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#ROADTOMJSWORLD. CHAPTER 2: "Blood on the House Floor! The Birthday BASH"




RAE'S POV: OMFG, WHAT IN THE GOD-DAMNED WORLD HAD JUST HAPPENED??? It was 5:02am, and I was finally able to sleep in my "bed basket"(as I stayed up all night thinking about my horrible life. Just thinking about all the of the pain I've felt from these past 3 years plus more that was still yet to come. And I was especially thinking more about the plan to kill myself). The next thing I knew, Lester picked me out of bed out of the blue, grabbed me, and roughly pushed me over towards the family room window. I tried to squirm out of his hard grasp on me, but it was hopeless. He didn't even stop pushing; he ended up thrusting me out of the family room window to the outdoor pavement. *CRASH!* Most people wouldn't pick up their loved one and shove her through the family room window, potentially injuring her from the glass on her birthday. While also leaving her with some mess to clean while she's injured so badly she can't even move to get up, let alone clean/repair. But I guess that's how it works here. "ARE YA MENTALLY INSANE, WAKIN UP 2 MINUTES LATER WHEN YA SUPPOSE TA WAKE UP TA CLEAN, YA TARDY-ASS PIECE O' SHIT?" he screamed in my face; his spit landing all over me. Was he kidding me? I slowly get up from the ground; checking myself to find that I wasn't injured that much as I actually ended up landing safely tumbled on the soft, dirty sand outside instead of the pavement itself (UGHHH I was now even more filthy from head to toe than before! Around here we don't have any showers, so Lester and I both wear the same dirt for the last 3 years without being cleaned. Except that sometimes, I go to the washroom to wash myself with the old, dirty tap water from the sink when Lester doesn't know. I'm gonna have to do that later on for sure. But other than being filthy, THANK GOD I wasn't that injured from the fall!) Additionally to that, I was so lucky that none of the glass shards had scathed my skin. I shake the sand out of my hair and brush my clothes, coughing and blinking as I look up ahead at Lester, who was shaking his repulsive dog face. You just knew he was about to say something horrible about what just happened. "Ayeasyz! Thy dumb bish gotz da time to check haer ass but not no times to guheyt up ta do haer chores! How disgractzfual!" he rasped out nastily; his foul tone slurred and stunk on fleek as usual. "What the hell. I'm so exhausted; I barely got any sleep last night, and my head hurts like crazy. Not to mention the fact that it's my birthday; I should at least have a freebee on this one day, instead of being treated with disrespect as usual, though I get up on time everyday! And I was only in bed for an extra two minutes. Give me a break already!" I said, trying my hardest to not be rude as I am only just trying to speak for myself. This was the way I usually talked back to him, always without even swearing at him. I just swear at him inside my head, or under my breathe like I am now. But, like always, he didn't even care that I was trying very hard not to be rude. I regretted talking as he then gave me a punishment. "Oyugh! Bish gotta a smartieass mouth to put meh through enough shit, hum? AND IZ HEARIN YO WHISPERIN UNDER YO LIL BATTIN BREATH O' YOS?!?! NUYGH!" he snorted. Crap. So much for trying to swear without him hearin. "Whayll den, uz tot uz can have bhirthday fun by tryna sleep in? JOUIGH! Nowz uz not o'llowed ta be eatin for thy rest of thy day, and uz also can't ta sleep in yoz bed fawyr ay week! Das fun now?" Bed. I laughed at the word - he really meant that I wouldn't be sleeping in that basket what he calls as my "bed". More like not letting me sleep in it for a month - I usually never even get to sleep in it! Always in the garage! Usually I get all of this from just "talking back" to him! This is exactly what he did to me on my last 2 birthdays, so really this wasn't anything new. "Uz ay dog, uz hear me. Ay dog. *Snorts*. Ay dog das gonna have ta sleep in da outside garage for thy next week, jus like last week, uz lil shitty brat. Iz gonna have ta keep finda cage ta keep ya in with dem chains so