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Author's Chapter Notes:

By popular request, here is a compilation of a few of my favorite sites for information on Michael's life/some controversial topics

Timeline of his life

  • mjjtimeline.blogspot.com


Bloggers who do a lot of fact checking/covering of lesser known information about Michael

  • vindicatemj.wordpress.com
  • youtoobrutus.wordpress.com
  • lacienegasmiled.wordpress.com / rhythmofthetide.com
  • mjtheman.wordpress.com
  • http://michaelandthetruth.blogspot.ru
  • mj-777.com


Everything you could want to know about Neverland

  • http://enolalee.blogspot.ru/


A compilation of some of the many wonderful things Michael did

  • thesilencedtruth.com



  • You Are Not Alone - Jermaine Jackson
  • Remember The Time - Beard & Whitfield
  • The King of Style - Michael Bush
  • My Friend Michael - Frank Cascio (with some hesitance)
Chapter End Notes:

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these sites. Nor can I guarantee the veracity of everything on these sites. What I can state without qualms is that I have found some very credible information from them.

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