not your room, I was told by Chris to come here and study for our group project”


“I was told by Marlon to come here to help me study for a test, how would you..oh No!” I trailed off panicking and running to the door trying to pull at the door handle to open the door, at the moment was failing. I panicked wailing to Michael “Michael! Come help me open this door it’s not opening at all”


Michael calmly walking up to me, pushing me away softly from the door, grabbed the handle with his hand and when the door didn’t open he put more force into the door and it still would not open.


We looked at each other panic stricken expressed in our faces until a loud boisterous voice rang outside the door. “oooh I got you both good y’all, if you both don’t settle your differences then you both will be stuck in that room all day” another voice piped in “sorry we gotta do this to you both but a talk is way overdue for the both of you and ignore this fool don’t worry you won’t be in their too long we still got classes”


The other voice exclaimed irked “who you calling fool man? Don’t make me whoop your ass!” and soon the voices continued bickering until their voices faded away into the halls.



I groaned loudly, I knew the voices that talked were Michael’s friend and Marlon.


I knew he would plot this idiotic plan but Marlon being involved was what really surprised me. I was getting to kick their asses for this when we got out of here! I mused to myself hotly.


Michael coughed to get my attention and turning my head to see him looking at me. I saw he had moved from the door and was sitting down on the red, tattered looking sofa. He patted the seat next to him, I walking to the sofa and sat down moving away from him.


We sat in silence, until the silence become too strong for me I decided to try and apologise again.


 I said sadly “Michael I know it’s going to take a lot for me to get you to trust me again but I have seen now how much my anger stopped me from hearing your side of the story about your family being involved in the mafia, I am truly sorry will you forgive me at least please explain fully the situation in your family I am ready to listen” I stopped my speech and let my words linger in the air as I waited for his reply.


Michael rubbed his face with his hands then looked at me a small smile present on his lips. He said sadly “I can tell how sorry you are Amber but your temper needs to be worked on and I know I have said things I didn’t mean as well for that I am sorry and I will explain my family situation to you but you must never repeat it outside this room to anyone ok?”


I nodded my head in agreement, said smiling bashfully “Yea I agree on my temper it needs to be worked on a lot, I will start slowly to do so and I promise Michael nothing you say will leave this room”


Michael sensing my honesty exhaled then began to talk about his family in a serious voice “well it all began when I was five when my mother discovered my singing talent Joseph my father seeing my gift wanted to make money out of it with my brothers and I by trying to get us into the music industry but that failed unfortunately in his desperation to make quick money Joseph got involved into the mafia though a mutual friend and somehow persuaded my brothers to get involved, now he wants me to get involved in the family business” he spat in anger at the end of his speech, his large hands forming into fists as he tried to contain his anger and taking a deep breath to calm down he continued “I will not join this crazy world of bloodshed and tears it’s just not me amber! I rather do good in my music career to help others instead of going into that shady business, you understand right amber?”


He pinned his large emotion filled eyes on me as he finished his speech and moving closer towards him I unclenched his hands softly and said solemnly “I know I shut you out that day Michael but now I have heard your side of the story, I will stick by you no matter what! And this time I will not run away even if I get injured in the process being your friend”


Michael was about to protest and I wanted to distract him, I jumped from my on the sofa and clung myself to him not letting him have any choice but to hold onto me which led him to tilt unbalanced on the sofa, both of us on the ground and I landed on top.


I was laying down on top of him as Michael cradled me in his arms as he moaned in pain and said annoyed “why you always gotta jump on me gurl I ain’t no teddy bear”


I rolled my eyes, crossed my arms on his chest and said sarcastically “what on earth has your new friend been teaching you? To talk like him?”


Now it was Michael’s turn to roll his eyes and said sarcastically “his name is Chris” I snorted not caring about his name and we sat in silence just staring at each other drinking in each other faces after such a long time being apart.


Until the combined voices of Marlon and Chris rang out snapping us both out of our gazes which got us both to look up to seeing them smirking smugly their hands in their pockets.


We scrambled up from our position on the floor and coughing lightly, a light dust of blush on our cheeks.


Chris spoke first “well I didn’t expect to see you both on the floor like that! You two were going at it weren’t ya? Ya nasties”


Marlon still smirking said humoured “well I’m glad you both are friends again please just lets not catch you doing any funny business, let’s go we still got classes”


We ended up both protesting in our defence as we walked away with them to our separate classes. I felt the guilt in my chest had lifted and I was glad to be friends with Michael again after so long.




Chapter End Notes:

The chapter we all have been waitting for!~

and i wanted to give u double update Enjoy ;)

they are so cute aren't they? and this time i think the apologiy was more sincere and in all what you think?

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