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Author's Chapter Notes:

Do I continue this story?

This was on my mind today. Do people still read stories here? Should I continue? I just wanted to see what the chances are of me continuing.


I do have a laid out plan for how this was to unfold from beginning to end. The next chapter was going to dig more into Michaels end and finally explain how the two meet. I did this for fun but never thought it was much except for a wild imagination. If this place is still lit I think I can whip up some more chapters now that I have the time energy and writing interest again.

Also let me just say I really appreciate all the love this story got over the years I was gone.

but if it's quiet here then where can I continue this story? Because even I'm wanting to see more after rereading my own little tale.





In recent years, online dating has become the latest trend in finding committed relationships. The success rate of these happy couples has stirred the interest of single career woman Jasmine Dimes, a senior graphic designer who spends a fair chunk of her free time browsing the internet doing everything from visiting forums, chatting, and dabbling a bit into the online dating scene.

She connects with a striking older man named Damien who shows to be a compatible match on a dating site. Sweet, charming, and incredibly attractive, the two hit it off through multiple emails and late night instant chats. Finally! Her Mr. Right was here! Except for the small fact that they aren't actually dating. Or at least he hasn't asked her and vice versa. Despite the sparks, their arrangement was seen as a close friendship developed over the internet. A friendship that hints at the possibilities of something more.

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