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The Subway was cold af this morning what i'd give to get back in bed.

Danille thought as she sat down on the cold Brooklyn subway seats 

I don't want no problems today just peace

She had to get on a bus for 3 miles then get dropped off at the corner store and finally take the train station to Medgar Evers colleage Prepitory school. Even the name pisses me off why i gotta be on the other side of town.

I have to admit The school where i live is rough  but i can be just as bad as them But my grades are good as i do say so myself. I started to finally crack a smile when this boy came through the sliding doors he had to be about 5'6 stepping in the train with a long grey trench coat and breif case.

where  is he going on a business trip...Through the subway??! i hope he don't get robbed. 

He walked past me to the other side but no seats were avalible so he came back looking around then he looked in my direction and i finally saw his face carmel skin he was just gorgeous. during this time i stopped paying attenton to the world and didn't realise he was talking to me.

Excuse me miss but is that seat beside you taken?

I still sat there staring Then he waved his hand in my face.

Huh. what were you saying 

Is that seat taken?

No. it's not" i said sliding over giving him more room.

I was cheesing so hard on the inside 

My name is Darryl btw" he said while sticking his hand out.

i grabbed his gloved hand "Danille. 



Chapter End Notes:

What you think my first attempt : ) Not bad let me know 


2:40 came back re reading and editing it :) 

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