ya can't escap'o-eh, likz u tried ta do wit meh room lazt nigh's. AND UZ GONSA HAVE TA SLEEP WIT DA GARBAGE OUTSIDE LIKE THY RAT UZ ARE! MAYBE UZ EAT FROM IT LIKE DEM TOO!" he said, now howling with laughter. Tears streamed down my face. SLEEP OUTSIDE IN A CAGE WITH CHAINS ON!??! WHAT KIND OF PUNISHMENT WAS THAT?! That's a new one he's never thought of before! Unless you count all of the times he strapped me onto the door inside the garage with chains for what seemed like many, many hours in the dark, scary garage while he went out to town to get whiskey/food. This was exactly like that, only now he's making me go through this from stupid punishments. I didn't even do ANYTHING WRONG! WHY IS MY LIFE SO DREADFUL?!? WHY DID I KEEP BEARING WITH IT FOR 3 WHOLE YEARS?!? LIKE, EVERY SINGLE SECOND THAT I WAS WITH LESTER, HE JUST BROKE MY HEART/SOUL MORE AND MORE! Like mining on a ice berg that keeps on cracking with every next hit, he just kept cracking my insides and turning them into tiny little bits with every punishment he did, every word he said, with really, everything he did! This is exactly why I wanted to kill myself; he made me feel so horrible, unhappy, lonely and depressed. There was no escape to this mess, no one to be with, no where to go to, the only thing I have left is death. I shouldn't even choose to live like this at all; I should just go ahead and kill myself, right in front of him instead of just being all talk! Bubbling with rage, I finally unleash my fury at him: "YOU KNOW WHAT!?!?! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF TAKING ALL OF THE SHIT YOU KEEP CAUSING ME! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE - HOW ABOUT I STOP ACTING LIKE A TOTAL NICE-KISS ASS TO YOU AND JUST GO AND KILL MYSELF SO YOU WONT HAVE ANYONE ELSE TO ABUSE? THEN YOU CAN GO DIE BY YOURSELF HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE LIKE THE MISERABLE RAGGED STINKY DONKEY ASS YOU ARE! YOU CAN GO TO HELL WHILE I GO WITH GOD, MICHAEL JACKSON, AND MY PARENTS! SUCK ON THAT YOU OLD, DUMB HILL BILLY! Your so god damn ugly and sickening, I am just so glad I'm not as horrible as you are!" WOWWW! DAMNN, WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I JUST SAY?!?! AND DID I JUST ACTUALLY SAY IT TO LESTER, THE GUY WHO I'VE ALWAYS FEARED LIKE A LITTLE WEAK COWARD FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS?! THAT REALLY TOOK BIG GUTS, ESPECIALLY FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME! And really, I just had the guts at the moment I was ready to die! To think that the fear of him in me just covered my inner anger towards him and controlled me this whole time from ever saying so many bad things to him at once totally surprised me. I finally did the one thing I couldn't do this whole time - stand up to the dumb old stinkin' bully, while showing him that after all of times these past years he's told me that I've "talked back to him" like earlier today, for instance, this is what talking back actually is! Now that I've decided to kill myself, of course I had to make sure it wasn't from his angry, dirty, hands that would defiantly want to take my life after talking to him like that. It from my own hands instead. I ran to the kitchen, leaving him with a very enraged yet surprised look on his face, as I desperately try to find a sharp knife to stab myself with before he can get his dirty hands on me again. Just the thought of those dirty-ass, cold hands gripping my skin made me shake with fear. I open different drawers; one drawer after another, but I'm just unable to find where the knives are! He never lets me in this god damned kitchen, so how am I suppose to know where they are? But I guess I should have ran to his room to look for another weapon, as now he's caught up to me in the kitchen - with a sharp knife in his hand! I freeze at the horrid sight, as the sight of it sharply dug panic in me. And the fear stung my insides for the first time from it; what would happen if I were actually hit from that?!? Oh God. I guess many things don't work as good as they do in your mind. He grins. "Uz thinkz Iz gonnaz lets uz die jus like dat after sayin all o' dat shit ta MEH?!?!? ALWOGEAUGH! Uz finally able