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Story Notes:


Michael Jackson as Himself

Ariana Grande as Rae Kimberly McSmith Jackson

Katherine Jackson as Katherine Jackson

MJ's Brothers and Sisters as Themselves

Joe Jackson as Joe the Stupid Hoe

Series status: On-going.

Story cover design, #ROADTOMJSWORLD® character picture edits, and story done/created by: Ryan Shweg. 2015. All Rights Reserved®.


Author's Chapter Notes:


#ROADTOMJSWORLD. CHAPTER 1: "The Atrocious Nightmare! This Craze Life is Rae's Life"








RAE'S POV: OMG! WOW, I ACTUALLY COULDN'T BELIEVE IT - FINALLY AN OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME! Right now, Uncle Lester had just forced me to clean the entire house AGAIN! It's been the 3rd time this day since he's first forced me to redo it. I mean, come on - right now it's 12:00AM and I started to clean the house at 7:00AM. CAN YOU FREAKIN' BELIEVE THAT!?!? This was nothing new here around though; he constantly forces me do nothing but clean the house, which of course is considered as labor; especially as he usually violently threatens and beats me, making me put in a situation where I have absolute no choice but to go by his demands! But as I hear the disturbing burps, groans, and snores echo down the hallway, it confirmed that Lester was finally asleep due to be drunk from drinking too much beer (which was, around here, typical). But OMG. Yasss, everyone knows the saying "when the old skunk of a drunk's asleep, the kids shall play" *or they should*. It meant for me that I have time for myself only - to just have my own space in the house; to be free at last! This was the first time in 3 years he's been asleep before I am (usually he waits for me to go to sleep before he does, as he doesn't want me to "steal anything" from the kitchen, or his room). I was finally able to allow myself to relax! I abandon the cleaning equipment and stretch my body, yawning while thinking to myself right then and there that I had to choose from either 2 alternatives: One was to fix my starving self by getting my poor, growling stomach something to eat from the kitchen (as Lester starved me by not letting me eat all day! I should choose to do this for sure!) Or... to have the one opportunity I'll probably never have in my life time living in this horrible hell instead; although this situation requires me to be extra careful and brave enough to accomplish: to go and sneak into Lester's room while he's sleeping and take his laptop *which is what he always goes on during the day. Seriously, he does nothing all day but go on there and drink whiskey!*. Once I get that laptop, I can search on YouTube and finally get to watch my idol Michael Jackson dance. And I'd get to watch him for the first time in a year! YES. IT HAS BEEN A WHOLE FUCKING GOD DAMN YEAR SINCE I'VE EVER SEEN A MJ PERFORMANCE, AS THAT SON OF A BASTARD LESTER NEVER LETS ME ON HIS LAPTOP! SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHY I FEEL SO OBSESSIVE OVER MJ AND AMBITIOUS ENOUGH TO GET THAT LAPTOP, WHILE TRYING HARD NOT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES I'D HAVE TO RISK OVER BEING CAUGHT! Ooooo wait, before I can tell you all what happens, I forgot to introduce myself, silly me! My name is Rae Kimberly McSmith, and I am a 19 year old gal who lives with my hill billy of an uncle Lester since I was 17. In the year I turned 17 years old (2011), exactly a month after my 17th birthday, was when tragedy struck my life: it was when my parents died from a car accident, and were instantly swept away from my life forever. It devastated me, when I first got the news. I thought life was going to be so unbearable for me, and boy was I right. My parents were the only people that I could say ever really supported me in my entire life, and to have them taken away from me just like that was exactly like taking everything in my life away from me: people who loved me, my home, my education, etc. They were whom I have lived with before I basically had no place else to live and call a home... unless I lived with this man who I've never even heard of; who was apparently a family member of mine, this "uncle" Lester. Lester was the only family member I had who even considered to look at me, or even hear my name to see if he wanted to keep me, so this basically meant I had no choice but to live with him. But I could and should have refused; living with Lester was a gruesome, torturous mistake! Like I've said before, he's an old, drunk, abusing, monstrous, slang talking, no good bastard of a white-trashed hill billy. However, exactly like I've said before, it's not like I did have a choice to live with him really; though I could have refused to live with him (as I am currently an adult right now being 19), it meant I couldn't have been placed in foster care or be forced on where to live. I could be living on the