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Author's Chapter Notes:

if you ever heard or seen of the movie MAMA, you can see where i got my inspiration from 72 repeating his sister's name X3 new character! yay!

Luna waited impatiently outside the room where 72 was being treated. The other scientists claimed that he suffered a panic attack, even worse, his lungs are not working properly.

Luna looked at her watched and let out a frustrated sigh, she did not want to leave the helpless hybrid, but the other scientists ‘politely’ dragged her out of the room.

She looked at the door, being guarded by a buff looking scientist. Brendon, the one who lifted 72 onto the cot when he first woe up.

“Brendon, let me through!” Luna snapped for the tenth time. Brendon shrugged “im sorry miss Luna, but I was told to guard while 72 is being treated….” . Luna nearly flipped.

“WHAT?? IM in charge of 72’s heath! And IM supposed to be in there, helping them treat him!” Luna shrieked. Brendon just sighed, like if nothing happened.

“im sorry miss, but its my duty…. Im afraid” he said. Luna seemed to calm down a little, but was still anxious to see 72.

Finally a female scientist exited the room, Luna immediately questioned her on 72’s status.

“hes doing just fine miss Luna” The scientist soothed “we did a few checks on him, and his lungs are not stable, so we are refining him to an oxygen tank until the lungs get adjusted”

Luna let out a frustrated sigh, “let me see him” she said, her voice sharp.

The scientist moved aside for Luna to enter the room. Luna’s eyes immediately went to 72, asleep on the cot, an oxygen mask covering his mouth, almost like the same one he wore while he was still in the glass case.

“he is sleeping alot, isn’t he?” Luna claimed looking down at the specimen. Luna watched 72 breathe heavily into the mask, his chest expanding.

“everyone is dismissed” Luna said, keeping her gaze on 72. As the other scientists left the room , Luna gently stroked 72’s long, curly hair. She thought of him as a newborn baby, so gentle and learning new things.

72 began to sir a little before opening his eyes, turning his head slowly to Luna, he smiled weakly.

“Luna” he whispered. Luna couldn’t help but to beam proudly.

“hey buddy, feeling ok?” she asked. 72 didn’t respond, instead, he reached over and touched Luna’s white hair, suddenly giving it a rough tug.

Luna winced and pulled away from 72, the hybrid watching her carefully. “hair” he said softly, finally beginning to understand.

“yes hair, but no pull” Luna said as she approached he specimen, 72 tried to grab her making Luna jump back again.

“c-coming” he said, his eyes widening. Luna looked into his chocolate brown eyes, innocence was all she can see.

“who is? Blank?” Luna asked, looking to the door as if expecting him to barge in any second. 72 shook his head.
“sister” 72 whispered, suddenly getting up. Luna stared at him , bewildered. “sister” 72 repeated swinging his legs off the cot. Luna knew what he was going to do and tried to stop him, 72 pushed her away like if he never knew her.

“sister” he said again, pushing himself off the cot. Luna cried out when he fell to his knees, the oxygen mask tearing off his face.

“sis-sis-sisstterr” 72 croaked, trying to gasp for air. Luna quickly grabbed the mask, tilted his head up and strapped it on him again. 72 took in a large breath of air from the mask, and looked into Luna’s eyes.

“please…” he said softly. Luna shook her head. “no 72, not now, sister is not ready yet” she said, panic in her voice. 72’s eyes squeezed shut “sister!” he cried trying to get out of Luna’s arms. Luna didn’t know what to do, why was he calling for his sister now? 62 is not awake yet. Suddenly Luna’s radio buzzed on, silencing the pleading specimen.

“miss Luna!” a voice said from the other line “its 62! She is waking up!”

Luna could hear the alarm from the monitor’s from the other line. It was true, 62 is waking up.

Luna looked at 72, knowing he must have sensed her waking up. “sister” he whispered to her, his eyes screaming to see his sister.

“alright, sister is ready” Luna said. Brendon suddenly came in the room.

“miss! 62 is-“ before Brendon can say the rest he spotted Luna and 72 on the ground. “oh my! What happened? Is he ok?” he cried kneeling down to them. 72 flinched and hid his face in Luna’s lab coat.

“hes ok, he tried to get off the cot to see his sister” Luna said looking at 72, resting in her arms. She looked at Brendon. “Brendon, this is an order, I want you to try and strap that oxygen tank to you and carry 72 to the lab” she said. Brendon did just what he was told. He strapped the tank to his back and reached down to pick up 72. 72 tensed and moved away from Brendon, fearing he might hurt him.

“don’t worry pal, I wont hurt ya” he soothed. 72 looked at Luna, then at Brendon. Finally relaxing, Brendon scooped the specimen into his large arms. 72 unbelievably light.

“sister” 72 said to Brendon. Luna sighed and headed towards the door “we better hurry, or he wont stop saying sister until the end of time”

Luna and Brendon ran down the white hallways, passing starry windows and rooms, until they finally reached the lab. A group of scientists were gathered around 62’s case, just like what they did to 72 when he woke up. 62 was moving all right.

“not again” Luna sighed, approaching the crowd of excited scientists. One of the turned around and spotted 72 being held in Brendon’s arms. He said something to the crowd and they began to move away, making a clear entrance for Luna to pass through. Everyone looked at 72, who was not interested in the scientists stares, his eyes were glued to the glass case where his sister was being held.

“sister” 72 whispered as Brendon made his way through the crowd. Luna stood in front of the case as it slowly drained.

With a sharp hiss, the case opened. 62 stood there for a moment , her eyes still closed. Until her knees buckled and fell into Luna’s arms, some of the wires ripping off her body as she fell. Luna carefully removed the oxygen mask and wrapped a few towels around her.

72 began to smile, he leaned closer, seeing his sister for the first time. “sister….” He said, all the scientists stared at him in awe, some of them began to chatter to one another.

Luna held 62 in her arms as another group of scientists ran over with a cot, the specimen shaking a little in her arms.

“there there” Luna soothed to the hybrid. “its going to be ok…”. 62 moved her head a little, but she wont open her eyes. Another scientist, looking like Brendon, scooped 62 into his arms and placed her on the cot. The group of scientists ran off with 62 in a flash.

Luna got off the floor as she looked up, seeing Blank at the top level, lowering his camera. He sneered, and disappeared into the lab.

Luna looked away, a sense of dread washing over her. Now that 62 has awakened…. What will Blank do now? He will obviously inform Conor about her. Luna was worried about 72’s health, now she has to worry about 62’s safety… ever since overhearing the conversation with Blank and the chief about 72’s survival and 62’s safety. She now has to worry even more.

Luna looked back at Brendon, 72 still in his arms. The group of scientists descended and began their task of cleaning 62’s case. Luna smiled, seeing 72 beginning to doze off in Brendon’s arms.

Walking up to him, she placed a kiss on his forehead before his eyes closed. “sister” he said softly, dozing off into another slumber.
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