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Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 08, 2015 07:14 pm Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

It's good to have a good radar for insanity. I have it. My intuition is always right and I follow it. My friends have all been at not time been like "hey lighten up" only later on say. Yeah you where right. It's about aura for me. If I can't look you in the eye comfortably then it's a wrap. Michael IRL on the other hand has attracted a shit load of insane people in his life. 

I guess the old adage "Hindsight is 20/20 " really means a lot. 

As for trama being a trigger on its own is not enough, your right but when you factor in all the environmental stuff like socioeconomic status,  jealousy levels, pride etc it can create a cocktail none of us want to take a sip of. 

Yayyyyy!!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for "When the dog bites" it will be interesting to see every ones take on this topic. 

More soon!! <333

Author's Response:

Yeah, Michael attracted a shitload of users in his daily life. He did a bit better romantically, finding people who could be discrete.

I tend to give friends the benefit of the doubt. Occupational hazard. Romantically, I can relate to what you say. Intuition is our best tool...that and following up on inconsistencies.

Trauma...I still will pick at that. I've seen people with the worst factors imaginable, not take that route...and seen people with "good" upbringings become sociopaths with explosive tempers. Nurture plays a role, but it isn't enough of an explanation ;)

I need to stop adding onto it lol.

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 08, 2015 05:02 pm Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

H/C I love reading stories like this not just FF's.  I'm getting a better hang at writing this kind of genre. I'll be honest and say all my stories have this component present in the fold. I like the drama it brings to a certain extent.  I've seen some dramatic scenes that make me scratch my head to wonder how that even happens.

Comas paired with retrograde amnesia, a weak helpless for no reason Michael (even when people are trying to help) An OG or Michael that cries at the drop of a hat...kidnapping and violent behavior involving a character who seemed perfectly sane in the last paragraph.  I'm not a fan of when the catalyst to trauma and hurt is ill developed.  Just no to all of the above.

I'm guilty of a few of those "don't" factors you stated lol.  The crazy ex and stalker aspects.  Though I may have rampt up each a bit in my fics.  I've seen that crazy Ex factor ALOT.  I live in NYC...The Bronx more specific and it happens.  My block is relitively peacefull and quiet but 2 years ago a crazy Ex attacked a woman in the building next to mine and she ended up stabbing him to death.  INSANE. I didn't know either of them personally so I don't know the full story just what I heard. The thing about Exs you don't know they're insane when you get with them.  Trama can trigger some bad things in people.

Gawd now I'm scared my fics are cliched LOL.

I'm loving this series!!!

More soon <333

Author's Response:

Oh, I've seen the crazy ex thing...I just if we ran the stats for FF, it would happen a LOT more in FF then in reality. Let alone with the women Michael would associate with. I guess you could say that part of what I do is spot the insanity before it's all out there, so maybe that's why I haven't had that issue with exes? You can blame trauma, but I've seen a shitton of trauma and it's not enough on its own.

BTW I'm working on the When the Dog Bites and the Bee Stings.... segment lol.

Thanks xo

Reviewer: HoneyToTheBee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 08, 2015 01:26 pm Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

I like H/C. I like seeing Michael vulnerable, it makes him human. It gives me those awww moments where I just want to hug him and console him. I'm over the amnesia... There are some really good stories that include that, but it's already been done ALOT so unless you've got a different more creative way of using it, I'd leave that alone.

Rape, domestic abuse from the OG's EX... over done. Michael being the constant savior. I've already spoke my mind about that. 

I will say though that Exes do play a HUGE role in people's lives especially if they've spent a long time together or have kids. OR it's Michael Jackson that they dated. I imagine all of his exes wanted him back and the chances of him being stalked by an ex is equally high! I mean unless he's just an average Joe in the story... and even then, most AU stories depict him as this highly attractive sex God that every woman wants. 

but I'm with Coco on the jealous, crazy ex drama. I enjoy it. Yes, there are other ways to add events to a story to make it interesting without including this drama, but it's also hard to avoid it because it is so prevalent in real life.

I've had two crazy exes, AND have been a crazy ex myself. I've been cussed out by my partner's crazy exes and everyone I know has dealt with the same drama. It's part of breaking up and moving on. Exes don't just poof, evaporate into thin air. I think its more rare that two people just happen to mutually decide to form a clean break. 2 out of my 7 relationships were clean breaks. 

One in 6 women are stalked in the United States, btw. Stalking can be defined on so many levels. From following someone religiously on social media to actually following them around in real life. The stalker ex boyfriends... It happens more than you think and I'm sure it'd be even more likely to happen if your man finds you with Michael Jackson.

