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Luna froze outside her boss’s office. The chief expects more from 72? But why?

Shaking her head, Luna made her way down the brightly lit hallways. Pausing to stare out a window leading to deep space, a faint side of the moon could be seen so perfectly, Luna could just reach out and grab it.

Luna gazed out at the billions of stars, far away she can see a faint pop. Could be the end of a star’s life, a small supernova. Where a new nebula could be formed and create new stars, but Luna knew that this star is much too small to create a birthplace for a new generation of stars.

Closing her eyes for a moment, her pager beeped. It came from 72’s room. Just what Luna wanted, to see her beloved hybrid.

Luna strolled down the long hallways until she reached 72’s room. Monitored by a male scientist, he nodded at Luna telling her 72 wanted to be with her, constantly repeating ‘Luna Luna’

After the male scientist left, Luna looked down at 72, who laid on the cot facing her, his eyes half open. His stare drilled right through Luna, as if looking into her soul.

“hey bud” Luna said stroking his hair. 72 looked at her and smiled weakly, his light breathing could be heard through his mask. Luna helped 72 to sit up as she checked a clipboard on his status. 72 leaned in for a look.

“ah, it looks like your ready 72” Luna exclaimed. 72 cocked his head to one side, obviously confused.

Luna giggled, 72 tried to do the same, but what came out was a strangled noise from his throat. Luna wrapped her arm around 72’s shoulder as he rested his head on her, Nuzzling close.

“it appears that you are ready to head to the next stage” Luna said, scanning the pages. “very soon, you will meet your sister”

Hearing the name ‘sister’ made 72’s eyes brightened like the moon. “sister?” he chirped.

“yes 72, sister” . 72 smiled.

Luna wrapped a blanket around 72 and called in a few scientists to help her carry him into another room.

72 was transferred onto another cot as Luna ran down the hallways with the other scientists pushing the hybrid on the cot, his eyes half open, only staring at Luna the whole run.

Finally they reached the first examination room. The scientists shielded the window. In the middle of the room was a huge metal table, restraints can be seen from each side. Seeing them, 72 cried out and clutched onto Luna.

“its ok” Luna soothed to him who was shaking like a leaf. “ they are just going to examine you, I promise they wont hurt you”

72 looked up at her, Luna didn’t know if he trusted her or hated her for this test. A few scientists pried the wailing hybrid off her and onto the table. The cold metal startling him, he struggled hard against the scientists grasp who were trying to keep him down.

Luna couldn’t take it anymore, seeing 72 in this state, screaming and crying. Luna pushed her way through and gently held the struggling hybrid down onto the table. 72 screamed hard through his mask, now struggling in her grasp like if he never knew her. Luna spoke to him gently to calm down, when she noticed a scientist holding a sedation needle in his hand.
“no! don’t inject him! I got this!” Luna cried as she kept 72 down. 72 howled again. Luna snapped.


72 finally looked at her, his eyes widened innocently before relaxing. It looked like he wanted to cry as the scientists quickly restrained him. Luna looked back into his eyes, feeling guilt as the needle went into his arm.

72 yelped but continued to stare into Luna’s eyes. Luna kissed his forehead and stroked his hair.

“im sorry, im so sorry” she whispered as 72 gave into the medicine, his eyes closed and his head dropped like a stone. The scientists removed his blanket and his shorts, Leaving him nude. They hooked up familiar wires on him, and started the examination.

Luna stood by 72 the whole examination. 72 was passed out the entire time, once in a while he would twitch a little. Mainly his hands or legs. Luna checked his condition on the monitors around him, his heartbeat was slow. At least he was stable. She made sure no one in the room did anything bad to the hybrid, if so, Luna would immediately report them to Blank, or she would give them a good slap across the face.

Finally, one of the scientists wrapped a towel around his waist and laid a small blanket on his body. They took off the restraints and everyone filed out of the room, everyone but Luna.

Luna stood there staring at 72, lifeless and twitching. She wished he can speak to her more, to say what was on his mind, but she knew it would take time for that to happen, all he is asking is questions, greedy for answers just like her.

Luna kissed his head one last time before leaving the room. A female scientist who was guarding the door nodded at Luna. She nodded back.
“keep watch on him Mary” Luna instructed. Mary nodded again and held up a device that looked like a smartphone, on it was 72’s status, heartbeat, brain waves, everything. Luna had the same device as well.