ta say somethin like dat thy furyast time in yo life ta meh, bish. BUT I DONS THINK UZ GETTIN AWAY WIT IT - ITZ ALSO GONS BE DA LAST, TOO, CUZ NOW IZ GONS CUTS EVERY SINGAL PART OF YAZ BODAY! GEZ READY TO FACE THY CONSEQUENCES OF TALKIN SHIT! GEHRAGUHTAHAHAHAHHA!" He then grabs my hair, twirls my body around like I was just a weak, helpless doll in his grasp - and STABS ME RIGHT IN THE BACK WITH THE KNIFE! It wasn't hard enough to kill me or damage my spine, but hard enough to hurt! I scream in anguish as I feel him drag the blade lower, and lower down my back, to right above my hips. It felt like he's drawing something as he moved it from side to side on my back, totally covering up every single part of my back with each engravment made! EVERY SINGLE SECOND THAT PASSED FELT LIKE PURE TORTURE! Tons of blood gushed out of my back onto the floor; bringing me to fall down along with the drips that each symbolized pain. I struggle to get off the ground as it feels like burning fire dancing along my entire back. But I didn't expect what he did next to come. Lester tosses the blade aside and steps on my stomach; ensuring that I stay down. He tosses back his head and laughs his-all-too-familiar-evil-laugh at the sight of this torture. "Heay, uz sayin das uz wanna get a knife ta kill yo ass fawyr ya b-day. Thare, Iz got it. Das what uz want, das what uz get! GHYUUAUAHAHA!" And to think before that things couldn't be as bad as any of the days before today, they've now gone to the worst point that they could have ever gotten to! It was just too excruciating, as my body felt weaker as I lost more and more blood. I struggled to gasp for air, and my heart burned more and more each second of time that pasted, as he now insulted me with every mean word he knew for about half an hour. Or that's what it felt like. It was truly a miracle I'd even be alive for the amount of time I was to keep up with him, and I had no idea why my life was still dragging on. Why couldn't it have been over already, why was this still happening to me? I didn't even care who had to end it anymore, I just wanted to be gone already! As he continued to spit all the mean things he was saying about me right in my face, I try to plead with him by saying: "Please, please stop it already! Why do you have to keep torturing me like this? This was exactly why I said all of those things I've said before! I'm really sorry! Please, go on and kill me now, even though you are just trying to torture me to death for saying shit to you only this one time, compared to the many times you've said a whole lot of crap to me! Just go on and do it!" However, I only managed to think all of this in my mind. All that really ended up leaving my mouth was a glob of blood which I vomited on my clothes. To make matters worse, it flowed down my shirt, down my pants, all the way down to Lester's shoes that stood in front of me. So much for thinking of an apology. "WHAT IN THY HELL OF THAY DEVILZ WHARYLD UZ BLECKIN YO DISGUSTIN BLOOD ALLS OVER MEH SHOES *kicks it right in my face, rubs it in my mouth* DAS UAHURS. KEEPS IT TA YUAHRSELF!" "Ughhhh...ohhh..." I felt more sick every second. I held the blood in my mouth as he continued to ramble on how "Meilughah! Uz thy worst bish in thy world, deservin to live ons tha streets like ay stupid dog, but Iz so kindsly helps uz tho uz disrespectin' meh attorturty everay singles day o' yo life." But out of everything he said and did, the worst thing he did was right after. Of course he just HAD to make matters turn to the worst point they can go towards by starting to rip on MJ. "It's cuz of tat old o' stupid rapist tat ur sooo like his ugly self. GUHIZH! Iz mean LOOKS at hiyum. No wonderz why uz like DHAT worthless piece o'shit." WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? MJ THY WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!?!? Anger started to boil in my stomach, like the way it usually does when he talks about MJ. And this time, other than keeping the anger in, I let it seethe into me more and more, regardless of the painful sensation it brought to my stomach. I glare at Lester with such anger I've never felt before. What's amazing was that though I took