streets as a homeless person, just striving to survive without food, water, and shelter. That really just guarantees a death, as hardly anyone cares about helping homeless people. It would just let me freeze/starve to a cold, long, horrible death. So I had to live with Lester to survive... which..which...which...was something I couldn't explain using words. It was a heart-shatteringly, traumatic, and gruesome 3 years, I'll say. I have been beaten and tormented by him, like a slave, doing countless amounts of chores under his commands; just setting to obey his orders yet being mistreated throughout the 3 years with him. I have been kept here like a prisoner under his control; my freedom taken away and just striving aimlessly in the countless amounts of days in such a difficult environment to adjust to... but really what can I do? What is there to do? I have waited, waited, and waited for a miracle moment to occur to just swoop in and save me from the clutches of Lester's torture, but there wasn't a single one. It seems that I definitely landed myself in a situation worse than dying on the streets, but I'm still afraid to die. Like I said, I am currently an official adult, but it doesn't even matter. Lester doesn't ever want me to leave this hellhole, he wants me to stay here forever and serve him as his slave "till thy day I diez, bish. *drinks whiskey from bigass bottle, then smashes it on floor* 'Stupid bish-'o, jhu betterz clean this mess or uz*bharps* assz gons be hunginz on dey wallz" as he says with his hill-billy slang. He says that if though I'm an ugly, useless bitch who really can't do anything right like a low-life pussy, it's still something to have someone doing things for you so you don't have to move your ass. He also says *especially whenever he's drunk on whiskey, but then again I never really recall a time without seeing that pig chug down a bottle or two!* if he ever sees me attempting to leave, he knows that I might end up coming back to him. And if I do, he will make sure I will be tortured even more if that's even possible, not only physically but mentally. And he said to me that it doesn't really matter if I escape from here, because if I do then I'll just be running out of our home into the middle of nowhere which we live. Civilization is very far away and only Lester knows where it is. This means I wouldn't be able to survive out there and I'd die a slow and painful death in the desert we live in, exactly like living on the streets. The thought of me dying this way to Lester had him tossing his head back and evilly laughing. It was sickening to watch him laugh; to know it was because he loved seeing the suffering of others. He is the exact opposite of MJ, I swear! "So den maybay yoz gons go run like lil bish out thare an's drops n' die... gyahoy! *licks lips and opens mouth widely to laugh*" The question I ask myself everyday is why? Just why?? Why is he treating me like this, why does he hate me so much; I've never done anything to him! Why does he enjoy being so evil - and especially why do I have to be with him? Why me God, just why?!?!? He is the most cruelest, blackhearted, wicked man ever to exist on the face of the Earth; the devil willing to give an eternity of torture to anyone and to enjoy doing so. This, everyone, is what I deal with 24/7. It's the person I chose to live with in order to stay alive. It's sickening, but I have learned to fight back my emotions that I have felt throughout the last 3 horrifying years of my life. This is all what I've gone through so far, with definitely more to come, so how could have I survived? Especially for this long? Well I'll tell you why and HOW: Whenever I've felt down (majorly always!) I have thought of hope, I have thought of the beautiful light and love and power of hope God spreads around the world; as I highly believe and respect God. And it wasn't just God whom I've loved and respected, I have always thought about MICHAEL JACKSON. Yes, he may have been a singer and a dancer who is amazingly sexy and turns me on, but there is a whole other side of him which I also love so much: The way he loves and cares for other people. The way he tried to spread the same kind of message God sends toward us. The fact that he was one of the rarest kinds of human beings to ever exist in this world; to understand another person's problem, to be loving especially to children, whom even most parents don't love kids as much this man does, to... just... care. Someone to be there for you when you need someone to: comfort and nurture you; even if it meant to sacrifice something from their life to do so. Just somebody to make you smile, give you a hug or a kiss and let you know everything will be alright. My whole life I have always wanted someone to care for me genuinely and love me, exactly how MJ felt. Yes, my parents loved me but sometimes I felt they