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Reviewer: agnosticofgod Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Oct 21, 2018 08:46 pm Title: DREAMWALKER

This was so beautiful and artistic and YES. I can see why it won an award. And yeah, I can see why people would want this fic to go on, and its concepts explored in greater detail. But keeping the work brief like this also works, in that it doesn’t feel incomplete. And that’s a tough thing to do with any work without the “I should want more of this” being too on the nose. Applause to you, dude.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this lovely review. I'm glad the story felt complete to you, it feels complete to me too. I won't deny however that there's another side of me that wishes I could write the sequel I imagine: of Michael's adventures in other bodies! I think it would be so fun! Definitely more humorous and much less poetic. The thought of it enchants me, and makes me happy if I dream about it, but I really don't feel like writing that kind of story, not my style. hahaha. So yeah, this is all this fic will be. :) Thank you for liking it! :)

Reviewer: The man with no name Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 09, 2016 11:38 am Title: DREAMWALKER

Sorry, it's a little bit too late to say this but somehow I just kept forgetting :p.

Congratulations to you :D. You deserve to win the award :). Honestly speaking, "Dreamwalker" was the first one shot appeared in my mind when I read the nominations. I knew that I had to nominate and vote for your story because I am so in love with it :).

And I am still looking forward to reading your new creation :)).

Author's Response: You're so sweet! Thank you thank you thank you!! I'm so glad you thought of my fic and your continued support. :) Dreamwalker is special to me too because it feels complete to me, and it takes me into another world. It makes me happy that other people seem to agree too. :) It's true I'm working on another two or three MJ fanfics, but chances are only one will be finished. The good news is that if you like Dreamwalker you'll probably like "Flying" also.......... That's right, I just gave away the name. But please don't wait for it, because I don't know when I'll be inspired to write more and finish it. It will definitely be longer than Dreamwalker, but probably still a one-shot. Anyway, thanks again for the congrats and support!! :) :)

Reviewer: YuliAlexaMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 02, 2016 09:05 am Title: DREAMWALKER

Miss!! Congratulations :) you won. Keep going with your art. All blesses for you

Author's Response: WOW!! I still can't believe it. Thank you soooooooo much for the award and for delivering the happy news to me!! :) I just added the prize banner to the summary page and it's so cool. I can't believe so many people liked this little fic, and then nominated it, and voted for it, and it's crazy to me that I won. You've made me really really happy. Thank you ever so much. :) You're inspiring me to write more... lol.

Reviewer: YuliAlexaMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jun 10, 2016 07:26 am Title: DREAMWALKER

There's no problem in which universe you want to develop the story, hope to read those stories you're working on. This is the link


Or you can find it as 'Remembering Michael MjFiction Award'


Congratulations :)

Author's Response: Ahh, you know I actually googled a bunch and I finally found it after I replied to you. Thank you again. Without you I would have never known. Now I get to cross my fingers and wait. Haha! :)

Reviewer: YuliAlexaMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jun 09, 2016 12:01 pm Title: DREAMWALKER

The thing I adore the most about MJ, is his complexity. I've learned of many worlds just because of him. I got here because you were nominated to category "I wish this one shot would go on!" (Best one-shot) .. And what a surprise, hope you continue writing and explore the wonderful possibilities Michael can offer. You made justice to his name. Now I leave showing my respect. You're my winner

Author's Response: Wow!! Thank you so much for your amazing review! I had no idea I was nominated for something. Can you send me a link to the contest page please? Unfortunately, I won't be continuing this particular story. The original vision was to make this longer, where Michael actually wakes up in other people's bodies and lives on that way, and I would have told different little stories, but it felt a little too "fantasy" for me, so it didn't end up that way. I think it's obvious enough from the way it is now that that's what happened to him. Ok, the GOOD NEWS, is that I do have a few more MJ stories in the works! I write really slowly, but sometime decade I'm sure I'll finish more MJ fanfiction. So I will post more one day, just not from this universe. Thanks again. I'm so glad you enjoyed this fic. :)

Reviewer: The man with no name Signed [Report This]
Date: Jan 12, 2016 10:23 am Title: DREAMWALKER

You're welcome ^^. I just write what I really think ;).