in everything Lester's been saying to me the whole day without even getting that upset, what he said now about MJ MADE ME AS MAD AS *yas, now I'm gonna say it* FUCK! But it was the next thing he said that got me real bad; the final nail in the coffin: "...but den at least he done dem rapezd ta dem kidz. UZ AINT NEVER DONZE NOTHIN LIKE HIMZ LOW-LIFE PEDOZ!!!!" And the way the word "pedoz" had an echo... That. Was. Like. IT! I was tired of being a coward this whole time. For 3 whole damn years, I've never been able to say any shit to Lester to defend myself and MJ. Only until the moment I planned to kill myself to then say something to Lester wasn't enough! I am a moonwalker: a strong, devoted lover of Michael Joesph Jackson who has vowed to always defend this amazing man, and to let nothing hurt him no matter what! Watch closely at this, Michael: you're so going to love it. I slowly rise my head up and look at his face well and hard. "WELLZ??!?!? WHATZ YOZ GONS DO ABOUT WHAT IZ JUST TOLD YA, LIL PEDO LOVERIN BISH?!" "Eat this!" I lean my head back, open my mouth the widest I could, AND SPIT THE BLOODY VOMIT FROM MY MOUTH AT LESTER'S UGLY FACE! I imagine him saying: "Thas is it. UZ HAS CROSSED THY LINE FWAR THY LAST TIME IN YOS MISERABLE LIFE!" after, but the only thing he does is stare straight ahead at me with shock, and I feel myself being shocked myself to even gain the ability to talk and move again! He wipes his hands on his face, and stares at the vomit I spat at his face in disbelief. After what seemed like minutes, Lester says: "Whats da a whimperin I a hearin ota da lil o' patetic mouth o' uz? AND WATS THYS SHIT UZ THROWIN AT MEH FEET NOW AT MEHS HEAD!??!" I laugh coldly with the new feeling of confidence bursting in me. Where did this come from? The anger he put in me all of these years, that's where! I WAS INFURIATED AT THE MOMENT, AND I CERTAINLY WASN'T GOING TO LET ANYTHING GET IN MY WAY! I don't even care; I'll die protecting MJ if I had to and I knew for sure I was going to die 101% after this. I start to rise up, slowly and shaking as I recover from my back wounds, but still getting up there as I finally am able to stand, my back still burning. I say: "LISTEN HERE YOU MFIN SHITHEADED: I AM TIRED OF YOU MAKING FUN OF ME, AND EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ALL THESE YEARS I CAN SAY SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW! AS FOR MJ, YOU THINK YOU'RE HOT SHIT, BETTER THAN THE MOST PERFECT BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE INSULTING AND HATING HIM WHILE YOUR JUST SOME SOME OLD USELESS RAGGED SHIT FROM THE DEVIL'S ASSHOLE. CALLING HIM A PEDO WHEN HE'S NEVER EVEN HARMED A SINGLE PERSON, LET ALONE ANY CHILD. SAYS THE ONE WHO ABUSES A WOMAN LIKE YOURSELF. IT'S YOU WHO'S THE ABUSING ASS RIGHT HERE! OH YAH, I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION FOR THREE WHOLE YEARS: AT LEAST YOUZ AINT NEVER BANGED A SINGLE WOMAN IN YOUZR CURSED LIFE< WHILE MJ ON THE OTHER HAND HAS BANGED MORE WOMEN THAT YOU CAN EVER DREAM OF. NOW THAT I'VE FINALLY MADE MY POINT TO THAT DOG SHIT BRAIN OF YOURS, YOU CAN GO FUCK AND YOURSELF, YOU PWHUSSYASSED LITTLE BITCH!" After saying my speech, I continue to stand in position with a wild look in my face; with a smirk that I couldn't help but to wear working it's way onto my face with pride, while staring at Lester's ugly dog shit faced with all the fury I could wear in my face. BUT SERIOUSLY, OMFGDH! WHAT IN THE ALL-TOO-GOD-DAMNED WORLD DID I JUST SAY?!?! For the second time today, and the first time really in 3 WHOLE YEARS, I had defended myself and Michael, to Lester the big bully with an attitude he'd never even seen before! AND I WAS READY TO FACE WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO NEXT TO ME, EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY SEVERELY INJURED! But still, the next moment found my confidence which I once had now faded away from me, and I was SCARED AS HELL! As me and Lester stood there saying nothing, I felt myself swaying from side to side to keep me from almost falling from the feeling of being weak that was once temporarily gone but came back again. All I could do was to silently stare ahead