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At this stage, all you have to do is nominate the user in the category you choose in the comments section. Also, feel free to post this competition link in all of your stories or reviews that you leave to increase your chances of winning (note: do. not. spam)


The voting categories are:

  1. Best Author
  2. Best New Writer
  3. Best Banner Artist
  4. Best Completed Story
  5. Story You Most Want To See Finished
  6. Favourite Original Character
  7. Favourite MichaelFavourite Couple
  8. Best Series
  9. Best One Shot (10,000 words or less)
  10. Best Long Fan Fic (50,000 words or more)
  11. Favourite Reviewer
  12. Most Creative Author
  13. Most Improved Author

Each winner will receive a graphic title that they may use in their biography or elsewhere.


**Voting will be monitored to avoid cheating.


Simply leave a comment here or on the same topic on the Home page.


Now please, let those authors and reviewers who have given you entertainment and encouragement know how you feel!


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