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First off: Happy Michael's Birthday!

happy birthday!


Now, the business at hand. You guys seem to equally love a few stories/authors for the same category. This is great as it means we get to have a run off :D


These are:

Best Author:

  • TutThreeSevens
  • Tinker13
  •   Femalien
  • fenderjazzkid (accidentally left off the last ballot. Sorry!!)

Best New Writer:

  • TutThreeSevens
  • HoneyToTheBee

Favourite Michael:

  • Expect the Unexpected
  • The Accused

Favourite Couple:

  • Semaj and Michael - Gansta lovin
  • Mandy/Michael - Fear of Flying
  • Min Ae & MJ - Guilty Until Proven Innocent 
  • Malania/Michael in The Accused
  • Michael and Belinda - Give in to me
  • Michael & Cherell - MJ in Love: The Whole Story

Best Long Fanfic:

  • My Brother's Best Friend/Roomate From Hell - HoneyToTheBee
  • Teachers Pet - MychaelaJaleesa 
  • Believe in me - Femalien 




All of these are effectively starting clean because they were tied. If you've voted for them previously, you can vote for them again. One vote per category.  As I know that people may take a moment to see this, voting will continue through 9/4/15 and be closed at 5pm PDT.

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