didn't. Yes, they did show love and affection towards me, but other times they'd be fighting each other over stupid little issues with each other, and then they'd both not talk to me or each other and stay mad/depressed. They can make me so infuriated at times; even like the anger I have towards Lester is what I've felt in me thinking about my parents taking those actions. All I've just really wanted my whole life was to just live a normal happy life with my very own unique family, and to never get separated from them! And look what happened to me: exactly what I didn't want. Not to also mention that I'm not the only one with family issues? MJ of course has gone through a lot more in his life than me (think about how tragic that is. AND I'VE BEEN THROUGH LESTER'S TORTURE!) Ever since the day MJ died, I had started to learn more of him every single day that passed by, to realize that he was more than just a regular singer and dancer. After a full year of completing my research on him, a year before my parents died (2010), I had realized that MJ was an angel who descended from the Heavens and from God to take care of us and heal our world. I listened more and more to his songs day by day, and their meaning got to me more and more; my heart beating love and joy towards him grew each day forward. And I then knew exactly who he was and was all about. He was unique, special, shining like a fragment of a star that outshines all of us, as he was different. Like he, the fragment of heaven, a piece of beautiful magic just landed on Earth from God to help share his loving manner across the world. But of course, the cruel people from our planet had roles too in this act, to hurt MJ, playing with him in a twisted way and soon destroying the fragment, like the forces of evil burning it up to ashes from his existence. As I read about "the dark forces" against MJ, like the tabloids, people who accused MJ of molesting and many other people, it cracked my heart to see who would wrong this beloved man. Treating him like he was a piece of trash that he wasn't and just like he felt, it was injustice! It destroyed him! It made him do/make bad decisions like take painkillers to wear off the evil pain they attacked him with, and the painkillers ended up killing him. I then knew I had to be a pure hearted Moonwalker, standing up for MJ and standing up for a man who has not a speck of evil in him. A man who other Moonwalkers and I were madly, obsessively now in love with; whom we understood so well out of everyone else in the planet. And we were all proud of it, no matter what other people like the haters would say, it didn't matter to us, nor will it matter to me... OMG! WOW, just look at me rambling on my views on Michael, I just can't stop pouring out my heart once I start talking about him. I just really want to talk to other people about him! IT'S ALL JUST KEPT INSIDE OF ME! I'm a cloud who absorbed all these MJ electrons, ready to just give out a big MJ electric LIGHTENING discharge! Yasssssss.... Anyways, BACK TO GETTING THE LAPTOP, SO I CAN FINALLY SEE MJ! I sneakily tiptoe my way into Lester's ugly, stinky, bedroom. I quietly slip pass the room door without moving it, so that I wouldn't take a risk of the door creaking. Uggh, was that a rat that just scrambled by his bed?!?!? His room is just so repulsive (exactly like him!), especially since it's covered in dirt and all as he doesn't even let me dust it; he doesn't want me to steal anything from it! It didn't even matter to me, as I hardly ever went inside his room before, and tried to stay away from him and his room. He'd hit me if I were caught in there, so I made sure that I wasn't in that ugly-ass room of his... until now. But I have been thinking about going to his room for a while now, so I knew there would be a day that I actually do it. Today just happened to be the day, so now all I could do was continue and see what happens. Ohhhh...how does he even manage to sleep in here everyday? Every single second in the room had me struggling to stand up, as I also struggled to breathe. I quickly run out of the room to breathe fresh air (or, at least fresher than his room's air); the room reeked severely of alcohol and sweat. You can see why it was so hard to breathe in there, and how it just made me just wanna puke all over that ugly rat body of his that laid on his nest of a bed. As I shortly snuck back into his room quietly, I eye out for the laptop, but carefully as I watch every step I take that creaks on the floor quietly. But I finally had a moment of fluke - my eye spots the familiar laptop in sight. I GLEEFULLY FEEL MY SPIRIT FLASH A TINGLY FEELING OF RARE HAPPINESS INSIDE OF ME! My heart races, and my eyes twinkle as I step closer and closer to the laptop which I now see right in front of me. I hear it calling my name out as I stretch my hands toward it, thinking of it