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Author's Chapter Notes:


LMAO. Sorry y'all, that the swearing/violence from the last 2 chapters were so extreme to the point that they kinda got outta hand *ESPECIALLY WITH LESTER! LIKE OMG YOU FACKIN WHITE TRASH BISH- *... Yah. Don't worry about this chapter, there is hardly going to be anymore swearing for this/the next couple of chapters, lol. Anyways, hope y'all will continue to ENJOY the story!



#ROADTOMJSWORLD. CHAPTER 3 "Perfect Timing! The Lifesaver That Promises a Brand, New World"

RAE'S POV: Ohmygosh. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOD DAMN GOSH! The experience of imagining a gun being pointed to your head is a horrifying nightmare ~ BUT IMAGINE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN REALITY!!! I just knew it was all going to be over; Lester had the gun aimed at my head and he'd already pulled the trigger! I was going to DIE in the hands of thy Rat Lord menace! Not exactly the way I expected to die; especially for hearing the sound of his evil laugh cackling into the darkness that I'll crumble into within seconds, that's for sure! And to think, that just yesterday I wanted to kill myself and end my life, yet right now I totally did NOT want to die. Though I've said this many times today that I was ready to die, and that the people who I love in life are dead and in heaven and I wanted to join them as I had no purpose for living, I still realized that I had too much to do still in life; I needed to do more before I died! There were probably more people God put out there for me to meet and for things to go through before I could actually say I were to be gone for good, but now I guess this is the way it ends... me lying on the ground all bloody, brutally beatin', helplessly scared out of my mind as I watch a gun about to take my life from a repulsive, despicable, white-trash, psycho of a hill billy... However, just as the bullet soared through the air towards me, within seconds a magical miracle astonishingly occurred that drastically changed the future for me in just those very seconds. A blue huge light swept into the atmosphere, dancing around as it surrounded the entire area, and I felt this huge wave of force blow in front of me; right smack in the middle of me and Lester's faces, separating us as we both flew in opposite directions. Confusion strikes both of us; Lester utters: "Wayt in tha gawyd damn name o' Jeysus Chri-" The force of electric visible waves consumed Lester, his gun and the bullet he shot towards me, swallowing them all together into the force that pulled anything and everything it could from the area. Lester screamed in terror as he was sucked away; screaming that had stopped just seconds after he and the other things that were consumed completely vanished! I gaze ahead in horror, pulling myself together and taking everything in my body to desperately flee away from the enchanting force that of course, just saved my life, but that could also take it away as well! The force grew bigger, bigger and bigger as it obliterated the area and even was able to consume the house where Lester and I lived throughout the previous 3 years! JUST LIKE THAT! And then, the force suddenly shrank in less than a second, to the point it had completely vanished into thin air, like it was a dangling plug that someone had wholly yanked away from your sight! I collapsed on the ground, catching my breath as I held onto my wounded arm, forcing the blood that was gushing out to stay inside of me (I could not afford to lose any more blood today.) I was as weak as hell and needed to conserve as much blood/energy as I could. However, at the moment I didn't think that saving my blood was the most important thing to think about. I just couldn't stop thinking of that huge blue force! I mean, who knew that the super natural could actually occur in reality, it was truly incredible! Before I knew it, Lester had disappeared into thin air right inside a force. Gone just like that, in a split second after those horrible 3 years with him... Wow. And who knew that of all the time he could of disappeared, he only did right before the moment he was about to take my life! I still couldn't find a logical explanation for what had even happened; it was defiantly a fluke... UGHHH, AND ESPECIALLY SINCE IT WAS ABLE TO COMPLETELY SUCK AWAY THE DISGUSTING PLACE THAT I'VE COME TO CALL "MY HOME" AS WELL > LIKE WHAT THE FREAKIN' HELL?!?! EVERYTHING THAT I DID HAVE FROM THE LAST 3 YEARS WAS GONE! This was why I'm being so frustrated from all of this confusion! I tried to calm myself down, it was the only way to think thoroughly of the situation properly. I blinked once. Now twice, like it would somehow magically make "my home" reappear again in a "calm matter". Like literally, OMG. I just don't know what to say to explain how I felt right now. If only I could explain it to someone else who could understand me; I had a ton of emotions happening in me right now, some that I could only say I'm feeling because "it just