Like its name, "Dreamwalker" must be dreamy :)), and that is the reason why I think just like you, I don't want it written in any other ways :), that's why I was confused :))

And yes, that's quote is from Michael ;) in Ebony interview (2007), from the part On his musical work. It's beautiful, isn't it? :)

I had read "Magical", it is one of the first stories I read on the page and it is still in my "favorite stories". Sorry I didn't leave a review because I wasn't used to it at that time :p. But "Magical" really touched me in some ways and I really like how you described Michael's thinking and emotions in it. I know now that I have my new favorite author ;).

You know, to describe your stories, they are simply beautiful :), I really mean it. Unique and beautiful. You always have extraordinary ideas and special writing skills, although sometimes the way you write is a little bit dreamy to catch up :)). And I think those are reasons why I am so attracted to your stories :D.

I hope so see more of your creations. I am looking forward to reading more ;).

Thank you.

Author's Response: You're so sweet!! Thank you for all your praise, and I'm glad you liked Magical also. You actually inspire me to go write more and finish one of the stories I've started! HAHAHA. Just, sorry to say: don't hold your breath. Because most of the time I'm actually a very slow writer; I start and stop a lot, and I'm nowhere near finished with another MJ fic. 2 of the 3 in progress are only about halfway done. But I'm so glad to hear I have a fan like you out there. Makes me feel pretty darn happy. Thank you!! :) :) :)

Reviewer: The man with no name Signed [Report This]
Date: Jan 09, 2016 12:28 pm Title: DREAMWALKER

I used to say to a friend of mine that I am really scared someday the world will forget Michael. They will forget there used to be an amazing man who walked into this planet and changed so many lives. I am scared that one day, the world will forget there used to be an incredible person whose name Michael Joseph Jackson.

If that day happened, how sad the world would be :(.

Another beautiful story of yours. You have unique writting skills, you know? :) You've always got some extraordinary ideas that not many people will think about. Somes might find it dificult to understand, to catch the clue. But I think those are reasons why your stories are special.

My advice to you is you should write more clearly and be more distinct so that people can keep up with your story more easily.

But, for real, your high-faluting literature is what make your stories different to me ;). And it suits very well with your interesting ideas. So I don't know I want you to listen to my advice or not. I am a little bit confused here :)). Pardon me :D.

I don't know why I am rambling :)). Thank you for your story. It is very beautiful and unique :).

I hope the world won't face the day they don't know about Michael and his music. That would be the end.

"Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it — my music, I know I will live forever."

P/S: I love 'There must be more to life than this' very much. That song always gives me hope in my bad days :).

Author's Response: Awwww... You know, I wonder the same things, but I try to stay positive, even in the face of the MJ fandom being pulled in so many directions after his death. I think through it all, that the minor events will fade into the abyss of time, and that he'll be remembered for his incredible contribution to music, a dedicated humanitarian, and a beautiful mystery. I think it would be a tragedy if he was forgotten, but IMO I don't think he will be. I think he'll be one of the few that goes down in history for centuries to come; like Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc. I actually think he'll be remembered, and even though things will get skewed or whitewashed over time, I think he'll be remembered positively. Don't worry, ok? :) Keep the faith. lol. ;) Thank you so much for your super kind words about my writing. I'm flattered. :) Writing MJ fanfic is very different for me than when I write fanfic for other fandoms. With Michael, it's like I'm exploring the world and complex ideas. I don't think I'll be writing too many plot-based straight-forward type of stories for this fandom, but there might be a few in the future (I have 3 others in the works) that are a bit more concrete and not so conceptual. For me, Dreamwalker was in interpretation of Michael's descriptions of love, music, dance, and god. I really couldn't have written this in any other way and have the same connection with it as I do. But I'll tell you that initially I had planned to transport Michael into different bodies and tell more individual stories. Ugh, that would have been so much fun! But it just didn't pan out that way when I sat down to write it. I really appreciate your advice. :) You might like my story, "Magical"... that one is very different from Dreamwalker and Vox Populi Vox Dei... it's more adventure and fun and a real story with characters, the way people think of a story being told. That's probably more of the thing you're asking for. If you're even a bit of a Harry Potter fan, you might get a kick out of that one. :) Nothing philosophic there, I promise! Haha. That quote, "Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it my music, I know I will live forever." -- is that from Michael??? When/where? I don't recognize it. If it is him, I would like to add it to the addendum quotes in Dreamwalker. :) Anyway, you're not rambling, *I* am!! Hahaha. Thank you for your lovely review. :)

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