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The soul is a stream of consciousness and the beings we touch we forever become a part of.

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Published: Jul 24, 2015 Updated: Jul 24, 2015
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Rating: G
Genre: General, Family, Drama, Fantasy
Fandom: Michael Jackson
Characters: Michael Jackson
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A/N: I am an atheist. Michael is the only man I will ever forgive for believing in God, because I think he's the only one who's ever had a good reason for truly needing to believe in such nonsense. That being said however, there have been times where what he saw and defined as God certainly got close to the truth. That is the other reason I forgive him, because it almost feels like the only thing he got wrong was the name. This story is fantasy, but it stems from those feelings.

Perhaps this is how desperately I believe in Michael: There have been so many times when I feel like he's in two places at once... he'll be in the middle of an interview, and in the moment's pause between questions, it feels like he floats away into his own mind, into the music, and then he's right back again; so seamlessly, like he lives almost in another world than most of us. I feel like he's tried to explain that feeling over and over again... whether he calls it music or dance or love or god. I think maybe, just maybe, memetics can be applied to the soul, which in my opinion is nothing more than our conscious mind. That's where this story came from... and the hope that maybe now, despite my own beliefs, that he's finally free.

A/N #2:
[July.2.2016] I won an award for this??!! Thank you so much!!

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