as reaching out to MJ and telling him to "Hold My Hand", as I will finally be able to have my idol MJ to touch my soul once again through his magical words, songs and dances! J'amone MJ, here I come! Right as I hug the laptop to my chest, thinking that it was MJ himself, something outrageous happens. I feel something weird crawling up my leg right into my underwear! ANOTHER RAT FROM LESTER'S ROOM - OOOHHHH WTF IS THE LIL RUNT DOING?!?!?! The rat goes right inside my hole and squirms around in there, moving like clothes in a washing machine! I DROP THE LAPTOP ON THE GROUND, LEAVING A CRASH ON THE GROUND. I THEN UTTER A HIGH PITCH SCREAM - LOUDER THAN MJ AND JANET'S SCREAMS TOGETHER FROM THEIR "Scream" MUSIC VIDEO! I do a little half seizure, half crazy dance around the room as I feel the rat tryna squirt outta my hole like a cannon ball. Luckily the rat fires outta the hole and runs down my leg. THANK GOD, but at the same time.. OH GOD. WHAT THE HELL HAD I JUST DONE! I JUST BROKE LESTER'S LAPTOP! RIGHT IN THE ROOM THAT HE'S SLEEPING IN! SEE, THIS IS WHY I'VE NEVER WANTED TO GO IN LESTER'S ROOM BEFORE IN THE PAST 3 YEARS! WHAT WAS I THINKING NOW? NOT ONLY THIS, BUT I'VE ANNIHILATED THE ONE CHANCE I HAD TO GET TO SEE MICHAEL JACKSON AGAIN IN MY LIFE! I'LL NEVER PROBABLY GET TO SEE ANY OF HIS PERFORMANCES ANYMORE. NO, JUST THE THOUGHT OF IT REALLY WRECKS MY MIND! But at the moment, I realize that really this shouldn't be the problem to be thinking about at the moment; a new rat is going to bother me now. After emitting a loud-ass "Iz awakesz nowz" burp, who else would rise up from his sewer bedratnest is dey king rat, Lester. I know exactly what he's thinking. "You lil' punk, I told ya to clean da god damn house. AN'S NOW LOOKIE HERE WATZ UZ DONE, SNEAKIN' LIL ASS VARMEN N' SHIT IN MEH ROOM AND BREAKIN MA PREYCIOUZ LAPTOP! WAZ WRONG WIT UZ, YA STUPID LIL UGLY BISH?!?" he snarls out nastily. *Slams my body on the room wall* I scream as I smell his familiar stinky breathe odor fall over my face. Now it's comin'; another beating. Inside, I keep on urging myself to do something; to not just take his shit like usually and to fight back instead. Say something that'll knock him off his ass and scare him! But instead, just like always, I act like my normal coward self would. I fall on my knees and cry out: "NOOOO. STOP IT, PLEASE!" I beg Lester. "Please, don't hit me! I'm sorry I didn't clean the house properly; I had only wanted to see Michael Jackson for just THIS ONLY ONE TIME! I NEVER WENT INTO YOUR ROOM TO THIS BEFORE! You never, ever let me look at MJ and just only force me to clean this house 24/7. I have already cleaned enough and only ask right now to just please don't hit me and let me be in peace!" I plead while sobbing my guts out. But he doesn't even care; not a single sign of sympathy from him. Typical. He leans back and laughs like a dyin' pig. "IZ GONS LISTEN TO THA UGLY BISH BLACK GATBAGED RAG HAWIRED GIRLIE_EE*HICCGUP* HERE TRYNS LECTURE ME ON SHIT, DA SHE JUS DONS DIS FAWR THY FWHARST TIME?! GYAHOY! DAFUQ DIS STUPHIAD BISH THINK IZ AM! AND DEFININ ME FOR THAT MF PEDOZ MJ?? TA SEE HIM RAPE DEM KIDZ, HMZ? LIKE IZ GIVE A DAMN OF DAT BASTARD! DOAN UZ EVERZ BE TELLZIN ME WAT TA DO, UZ LIL' HELPLESS BISH." He raises his dirty ass-hand and slaps me in the face real hard. OMG IT SEEMED LIKE HE BROKE MY JAW! He grins his wicked, ugly, toothless mouth proudly at the sight of me sobbing helplessly and said, "Now dat Iz slapped dat ugly, bished ass face of yawz, wez gons see uz better cleaninz the room the way Iz want it ta be cleaned, bish. IZ GONNA BEAT UZ FOR BREAKIN MEH LAPTOP, ya stupid useless piece o' garbage!" He starts punching me numerous of times, and then kicks me to the ground as I now scream louder. The only other sound other than my screams are his laughter. "O' bish-o-gons gotz me cryzin'!" he howls out, while he now stomps on my stomach. Unfortunately there aren't people around our house, so no could hear Lester abusing me whenever he does. Lester punches and spanks me for the longest time and then pushes my body over with a kick. I sob now as he drags my dirty, bloody, more-bruised-up-body-than-ever over to my nest bed in the dusty, old, corner of the family room (yup, you've guessesd it. I didn't even have my own room!). "Thars aint no reason for ya ta bein cleanin whenz imma sleep *gurgzlz and sizzly burp*. Uz broke thy trust, bish. Now ya go ta sleep and no aint eatin, notz at all. Iz gons hearin you if you thinkin of goin to da kitchen and if ya do Imma gonna totally kick yaz ass harder, uz hearin' meh? UZ REALLY NUTHIN MATTER TA MEH, JUST AY STAGIN' ASS TA KICK OVER ANS OVER AGAIN! MAYBE SOON TIME O'ROUND IZ GON BREAK DA STINKY ASS OF YAURS OFF! NOW SLEEP UZ LIL' MISERABLE BRAT! GAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" Well, the only good thing from being a coward and not standing