with a blank look; like a mouse staring at a cat. I knew Lester realized that I wasn't as "strong" as I was before and now it was time for him to make his deadly move against me. But was it his final move? Lester glared the most evil glare anyone could ever give, so hard it felt like lasers would come out of his eyes and zap my whole body away. My insides were closing in, and I force in a big loud gulp. What were I to do now? Though I had acted tough and all, I still had to remind myself I was dealing with a total psycho who could just do about anything to me. And he didn't have to kill me if he didn't want to...Suddenly, I start to quickly think over the limited choices I had, as the tension breaks as Lester then starts laughing again - only this time it was the craziest laugh that I've ever heard, out of all the times I've ever heard him laugh. And that's when I decided to try a totally new approach which I've never even thought of pulling before. "UZ LILS BITCH THINK UZ SO BRAVE TA FINALLY TALK TO ME LIKE DAT?!?! PWUEHHH, UZ NOTHING! UZ THY PUSSY ASS LOSER THINKIN YOU CAN WIN AGAINST MEZ! WELL I DOAN THINKS'S RIGHT FWAR UZ TA THINK SO! GAHAWUAHAHHAHAHAHAGUAH! IZ GONS HAVE TO TORTURE YOU SOME MORE THEN, FOAWYR UZ TA LEARN UZ LESSON!" He then went over to me; just a little push from his hand made me helplessly land on the ground once again, and he then started to beat me vigorously over and over again; covering my entire body in a sheet of excruciating pain from his kicks, slaps, and punches *ESPECIALLY ON MY BACK* as I now kept sobbing sorry; exactly like my old, weak self would do. "Uz think uz real tough for sayin' all o' dat, were ya?!?! IZ KNOWZ IZ DA BEST, DOANTA UZ DARE COMPAREZ IN' ME TO THAT RAPIST! YASSSSSSSS - JHUST LIKE IZ HAS SAID IT BEFORE - WHAT UZ GONNA TA DO? O' wait, jhust gettin' kicked like ay lil loser dat uz are, miserable bratty-ass twerp!" He just called him a rapist again? AND CALLED ME A LIL LOSER OF A MISERABLE, BRATTY-ASS, TWERP!??!" I rolled away as I got the chance to from the shoes that kept kicking me. And he actually stopped, waiting to see what I'm going to do next. I got up from the ground slowly; all bloody and bruised; with my vision all blurry and my back stinging like it was stung by a thousand bees, but I didn't care at all. I was determined to stand up to him again to show I was brave enough to actually end his madness once and for all! And I knew that my moods kept changing, like switching a switch on and off; from one moment being confident enough to stand up to Lester, the next being scared as hell and feeling/acting like a coward of a fool. But now I'm just gonna have to learn to stick it to him, and do it real nice and good! So that was his bloody birthday BASH to me, to bash my whole body like the way he had as this year's present? Well, I don't have to take any more shit from him. After all, I can show him I could hit him too - with the new approach of mine! And the time to show was right now! "Take this you dumb old uneducated hill billy! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S THE REAL LOSER AROUND HERE! LIKE I SAID, I DIDN'T EVEN CARE IF I HAVE TO DIE OR GET BRUTALLY INJURED STANDING UP TO YOU AND PROTECTING THE NAME OF MYSELF, AND SOMEBODY WHOM I LOVE. I'M STILL NOT AFRAID, AND I'M GOING GET YOU BACK FOR ABUSING ME FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS, NO MATTER WHAT! FROM HERE ON, I'M FREE FROM YOUR TORTURE! I'M NOT YOUR SLAVE!!" I scream loudly to him; the echos of my words bounce of the house walls. With great strength coming from the bottled up rage that was hidden behind my scared emotions, I heave a chair from the room; lifting it up though it felt like it was tearing apart all of the muscles and parts of my body. But like I said, it didn't matter! I had to teach this man who I am no matter what! AND MAYBE I CAN TAKE OUT THIS HUNK OF TRASH TO FINALLY GET A WAY OUT OF HERE! (Somehow, I don't even know how that an be possibly done. What was I thinking? If I couldn't escape before, how could I now? But it didn't matter, first things first!) I chuck the chair at him, at his repulsive-still-covered-with-blood-vomit-FACE! It collided to the center of that repulsive