might happen to be that time of the month for me". Except it wasn't. The feeling of happiness splashed along with some level of worriness/sadness spilling into me, and to especially have that combination dipped in with some frustration/impatience. But even though I'm thinking of a lot of things, I of course had a huge thing to be really happy about. On how that freak of a Lester was FINALLY GONE! I COULD ACTUALLY JUMP UP AND DOWN IN HAPPINESS WHILE SAYING THAT I'M REALLY FREE FROM HIS TORTURE! But... before I could even continue celebrating I ask myself... how in the world is this even possible? No, I know I already was wondering about this but really - I needed to provide myself with an explanation! I was hunting to find something other than leaving it as a "fluke" - I'm just like that kind of person who expects to have a realistic explanation to provide for something like this to happen. Like, what is this - science fiction? How can a force just come out of the blue into the air into some random place on Earth, especially where a crazy hill-billy was about to shoot a girl who was his cleaning slave in a place in the middle of nowhere?!? All these questions still remained to fill my head. As I keep trying to find an answer for a couple of minutes now, I feel a light bulb enlightened above my head. Finally, the only reasonable answer to think of came to me: it was God. it had to be, He had finally done something to help me! AFTER ALL THOSE TIMES OF PRAYING TO HIM FORA MIRACLE TO XSCAPE THE HELL-HOLE THAT I WAS IN, AND HE DID IT RIGHT ON MY BIRTHDAY TO MAKE IT AS SPECIAL AS HE COULD HAVE! YASSS, THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE! THANK YOU GOD! Or maybe it could have been MJ! Soon, if I end up dying (as of right now I had no place else to go to. I mean, the force took my/Lester's home just now for goodness sake!) maybe I'll end up being with him and I'll be showing him my magical hole for him to stick somethin' in as a thanks *wink, wink!* JUST LIKE I ALWAYS DREAMED OF! Guaranteed to do a real nice good job of grindin' through... But...WAIT A SECOND. Oh wow, what the hell? I just noticed right now that a man was right in front of me the whole time. And he had been watching me this whole time, folding his arms with a smirk across his face. HOW COULD I BE SO FOOLISH TO NOT NOTICE HIM?!?!? And how can someone after all these years who's never came up here before finally just show up here like that? Plus why didn't he say anything to me this whole time I was standing here, wondering about the events that just took place? I study the man's face to see if I'd recognize him. And I don't. He looks quite freaky, with a small beard, black sharp beady eyes and a face that look like "I mean business" look under that dangerous smirk that he wore. He looked like trouble, with his mean expression looking upon me like he was studying me as his prey. I also noticed that he held a square, black device in his hand. WAIT. It just occurred to me - Could he have been the one behind the mysterious force hole?! "Well, wellll. If it isn't Rae Kimberly McSmith" he said in his deep, gruff, voice that finally broke he ice. I gasp. How the hell could he even know my name. Did he stalk me or something!?! If that's even possible. I try to eye him with a look of anger, but it's hard for me to cover up my emotions that I really felt at the moment. I can feel myself showing a look of fear in my face, and from the looks of it the man smirks even harder at the sight of my face. "Just who the hell are you - how do you even know my name? What do you want from me? And how did you get here > this place is in the middle of nowhere, and you just pop up here-" "I don't have to tell you anything if I don't want to" he snaps, interrupting my rambling on of questions from my shaky voice. "Nor do I have to inform you on how I came here, and why I'm here. It's none of your business. All you need to know is that I've kept a real close eye on you for a while now, and you're trouble. It's been decided as your fate that are going to DIE today, Rae. And not from that savage-assed hill-billy who's now gone. You're going to die from my hands." He opened up the inside of his dark grey jacket, revealing a green, shiny GUN hiding there. He grinned, as he jumped forward towards me, and somersaulted until he stood 4 feet from me. He looks at the bruises, cuts and blood smeared all over me. "Hmmhp. Looks like you've been through a lot of trouble for a girl like you. I'm pretty sure that this isn't the way you planned your birthday to end, am I right? But like I care - I'm going to at least help take you out of your misery! Say your prayers, 'cause it's now where you'll die!" He shoots 2 bullets towards me. Luckily, I just barely doge them! WTH - WHAT KIND OF A GUN DID HE HAVE?!? I mean sure, it was green. Having that to be unusual enough, but it shot out the blurry color of orange, glowing bullets - that ended up fading into the air. "Wha-" "Hmmp, that's right! Everyone is always in confusion for whenever I show