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Author's Chapter Notes:

Found This and thought i'd share it : D 


After talking for a min i found out that he was 17 in his senior year and his goals in life. alot to take in in five min but it was worth it.


"So where are you headed if i may ask?" he opened up his breif case pulling out a long white paper with a list of routes and directions. 


"well i'm suppose to be going to a Medgar Evers Prep School it sounds lame to me but my mother thinks if i stayed at my old school i'd only get into trouble.


"Your lying."


"why would i lie about that it says it right here." he said smiling


I couldn't contain my smile which spread from ear to ear he took notice of this and nudged me.


"what girl?"


"we go to the same school!"


"see now your lying!"


"I am Not i've been going there since the 10th grade"


"really!!? what school did you come from?"  


"Midwood high omg i loved that school..well until all the fights in stuff, it's not that bad though."


He started to shake his head and sit back laughing the whole time.


"what now darryl!"


"Your not gonna believe this if i tell you." 


"Tell me!"


"I JUST transfered from that school i knew you looked familair!"


I started to think and then it hit me He was with the..... i remembered the crew he hung with but not the name what i do remember is they never missed a beat they stayed in the office and on suspension one goes they all go. 


"oh yeah you were with Tip, sky and mini maxx right."


"Yep! i still chill with them from time to time." 


"ya'll had a name it's on the tip of my tounge." I started to think and then erupted into laughter "THE FALCONS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

He tried talking over my laughter but it over took his light voice. 


"OKAY!! I GET IT. it was a dumb name but we were still cool."


" I doubt it with that name." I held my stomach from all the laughter.


"we were cooler than that crew you were in." 


"correction, i wasn't in a crew they were just my freinds i hung out with."


"mhmm don't try an convince me i know the deal.

Just before i was about to snap back the lady came over the intercome


"Trans central termanal we have come to your destination please watch your step and have a nice day"


We stepped of the train walking up the steps to the cold windy streets i wrapped my scraf back around my neck and mouth to avoid getting sick.




"So what?" my voice muffled under the scarf


"where do we go from here." 


I started to give him directions but then he stopped me me laughing.


"No! i mean what happned to you know.. Us."


" well..."

he stopped in front of me waiting for my answer. "well...."   "come on danielle tell me something!"


"there was really never an Us, to began with so..."




"Nope." i said smiling "you always wanted to hang with the boys what's the point a relationship consist of two people not a girl and his boys"

Hs stayed silent after i told him this. 


"I didn't know you felt like that."


"i knew you wouldn't."  We made it to the entrance of the building and i started up the steps.




"yes darryl?"  i said turning to face him.


'I just Got one question for you..."


"And what is that Darryl Jackson?"  


"you don't have to call my whole name"


"Boy! if you don't get to it." 


"Ever heard of a second chance?" he said with a cheeky smile.

I fake thought for a moment " Doesn't ring a bell" i said while stepping in the doors of the school.


If he wants to try again he will have to come alot stronger than that i'm not as nieve as i once was.






Chapter End Notes:

I Love this story so i will be adding a new chapter very soon!


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