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Author's Chapter Notes:

A break to highlight some of the things that make me smile as a MJ FF reader


  1. the author gets (or tries to get) Michael.
  2. as a reader, I want to nudge the author to put Michael and the OG together (as this means the chemistry is apparent and the author isn't rushing things).
  3. the main characters are well-developed
  4. it is clear from how the author wrote Michael, that they respect him.
  5. Michael has human flaws.
  6. it isn't the same old story.
  7. an outside threat, a death, a pregnancy scare, etc isn't needed to make me feel as though I am on pins and needles whilst reading.
  8. the commas are largely where they should be and the words are spelled (at least for the most part) as they should be (unless the character is speaking in slang). 
  9. authors put in plugs for one another.
  10. pictures are minimal and my imagination can run wild.
  11. reading a chapter makes me want to listen to Michael.
  12. the author shows, not tells.
  13. the OG makes a mistake.
  14. I learn something.
  15. I feel like I have a better sense of Michael from having read the story.
  16. an AU story has me legitimately believing Michael could be like that if he was in such a context.
  17. that wonderful reunion happens after a good length of seeing the main characters struggle
  18. I discover a new great story
  19. authors who support one another.
  20. authors try to help each other become better writers.
  21. I can easily infer who is talking and/or thinking.
  22. I really have no clue what will happen next.
  23. the story is grounded in a plausible premise.
  24. (not sci-fi) the rules of the world are followed (e.g. city layout, travel, etc)
  25. authors ask for ideas (makes my role as a reviewer more interactive!)
  26. I can tell, just from reading it, that the author put a lot of thought into what s/he was going to write.
  27. an author really engages with me as a reviewer.
  28. an author doesn't get upset with me because I don't post flowers on their wall (note: I will never be purposefully mean in a review.)
  29. I get that "awwww!" feeling.
  30. I get a little down after the story has ended.
  31. even though the story ended on a sad note, I have to reread it.
  32. that sexy chapter has been built up to, and lives up to the expectations.
  33. that update gets posted!
Chapter End Notes:

I know I've been focusing on mainly 'what to do'/'what not to do', so I thought I'd add a little list of some of the things that make me light up as a reader of MJ FF.

What makes you light up when you read MJFF? Is there a certain story that causes you to do so, at the moment?

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