them the way my gun works. As you should know, I posses a highly advanced laser gun. It will surly burn through your organs in contact with your body, and I will be able to successfully assassinate you! Not one person has ever escaped me!" LASER GUN?!?! He must definitely work in a group that's trying to kill me; they've already created such advanced technology for a year like this, OMG! He continues to come toward me, and I try to back away. Just how am I gonna get away from this sicko? So much for trying to ask him anything about him coming here, I reluctantly think. LOOKS LIKE I RAN INTO ANOTHER NUT HEADED FREAK HERE > THIS GUY GOT SOME SPEED COMIN' TOWARD ME, WITH THAT LASER GUN POSITIONED AT ME AS PREPARED TO SHOOT ME SOME MORE WITH IT TO RECKLESSLY ASSASSINATE ME! WTF. WHY ARE THERE PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL ME TODAY?! Is my birthday going to turn out to be my death day after all?? Well starting from now I'm gonna have to make sure that it somehow WONT be! It can't, I had to try my best to "xscape" this situation the best I could in the condition I was in. And then I can try to get behind all of this! Thank goodness I was already standing up, so I didn't have the trouble of trying to get up. Now, the only thing I think of doing is to run away really fast, without turning back. I mean, I am pretty good runner (hopefully faster than him!) And though like I keep saying over and over again now I am severely injured I'm sure I can withstand running away just a little bit with my legs that weren't injured that much! I twirl a small spin, copying the way MJ would do it, as I try to make sure I wouldn't get shot by the man if I moved away from him. "HEY! DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO GET AWAY FROM ME! GET BACK HERE, YOU SOON-TO-BE-DEAD-NO-GOOD-BRAT!" Wow. I'm even surprised that he didn't even start to swear at me like Lester always did. And just why the hell would he think to call a 20 year old a brat?? Isn't that what people called kids/teens?!? DOES HE THINK I'M THAT YOUNG?!?! AWW... BUT ENOUGH OF GETTING SIDETRACKED FROM THE ENEMY! I ran, and ran, and ran, and ran with all of my might, trying my hardest to escape- oops XSCAPE him. I ignore all of the pain, the stings, and the blood over me as I run diagonally, zigzag, fake one way and run the other as he chased me. I have to get away, I just have to! *In a MJ voice that pops up in my mind*: J'amone Rae, stay strong and get away from this sicko! Do your best and never give up! I believe in you, gurl! - This is what I kept telling myself in my head over, and over, and over again. And what really helped was to pretend MJ was saying this to me in his strong, encouraging, and sexy-turning-me-on voice. That's when I knew I can do it! I just really didn't want to die like I did want to yesterday! I continue to run until the point I actually somehow slowed him out, until the point where he finally lost track of where I was. Phewww, I'm finally safe at the moment. I stop running and crouch down on the ground, letting myself catch my breath for a little, but still alert enough to see/hear if he comes up to me. I can still hear him though, he's shouting, "YOU STUPID GIRL. YOU THINK YOU CAN OUTRUN ME?!? I WILL FIND YOU, AND WHEN I DO - YOU'LL BE HISTORY, YOU LOW-LIFE BRAT!" Ahhhh: HIStory - exactly what MJ is in this world now; just a memory apart of our world's HIStory. I've always wanted to make a good change in the world, then be a part of HIStory myself! To be recognized like MJ is certainly an amazing feat to achieve. Anyways, ENOUGH OF ME GETTING SIDETRACKED! Thank God we were in the middle of no where, it's like a DESERT here. There are no obstacles in the way to run away from this guy and it's easy to outrun him!. Now, as he looked around puzzled to find me, I brace myself for my time to take action. It's worth a shot to do something; it'll be more of a chance to stop him from killing me and it's better to risk than to do nothing! I sneakily run behind him as quietly as I could without getting noticed, stick my foot out in front of him and pushed him as hard as I could! I can't believe my little plan is working in motion - though some unexpected things happened which I didn't plan to happen. As I tripped him down to the ground, I fall on top of him too! He drops his device and it falls beside us, while he fell right on top of the gun. However, not only him, but both of us fell on top of the gun. Both of us exerted pressure on the guns trigger, which made a loud BANG noise. I felt blood starting to absorb into my shirt and my eyes widened in horror. OMG. I was too lucky - the gun ended up killing him instead of me! THANK GOD THAT THE GUN ONLY SHOT HIM BUT NOT ME! I HAD XSCAPED DEATH TWICE IN THE SAME DAY SOMEHOW IN SOME WAY - MY LUCK IS JUST TOO GOOD TODAY! . My heartbeat started to slow down and I started to think properly, my brain ached as it slowly processed all of the events that had took place from the beginning of the last hour until now. And now, something else occurs