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Crazed moonwalker Aimee Grey's guide to getting the most slippery superstar to be your husband.


****Not ment to offend any moonwalkers***



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Categories: Humor, Romance, Trigger Warning! Characters: Michael, Original Girl
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Published: Apr 10, 2015 Updated: May 01, 2015
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Warning: Annoying main character up ahead! Stay cautious my friends ;)

1. Step 1- Know your Target by Roadrunner [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstar (2098 words)

Hey guys! Had this idea since monday but waited cause I wanted to perfect it. Hope you enjoy!


BTW readers of moonwalker 2, I am editing the story fully so dont expect it to be updated soon. I'm not deleting it nor will any major plot lines from the story change, however it will take awhile so please be patient. 


Thanks for reading this and anything else I've written guys! Gotta run!


XOXO Roadrunner

2. Step 2- Plan of Attack/ Step 3- Practice your Encounter by Roadrunner [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2052 words)

Sorry I haven't been that active lately. I was busy with so many tests this week its not even funny. Anyhoo, heres the next chapter. It's kind of rushed so I might edit it a bit

3. Step 4- Get Close (Part 1) by Roadrunner [Reviews - 1] (1513 words)

Finally I was able to write. Sorry for making you guys wait, but here it is!