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Reviewer: brandyandMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 11, 2015 08:23 pm Title: Points to Ponder in Developing Any Character

I have this thing where I add too many supporting characters to my story. My first and second Michael and Stacey story had so many supporting characters that I even had to go back in previous chapters to find out what I named them, their age, and so on. Now I know when you have to do that then its a problem. Which is with Gangsta Lovin there have been many times where I've caught myself from adding more characters than what I had introduced. I find myself introducing different people as I go on but thats only in Semaj’s school setting because in real life you talk to people at school that you don't necesaarily hang out with outside of school. So would that be considered as an ambivalent character?

Now when it comes to the supporting characters that are actually relevant to Michael and the OG thats where I get sort of iffy. Like Lina, sometimes I wonder if she's truly needed... sometimes she gives advice or sometimes she's there for a laugh or to fill in the blank. I know Teeny and Duck aren't really needed, but its nice to have them in there. Bigs and Lenny had significance obviously, but I'm bad...really bad with the whole limiting and making sure my supporting characters have a good importance to Michael and the OG's relationship.

I sometimes wonder if the whole one best friend for the OG is overused, because sometimes it seems like the OG has two best friends and one ends up betraying her or just one best friend period. But there is one thing that I really dislike (and I've probably done it) is when a character is used in the first ten chapters consistently and then disappears without a cause. A lot of readers catch that. For example Maria in "I Want You" although she didn't really disappear she was just out for five chapters, but still its the same. Going back a few chapters in this topic to introducing minor characters: I've never been the type to be like "....and that's my best friend Melanie, we met 10 years ago after she put gum in my hair blah blah blah..." i choose to be simple abd sweet. "....Melanie was my best friend of 10 years making us inseparable..."  but hey thats just me.

Good advice as always. I hope you continue soon!

Author's Response:

It's tempting to fill in so many characters. I get the appeal, I mean you get to create so many different personalities. The problem is that they cease being memorable to even the author lol.

The random classmates? I think you mean an accessory character, and yeah, I'd consider that to be the equivalent of an extra on a movie set. Unidimensional/flat, but adds something to the scene simply by being present.

I think the case could be made for one best friend or two. It really depends on where the author wants to go with it and how he/she conceptualizes Michael and the OG.

I LOL'd at your Melanie example. Damn her for putting gum in your hair.... Thanks Brandy :)

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 26, 2015 10:26 pm Title: Points to Ponder in Developing Any Character

For Fantasy I think you got that one already. Suspence I think would be creating an intreguing story/plot and character developement especially for the villian's role.  Is writing a Suspense/Mystery any different from just adding Suspence to the plot of another genre of story? Is it more intense you think? Or are there many more levels you have to cover to have a good read? Those are a few questions I thought of. 

For comedy you're right that can be a bit difficult due to sense of humor. Are those stories harder to write or gain an audience for?

Awe I'm going to be sad when you stop posting. :( Food thing this will always be accessible for writers to visit!! 

More soon I hope! 

Author's Response:

I see suspense as the predominant theme simply being suspense as I've described it, as the priority of the story. In other words, the twists may be a little more drawn out, but the overall guidelines would remain the same as what I've described. 

I do feel like those stories are more likely to fall flat, as sense of humor is rather idiosyncratic. So much of humor is non-verbal, that when I read a story with a preponderence of purposeful humor, it often falls flat. I think that's why I'm hesitant to write about writing humor. Humor is one of those things that needs to be spaced out and thought out.

<3 Much love, girl! I'll keep trying to think of things. One topic that I think I'd like to cover soon is how to approach sensitive topics (rape, eating disorders, suicide, self-harm, physical abuse....even affairs).

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 20, 2015 04:48 am Title: Points to Ponder in Developing Any Character

You have touched on so many things it's hard for me to even think of anything else to add. Lol. You still have to expound more on the effective writing of different genres. Comedy, lighthearted stories, how to avoid being corny and predictable. Mystery/Suspence how to make the storyline effective, hold interst and be believable. I think you touched on Fantasy already but those are some ideas I would like to see addressed. I Don't know if it will be repetitive in respect to what you already have laid down. I guess it will address more specific insight. I will come back if anything else comes to mind!

More soon! <333

Author's Response:

Hey girl :) I know, I'm running out of things. I'm happy to expound upon anything people have questions about or just stop updating altogether. What issues in suspence and fantasy do you feel like I could add to? Comedy and avoiding being corny are tough ones....people have different senses of humor and it's rare that I'm surprised by a storyline/action. I'll have to think about those.  Thanks for your helpful feedback!

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