up to him was that I didn't get to make him that angry enough to kill me. Even so, it really didn't matter that much to me at the moment. Now I'm left sobbing harder than ever, so uncontrollably, so hurt, so... alone. The next day is going to be my birthday (turning 20!) and it's going to obviously be horrible. The only purpose I can be here is probably to be the piñata for Lester to try and break again, after being one for 2 years straight (2 birthdays so far, this is the 3rd b-day) in exact. Or... I can just listen to the one album mom gave to me before she died, BAD obviously by MICHAEL! *Sighs* but really there is no point what so ever. Of course I have to avoid Lester from finding it so I only listen to it rarely. But it doesn't even matter that he finds it and crushes my soul even more; he already knows I love MJ and he always calls MJ a pedophile "him pedoz who donz dem 'bad things' ta kids. Gahoy!". Like I said before there were "others" who hated MJ, and Lester is probably the 1ST/2ND person on the list to hate him. Just like he said already, if you noticed on what he thought on me sneaking to his room just to watch MJ on YouTube, he hates MJ probably more than anything and thinks he deserved to die and go to hell. Yes, he treats me horrible, but for Michael's poor sake, I angrily cry every time he makes fun of MJ. HOW CAN HE SAY ALL OF THOSE CRUEL THINGS TO SOMEONE LIKE MJ, ANYWAY? Talk about hypocrisy, MJ would NEVER, EVER, EVER do anything horrible to anyone! And look how people like Lester treat people, they're the one saying MJ should go to hell for being a demon to kids when they're the real demons! Lester just laughs at my tears, he calls me a miserable little bish, like always, for even liking someone like MJ. Whenever he even says a word of his opinion of MJ, I feel the boiling anger in me rise up, and feel like breaking all his bones. Though I've never tried to talk bad to him and swear back at him, I have once tried to beat his dirty ass before (a week after I first came here, actually), but he's just too strong. He just ended up beating me up brutally! And as you all know he continues to... Today's beating wasn't anything new, it's just the same as it always is! The only thing he doesn't do is rape me, which of course is way worse, but is really still the same abuse. I just wish I didn't have to wake up tomorrow, I should have been gone and dead along time ago. I really don't know how to function like this anymore. I mean, I know I said before on how I try to think positively and all, but how am I suppose to live like this? I'm just sick of this planet. There is absolutely no reason to live on Earth anymore and I'm just ready to die and finally be with God. I plan for my birthday tomorrow, I should kill myself and free myself from all of the pain I have from this life. All I have to do is kill myself and my soul soar high in the sky to Heaven as an angel to be with God, Michael, my mother and father! Me and MJ will be a couple for sure, we'll be making out with each other as we watch as Lester finally gets what he deserves. His God Satan will send a Demon to go to him and eat his soul and then he'll rot in hell and we'll all dance in heaven and I'll MARRY MJ in heaven! Oh God, I just love my MJ fantasies! Every time I have one, I see MJ gently brush my hair, place his other hand on one of my shoulders as he passionately kisses me, over and over again, while looking deep into my eyes and say the most beautiful words in history to me, saying, just saying that he loves me; that I am actually loved and appreciated by someone special on this Earth. It has been 3 years exactly since I have ever had anyone say the beautiful words "I love you" to me and I just feel nobody loves me anymore. Oh my gosh, for real now, I really can't wait to kill myself. Don't you worry, MJ baby, Heaven Won't Have to Wait Anymore as my dream will come into reality, just wait and see! But even though I planned to kill myself the next day and get the best birthday ever in heaven for which I think I definitely deserved (or my fantasy shows!), thank GOD I didn't kill myself at the moment, though. Little had I realized then, that the next day is when my life changed forever. Heart and body full of excruciating pain, I cried myself to an endless night of pain, hearing the belchy snores of Lester echo through the house...





Chapter End Notes:

What's going to happen to Rae now?? Is she actually going to end up killing herself after being fed up from Lester's never-ending torture? And WHAT?? MJ'S DEAD?!?! How can he be in this story (later on) when he's dead?!?! *Dramatic, mystery music plays!* BUT, it aint no mystery. J'amone and find out more in #ROADTOMJSWORLD CHAPTER 2:"Blood on the House Floor! The Birthday BASH": How Rae survives what's in store for her birthday!


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