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I like to think about ideas well before I post chapters, so I thought I'd better start brainstorming asap.  On the docket:

--> A 'How-To" Guide to Research


-->Writing a Supporting Cast  Thanks to @2DreamFire for the idea


--> Approaching Writing Thanks to @wonderfultonight for the suggestion


--> Soundbytes/the little bits (expanding making an outline, formatting your story, etc). Thanks to @HoneyToTheBee for that last one


--> How to approach writing genre's. and making them feel authentic.  Romance, etc. Thanks to @TutThreeSevens



Chapter End Notes:

I'd appreciate any help you can give in adding to/expanding upon those points, so that I have a better idea of what you guys would like covered. Also, as always, ideas are more than welcome. You guys have more fic writing experience than I do, so you guys know first-hand more of the pains fan fic writers must work through.


As always - thanks to everyone who has contributed :)

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