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The First Round of Winners:


Best Banner Artist 

  • TutThreeSevens

Best Completed Story

  • Resign To Maturity - fenderjazzkid

Story You Most Want To See Finished

  • Chirality - camilleianPYT

Favourite Original Character

  • Pen - Inked

Best Series

  • Lovers Rock - Annie

Best One Shot (10,000 words or less)

  • When, When, When - Rhythm Child

Favourite Reviewer

  • RedOne

Most Creative Author

  • Fenderjazzkid

Most Improved Author

  • brandyandMJ


To celebrate the stories in question, each will get a graphic announcing its status as an award winner. If you won a general category (Most Improved, Most Creative, etc), then please either email me at mjf.redone@gmail.com or leave a comment on here letting me know which story summary you want the graphic to appear on.

In addition:

The winning story or the story the winning writer chooses to feature the graphic will be placed in a NEW category called "Award Winning". This is an admin-only category that will only feature official MJFiction contest winners.


Thank you to everyone who participated and SkyWriter for creating the lovely graphics.

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