“all in here, ill call you if anything happens Miss” she said.

Luna smiled and headed down the hallways. Now eager to see 62. Luna was sure very soon she was going to reunite the siblings, but first things first, Luna had to make sure 62 was okay.

As Luna reached 62’s room she noticed the door was open, a scientist kept guard though.

“why is her door open?” Luna questioned the scientist. The scientist jerked a thumb inside.

“The boss is looking after her” he said glumly. Luna narrowed her eyes at the scientist, he looked bored at his post, as if not caring of his surroundings.

“sir, this is serious” Luna boasted. “ if you don’t give a serious attitude to your post, you will be replaced”. The scientist looked it her like if she was stupid.

“im doing well at my post miss!” he said “even the boss said so”

Speaking of the boss, Luna peeked into 62’s room, Blank stood over 62 examining her like what he did to her brother.

Without a word she walked in, Blank tore his gaze off the hybrid at smiled at Luna.

“ah Luna, there you are! How was the examination?” he beamed.

Luna sighed “the examination was fine-”. A pause. Blank tilted his head, as if expecting more from her.

“and?” Blank said looking back to 62, who seemed to be shivering a little. Luna stepped forward but Blank moved her aside and pulled the covers close to her.

“she is shivering a lot lately” Blank said, his eyes lost. Luna looked over the young hybrid, yes she was shivering yet the room was at perfect temperature for her to warm up.

“maybe I should get a better blanket for her” Luna said turning away to leave when Blank clasped a hand on her shoulder.

“no” he said sharply. “she needs to breathe properly, she will get over it soon”. The grip became a little tighter.

“so about 72…” he trailed off. Luna broke out in a sweat, what about 72? What happened in the examination room was nothing, he could have just gotten scared of the restraints or the table was too cold.

“I have received news that 72 resisted and he was sedated” he said sharply. Luna froze, looking out at the doorway where the male scientist stood, she never knew that he was in the examination room as well.

Blank turned Luna around to face him, she looked at him, scared just like how 72 would look at her.

“this is not a good start for him, is it Luna?” Luna looked down, ashamed. He gently shook her shoulder.

“he deserves more” Blank said, finally releasing her. “the chief is expecting more from him Luna, if we don’t teach him any better the chief won treat us any better either” he snaps.

“sir, he is still learning!” Luna pleads. She sighs “sir, we cant allow him to know everything by now-“

“and that’s why you have to teach him!” Blank interrupted.

“no! WE have to teach him! WE have to take care and love both him and 62! I cant do everything by myself!” Luna snaps back.

Blank’s eyes narrow “are you saying that you cannot take a responsibility of them?”

Luna groaned in frustration “ yes I can take care of them sir! But you are not listening to what im saying! We-“

“don’t give me that attitude Luna” Blank snarls pointing a finger at her chest, as if treating to stab her with it. “don’t yell at me, Im your boss you hear?”

Luna stammered for a moment, wanting to scream at the top of her lungs at Blank, but she resisted.
“y-yes sir” she sighed.

“good” Blank snaps lowering his finger. “I tell you what to do and you must do what I say, you have to take care of the hybrids and make sure they mature up like an adult would, if not the head chief will get on our nerves again and we will be out of business” he begins towards the door.

“but I cant do this alone!”

Too late, Blank is already out the door, the male scientist nods to him, looks at Luna and sneers.

Luna grabbed her short white hair and gave it a good hard yank. Groaning loudly, loud enough to wake up 62.
Luna looked over at 62, whimpering softly, stirring in her sleep. Shivering.

Luna sighed and knelt down to her, stroking her hair gently.

“hey there” Luna whispered “sorry I woke you up”. 62 whined, looking uncomfortable. Luna pulled her covers closer to her.

“don’t worry its ok now” she said “ill take good care of you, trust me”

62’s eyes began to move, as if trying to open them. Luna gasped, watching carefully. 62 whimpered, her fingers grasping the thin blanket for the first time. She reminded Luna of 72, how curious he was when he first woke up.

Luna touched her hands, they felt soft, just like her brother’s. They suddenly wrapped around Luna’s hand, squeezing gently. Luna kissed them, smiling.

“your just like your brother 62, I promise you two will see each other, if only you can open your eyes”
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