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Once upon a time, in one summer night
A twinkling star gazed down
From his haven in the sky
He wanted a little place in this world
A place where his message could be heard
To share joy, to share love
To share all that he could become
To spread a little smile
And every once in a while
Take a peek inside a heart that’s alone
To love and be loved
Make people not just a crowd
But a single community built from one soul.

So the twinkling star from his haven in the sky
Came falling down one summer night
Into this world that gave him a little place
A world that didn’t know
He had blessed them with his grace
And that little star blossomed with each passing day
With his essence of goodness and innocence
Spreading its way
Sharing joy with lives monotone
Sharing smiles with hearts alone

The moment arrived for his fate to be lived
He was bestowed with a throne
Rightfully his
His dominion wasn’t land, just hearts and souls
His power wasn’t control, just a healing call
His order wasn’t a rule, just good will to be shared
His fight wasn’t for greed
But for those who needed to be cared
With a sprinkle of his magical touch
He would set the whole world ablaze
With a single word of affection
He would make a million hearts
Beat in his embrace

But a flame keeps on burning
Only as long as it can
Its warmth imprinted
Only as much as it can
A flower of fragrance wilts after its time
Yet the stars would twinkle
In their haven in the sky
Permanence may never be a reality
Still a name always remains for all eternity
Though buried deep, forgotten, undisturbed
It lives forever, just like love does
So the million hearts that were once united
Still beat as one celebrating the departed
And when every summer returns
The echoes, they sing
In a sweet gentle whisper that says
Happy Birthday my King

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