rat shaped ass of his, regardless that he attempted to raise his arms up in time to stop the attack. The chair knocked him over with a CRASH and he groaned, leaving me in the pose where both my hands covered my mouth in utter astonishment as I gazed upon the blood flattered all over his nose. YAS. THOUGH I PLANNED FOR THE ATTACK TO GO LIKE THAT, I TOTALLY COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT IT REALLY WORKED! FROM ALL OF THE TIME THAT I'VE STAYED HERE, NEVER HAD I ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT! THIS WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! (Well, besides being with MJ of course!) I finally beat that old bastered up. He might be dead for all I care but I- But-WAIT. He had still gotten up from the ground. How was that even possible?!?! THE CHAIR'S LEGS WERE LITERALLY JAMMED INTO HIS EYE SOCKETS! He could only see with his right eye now, the other one is covered by his hand. Outrageously, he goes up to me and chases me down the hallway to his room. Oh crap, why had I been so foolish to do so? NOW HE'S TRAPPED ME IN A DEAD END! He slams the door shut, and grabs a shot gun hanging behind the door. Of course I panic to see the sight, but I couldn't help to feel like such an idiot. There have been countless times I could have grabbed the gun while he slept and shot him while he did. If I only I knew that it ever existed! Maybe that was why he never wanted me in his room, so I wouldn't uncover any weapon there. But I really should have snooped around in his room, regardless of being feared of being caught by him, as if I did now he'd probably be dead from my hands by now. That is if I could have brought myself to kill another human being! I don't think I could actually do it like he would... BUT FORGET THAT FOR NOW - I FEEL MY HEARTBEAT SPEED UP AT THE SIGHT OF HIS SHOT GUN BEFORE ME! I hear a click of him reloading it, as he aimed it at me suddenly. "DID UZ REALLY THINKZ UZ CUN TAKE MY EYE OUTTA MEH SOCKET, BREAKIN MEH GORGZ LAPTOP FROM YESTERDAY, AND STILLZ SAY ALL O' YO TOUGH SHIT TA MEH, AN' GETZ'IN AWAY WITH IT??!?? IZ ALREADY TORTURED YA ENOUGH, BUT YA JUST AINT QUITIN. THAT'S DEY LINE DAS BEEN CROSSED. UZ GONS BE DEAD NOW YA LIL PUNK! UZ LIVIN TOO LONG SO NOW IT FINALLY TIME FOR THY BISH GONS BYE-BYE TIME! HALAGRGH!" WHAT IS HE DOING?? HE'S CRAZY! HE'S GOING TO KILL ME FOR REAL!! And he didn't care his "lil slavez" was gonna die! Plus, it's not like I wanted to die from his hands from the start... But wait a second. He tried testing it by shooting the gun but it just wouldn't work. "CRAPZ - THY DARN, PIECE O' GARBAGE AINTZ WHARKIN! IZ GONS HAVE TO FIND SUM AMOZ...And das aint matters, uz can'tz escape heres, and uz gons end up dyin' here, bish." He grins his nasty, trademark toothless grin at me, right when he said I'm gonna end up dying here. And he was right, I probably am. I still look around the room to see any other escape routes, and the only thing I end up noticing is a poster of Michael Jackson in his room (OF COURSE I'VE SEEN THIS BEFORE, AND I'VE EVEN TRIED TO STAND UP TO LESTER ABOUT THIS, AS THE POSTER PRESENTED ITSELF AS A DART BOARD ON A WALL - LIKE WTF< IF HE DIDN'T HAVE A GUN, I'VE COULD HAVE STUCK A DART IN HIS DIRTY BUTT). However, what seemed weird about the poster was that I noticed that it was glowing, like magic. I struggle to walk towards it, and I do end up reaching it. As Lester looks around drawers for the amo, he stares with the devil's eyes at me again. "BISH, WAT'S UZ THINKIN UZ DOIN WITH THY PEDO POSTER?! UZ GONNA CRY OVER IT AND LICK HS DIRATY FACE OR SOMETHIN!?!" He laughs at his joke, but then gets a horrified look on his face as soon as I rip the poster off the wall - MJ'S OFF THE WALL! But I seriously, I throw some darts from the board and aim it at him. He turns his body slightly to try to block himself from them, and I ended up throwing some at the edge of his dirty, exposed butt (yass, like I said I would, but I did it though he had the gun!) as he then screams in pain. Then I scream: "DON'T YOU DARE TREAT A PICTURE OF BEAUTY LIKE THAT IN YOUR MISERABLE GOD DAMNED LIFE! HIS FACE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO BE IN YOUR UGLY ROOM! