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This is NOT It

When Michael Jackson, the biggest superstar the world has ever known, is finally planning to give his very last performance. The final curtain call, This Is It, has suddenly turned to an unwated and unexepcted downward spiral when Michael decides to bring his children to rehersals that leads into a freak ambush that tears his children away from him in unknown locations across the country.

Michael is suddenly casted away in a dangerous journey alone and unaware of his surroundings as there are no media or even the public to follow him. Or even reconise him! He has no choice but to go into the real world alone and cope while hanging on to survival as he desperatley risks his life to find his lost children.

But he is not alone.....

Join Michael into is wild yet terrifying journey to find his lost children along with 6 more unusual yet incredible people he meets along the way. This is more than the supernatural, no... this cant be real!!! 

We are all in this together. Friendship can only tie the binds between life and death between these men.... 


This story is based off one of my original Mj Oc's ^^ Michael Jackson does not belong to me! he only belong to himself!!! LOL! This is NOT a beLIEver story!!!! please do not place any rants or harsh reviews on this story. Im a very sensitive person and any foul comments will not be read and removed, I will also report you too if you add any beLIEver stuff in this. Im not a beLIEver. thanks! :D

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Published: Feb 24, 2014 Updated: Oct 23, 2014

1. Chapter 1, This is NOT it by DarkestDreams [Reviews - 3] starstarstarhalf-star (937 words)

im going to post up a few chapters and see if you guys likes it ^^ if you do like it so far then please do tell! i have lots to upload!! yayayayyayayy

amg short chapter >o< ehehehe.... ehhh

I still need to re-write the other chapters in the meanwhile o.o but arghsfbsdhfbhsdfb i have flipping schoolwork to do at the moment *facepalm* ill get to it! i promise! 

2. Chapter 2, Lets Begin by DarkestDreams [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1490 words)

hmmm hope this good! :D i had to re-write this chapter.

3. Chapter 3, Ambush by DarkestDreams [Reviews - 1] (1077 words)

new chapter yaayyyy!! :D hope you enjoy this one! more to come!

4. Chapter 4, Restrained by DarkestDreams [Reviews - 0] (1789 words)
im beginning to hate re-writing this story -.- arghsdbdshfsd. Oh yes, angry Mj is angry in this chapter

5. Chapter 5, Insanity by DarkestDreams [Reviews - 2] (1516 words)

WARNING!!: the chapter has alot of blood and violence (ehhhh... okay sorta, but just sayin) , if you are faint at heart, please dont read or read at your own risk

wow, it's been a long time since i have posted a new chapter! LOL! i have tons of assignments to do cause its finals here. But i was able to complete this chapter. Sorry if its really short, ehehehe.... enjoy at least! 


6. Chapter 6, The Great Escape by DarkestDreams [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1955 words)

Im sooo sorry if i have been unavailable for a long time!!! D: here is a new chapter to make it up.