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Stacy wanted to tell Michael everything that had happened, and why he was in the hospital. She couldn’t believe that the doctors haven’t explained anything to him! Stacy remembered back to the night of the accident... She remembered the last words that Michael had said to her...


“Nothing is going to happen, alright? I love you.”


If only Stacy had known that something like this was going to happen. Michael probably wouldn’t ever say those last three words ever again. Well, to her anyway. Stacy sighed, and glanced at Michael.


He looked deep in thought. Stacy didn’t know what he was thinking about; probably nothing. What could he think about? He had memory loss; he probably had nothing to think about! Suddenly, both of them looked towards the door when they heard the squeaking of shoes. A new doctor entered the room.


“How are you both feeling?” he asked.


“Fine,” they both answered in unison. Stacy felt her heart ache. She remembered how they used to do that all of the time and giggle as they leaned in to kiss each other. She closed her eyes for a moment. It was a shame that they wouldn’t do that anymore; possibly ever again.


The doctor came over to Stacy’s side and checked her IV.


“How’s the pain in your ribs?” he questioned. Stacy hadn’t even thought about the pain that her body was in. It was all about the pain in her heart right now... Once she realised that the doctor had said something, she winced in pain. She hadn’t heard what he had said, and just hoped that that would give him the answer he wanted.


“Do you want more medication?” he asked. Stacy just nodded, as did the doctor. “Does Michael remember you?” the doctor whispered. Stacy shook her head.


“No, he doesn’t even know what happened to him,” she replied. The doctor didn’t say anything; he concentrated on giving Stacy another shot. He looked over at Michael, and Michael looked at him.


“Your mom is here, Michael. She will be in shortly,” the doctor explained, and then left the room.


Michael’s mom was coming to visit. This could be a good thing, or it could be a bad thing. The sound of high heels clacking against the floor were soon heard, and his mom entered the hospital room. She wasn’t crying, but as soon as she her son, she burst out into tears.


She ran over and hugged him as tight as she could without hurting him. Michael hugged her as well. Katherine was sobbing, and began whispering to Michael. She soon let him go, and began to ask him questions. Stacy just watched as Katherine wiped her eyes, and stared over Michael’s bruised, cut and broken body. After a few minutes or so, her eyes traveled over to Stacy.


Stacy frowned sadly and Katherine went over and attempted to give her a hug. Stacy wanted to hold onto Katherine forever and sob. She knew about Michael, and the accident. She knew about the memory loss. As Katherine came in to hug her, Stacy hissed out loudly at the pain at the first sign of contact.


“Oh, Stacy, I’m so sorry!” Katherine cried.


Stacy and Katherine had gotten very close over the time that she and Michael dated. She was like another mom to her. Katherine absolutely adored Stacy. She made Michael so happy. Michael was staring at both of them, very confused.


“Wait a second,” they heard Michael say, “Mom, how do you know her?”


The both looked at Michael, and then back at each other. They gave each other a look, and bit their lips. Michael was getting angry. How did his mother know this... stranger?


“Michael, do you know why you’re in the hospital?” his mom asked, walking back over to her son.


“No, I don’t!” Michael cried, very angry at this point. Katherine frowned and grabbed a remote. She pointed it at the television, and turned it on to the news. Nobody had stopped talking about the accident since it happened. The news channels continued to show the same pictures, and basically report the same thing.


“What’s this?” Michael asked.


“Just watch,” Katherine whispered. The three of them watched the television intently.


“Late Monday night, the pop star Michael Jackson and his girlfriend, Stacy Adams, were in a major car accident. Jackson’s girlfriend had just returned to California after being away for many months on vacation. Jackson tried to get away from the paparazzi that were following them. He was speeding down the highway while trying desperately to get away from the paps; but when Jackson made a sharp turn, he hit it with too much speed and his car ended up flipping over onto its side. Fortunately, no one was killed, but both Jackson and Adams are seriously injured. Sources say that the pop star is suffering from memory loss, along with other injuries. Adams suffers from broken ribs, along with other injuries,”


The news station then showed pictures of the accident. Stacy felt like she was going to be sick. Michael’s car was completely shattered. They were lucky that neither of them were killed.


Stacy looked over at Michael, and saw that he had his hands covering his mouth. He was so close to bursting out into tears. He looked over at Stacy, then his mother.


“I don’t remember anything... I can’t remember that night at all. I’m a pop star?  Mom, what’s going on?” Michael asked, tears pouring out of his eyes. All of this news was so overwhelming.


Stacy and Katherine looked at each other. Michael had no memory of his career? What did he remember?


“Michael, you’re telling me you don’t know who you are?” Katherine asked.


“Yes, I know who I am! I’m Michael Jackson!” Michael yelled, getting more frustrated by the second.


“What do you do for a living?” Stacy cut in. Michael looked over at him, and pondered for a moment.


“I’m the scarecrow in The Wiz. I act.”


His memory loss was bad. Much worse than they thought.



Chapter End Notes:


Sorry about the confusion guys. When I first started writing this story I wrote a bunch of chapters in one shot and had them 'on deck' and I was re-readign through this and I realised that I had skipped a chapter! Oops! So here it is! Sorry if you guys were confused!

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