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO TRIED TO MAKE IT DIRTY FROM PUTTING THOSE UGLY DARTS ON IT, WHEN THEY DESERVED TO STICK ON THAT DIRTY ASS OF YOURS! I-" And I see that he isn't listening to what I say anymore because he found his amo. Shoot, now I'm horrified, as he rubs his ass while setting up the gun; watching me shake with fear with a crocodile-like-smirk across his face. My eyes look away from the scary sight which I greatly fear, until they gaze upon the wall where the poster was hanging on. OMG - THAT GLOW WAS A MIRACLE! The reason why there was a glow was because the poster covered up a window, and the window had the lightness that glowed behind the poster! Thank GOD for this window! And the best part about it was that it was already smashed from him throwing darts to the poster, which also hit the window, and since the window was wide open I could escape! "LOOKS LIKE I'M NOT GOING TO END UP DEAD, YOU OLD BASTARD!" I yell at him quickly as I excitedly jump out of the window. I'm free at last, I think to myself. Or for once I escape (or should I say, xscape! YAS.) Lester and find another person around this place that's in the middle of no where, somehow in some way! If I wasn't able to do it in the last 3 years, how could have I done it now? Well, I'm just going to try really hard to. I mean, I'm actually going to venture out here for the first time ever, I think as I run away from the house. But it seems that once again, all hope was lost when I felt a loud bang, and I felt a huge force strike my right shoulder. I scream, as I collapse on the ground as blood covers my body once again; gushing out like magic from my right arm. I shake my head to myself. It was amazing - after all this time, all this damage and injuries brutally done to me today... and here I was alive. It was incredible. And of course, I think as I weakly smile to myself, I still wouldn't live to tell the tale of this wild adventure of a story to anyone after today. "GHAUYAGUAGHHAHAHA! BISHHHH, aint Iz told uz dat uz can never escape from a mez? UZ DONE FAWYR NOW- UZ FINALLY MINEZ!" Lester rasps out. I feel the raging hunger for me to be dead in his voice; he gleefully licks his lips as he were to pounce and eat me for dinner. Of course, I just had to get shot in my right arm by his shotgun, right when I had a huge opportunity to run away from here from the insanely repulsive son of a bish hill billy, who was set to destroy my life for 3 whole years! But, I guess I will be escaping from him after all. From the looks of it, this is going the end. I guess my wish of dying from yesterday is going to become reality. Well, I already stood up to him for me and MJ, I had already done what I've wanted to do for so many years now. The only thing I could do now was to accept my reality that I should have initially accepted from the time I started standing up for MJ and I. I WAS READY TO DIE! He pointed the gun at me and laughs once again. And then I think, was I really ready to die? One minute I said was, the next minute I say that I'm really not and that I'm scared! Lester says, indicating the final answer of the fate which I had to accept:"Itz finally time ta say bye bye bish! AFTER WANTIN TA DO THIS FWAYR THREE, LONG, WHOLHE YEARZ, IZ FINALLY MADE MEAY DREAMZ CUM OUT TRUE ANS IT DONZ SPEICAL! GHASAGUAGHHAHAHA!" And though I only say I am ready to die - it feels as if I'm really not! Both of my eyes are now open wide full of fear as he presses the gun trigger and it fires; my blood curling scream surrounding the atmosphere...






Chapter End Notes:

OMGGGG, WHAT WAS RAE THINKING!??! Could standing up to some insanely, repulsive bully like Lester be worth to protect some wonderful person like MJ who you truly loved that they've insulted? Would it actually be worth dying? Comment what y'all think. AND COULD RAE SOMEHOW BE ABLE TO SURVIVE A DEATHLY SITUATION LIKE THIS?!?!? OR WILL SHE END UP DYING AND JUST MIGHT MEET MJ IN THE AFTER WORLD?!? WHAT SUSPENSE - Find out what happens next to Lester and her in #ROADTOMJSWORLD Chapter 3: "Perfect Timing! The Lifesaver That Promises a Brand, New World".




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