to me: WHY had this man tried to track me down to "assassinate me", just like he said himself he wanted to?!? Like I said before, the man was probably part of a organization that's probably after me, and they've been spying on me for sometime and they're out for my blood for a reason... Or was this just my imagination? I must have watched too many movies like this as a kid, that's for sure... Ughhh! It was still really hard to think while it has been an entire 2 days since I have eaten! I starvelingly clutch my growling stomach and I groan in frustration. I flip my dirty, black hair as I realized right then and there I'm literally in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't go back to "home" nor civilization. So I was stuck here, with nothing except my worried brain and hungry stomach. Unless...I walk over to the now deceased assassinating man, who as he said "has never failed to kill someone". Phhhhf on that one. I kicked the man's body upward to take a look at him. AUGH HIS FACE! I thought it looked bad before. NOW THAT IT WAS SHOT AT, IT BURNED FROM THE LASER GUN > IT JUST LOOKED SO HIDEOUS! AND TO THINK THAT I DID THAT TO HIM! Well not intentionally but still... oh god. I try not to think/look at his face as I search his the pockets on his body. Maybe I can be able to find the thing he used (or I think he used!) to create that force if it was him. Or to see if there was any data on him/ his "secret organization". It was worth a check. Well hmmm... the only thing I notice he really have was that device he dropped beside him before he died. Actually, it just turned out to just be an iPhone. It's really awesome to finally see one again, it had been so LONG since I had even TOUCHED an iPhone. I had one in the past but of course Lester had took it away from me, and kept it to himself. He must of hid it somewhere in his room; I never even knew where, not that it really matters now. I unlocked the iPhone, as it had no pass code, and looked around in its apps. Maybe I can see if anything important is in here, like information about him or something... Wow, there wasn't a lot of apps there, just only a couple. They were probably only apps that took up a lot of space on the phone. And as I swipe up and down, there is this one app that catches my attention: it's called TELEPORTATION. Huh. What a weird app name. Curiously, I went on it. I saw that it showed all these options to use, like to type in an area of location code and time place. I didn't understand it until I saw a feature called activate force portal. FORCE PORTAL??! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE MAN USED TO TAKE LESTER AWAY! OMG! But how could a force portal come out from an iPhone? In what reality is that possible in? Well, I guess it was worth a shot to try doing! I pressed on it a couple times then held on it. Nothing happened. But after a moment the phone vibrated. It tingled and the front of the phone started glowing different colors. Until the very same force which, I saw before, blew out of the phone as it then surrounded the area once again - opening a portal! I flew backwards from the force's power, staring at the portal. Yes this wasn't a mistake. A REAL PORTAL CAME OUT OF THE IPHONE! HOW CAN THIS EVEN BE POSSIBLE... WAS THIS A DREAM?!? FOR REAL, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIES. OMFG. Putting my logic together I realized THAT THE ONLY TYPES OF THINGS WHICH PORTALS LIKE THESE CAN DO IS TELEPORT: TO DIFFERENT PLACES IN THE UNIVERSE AND *GASP* MAYBE DIFFERENT TIMES IN THE WORLD! THIS MEANT THE IPHONE I WAS HOLDING WAS A TIME/TELEPORTATION MACHINE!! OMGGGG. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I FELT LIKE SCREAMING AGAIN! AN IPHONE that could open portals/forces that can take you from one place to another, from one time to another. This had to be a dream, there was NO WAY I could believe this being real life. I have no idea how anyone could be able to create such a device like this - it's mind bogglingly incredible! It has always fantasied me in my dreams to go around in time travel, but I had no idea it could actually happen in reality! Just thinking about it made me feel really hyped up. This meant that I could go anywhere in the universe to any time I could set it too. I had a opportunity to change HIStory of the world for the better, and because of MY change from my own hands! Like Michael Jackson once said "You just have to make that change, and when you do it, you have to make it right." And I knew exactly what "change" I was gonna do...

Chapter End Notes:

It's pretty obvious now what's going to happen next. What do y'all think of the outrageous things that happened to Rae and her birthday!? Certainly unexpected I bet! And just how is Rae going to (that's right, Imma say the obvious) save Michael Jackson from his death? Will it bring a new likely-to-happen-bond between them? Find out in #ROADTOMJSWORLD CHAPTER 4: "Rae's Ambition - A Miracle to Give the Best Birthday in HIStory!"


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