Author's Response:

I have a soft spot for H/C in books and in life. It's a time for plot growth as well as real-life personal growth.

Woah. That's a lot of drama. Thinking of myself and my friends...only three of us have had stalkers. Mine went away after a year, without any legal action or safety threats. Two have had seriously dangerous stalker exes. In terms of crazy manipulative exes beyond those two? None. Most are accomplished, married, responsible, etc. They just didn't click, someone cheated, and/or, they/we grew apart. Is there something in the water where you are?  I'll admit, I screen guys a lot. I don't have time for crazy....and if I'm going to commit myself, then I have to trust them.  Speaking of which, I should screen friends better lol.

Right, stalking is on different levels. What I was referring to were serious stalkers, like those depicted in fics. Kidnapping, abuse, threatening, types of stalkers. The actual rates of those are around 10% of women and lower for men. Now, celebrities experience that at higher rates.

Reviewer: Coco Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 08, 2015 11:33 am Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

I am all for the drama with the crazy

Author's Response:

What do you feel like it adds to a story that isn't attainable through other means? I guess I'm mainly turned off by it b/c it makes the OG and Michael both look bad. It shows that they have horrible taste in partners....which makes me question their pairing.

Reviewer: MichaelManiac Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 08, 2015 11:14 am Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

Hurt and comfort is probably my favorite genera to read and write. I find it so relateable since everyone's experienced some kind of hurt. I agree that writers can totally take it to the extreme with rape,amnesia and crazy exes. I may have written one story awhile back that over did it with the hurt and comfort. It's embarrassing to admit but we all learn. I especially like to explore the emotional aspect of hurt comfort that I think a lot of writers don't focus on.

Author's Response:

I like to think that you are right about "We all learn". Some people learn very very very slowly, some don't really learn, and some learn and become better writers for it.

I especially like to read the emotional aspect of H/C that I think a lot of writers don't focus on or know how to convey. It takes a certain degree of insight to be able to have interest in writing it, not to mention being able to write it well. Kudos :)

Reviewer: KerenOlivero Anonymous [Report This]
Date: Mar 08, 2015 05:07 am Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

All right, hurt/comfort is one of the categories I have a rough idea of but confuses me a little..but your piece makes it real clear. I think it could be mixed in with scif-/fantasy and romance fics for fantasy, if the OG gets hurt by some evil person (whether it's a bandit, a gangster, etc.) and Michael has to save her and she slowly heals. I enjoy them as long as the author doesn't go too overboard with it and not too depressing...and your last point of the ex conspiring to break up the Michael/OG pairing reminds me of why I hate love triangles. 

Author's Response:

Yes, H/C as a genre is often overlapping with another genre. It can be the foundation of a story (Jodi Picoult does this a lot), or it can be a source of drama and character development in a sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, or romance fiction.

The "ex" bit never fails to leave me shaking my head. It's cliche and assumes that the OG and/or Michael are eachSO perfect that even the ex remains enamored. Yes, that is sometimes the case in real life, but plotting to break them up and conspiring with others is...extreme.

Reviewer: wonderfultonight Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 07, 2015 10:04 pm Title: Writing Hurt/Comfort

Cool chapter(s)! Good stuff here, good stuff. 

I've always wanted to write a sci-fi/fantasy fic. They seem like they'd have the potential to be so sweepingly huge if done right. I don't know if MJ woud be the best fandom for it, though. I don't even know if I've ever seen a sci-fi MJ fic (I'm sure there are and I'm just blind, of course.)

H/C is a hard one for me. My limits are pretty low, tbh. I adore The Accused, for example, but there are definitely times where I have to skim/read with my eyes like half closed because the hurt scenes are just too much for me. That doesn't mean they're bad though! I've said that many, many times to CaptainEgo/Skywriter. I think it proves just how good they are that they illicit that type of response from me.

I really enjoyed your don't section of this past chapter. H/C has a tendency to come off campy if not taken in doses, I think. If a story tries to include too many of the "common threads" that you mentioned, it gets really bogged down and unrealistic. I prefer if the author really develops and focses on maybe 2 max 3 of those ideas. Any more and it just becomes a soap opera.

On the other hand (this just came into my mind right now, so sorry if it doesn't make sense) stories that aren't specifically H/C stories have a tendency to rely on only 4 major forms of drama: cheating, pregnancy scares, random deaths, and breaking up. What do you think is the difference between supposedly non-H/C fics that use H/C qualities instead of the common "romance genre" tropes and a straight up H/C fic? Where would you draw the line?

Author's Response:

Thanks. I'll be going back to make some changes in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy chapter tomorrow. I'd go under 'search' > select 'advanced search' > select 'science fiction' under 'category options'. There are quite a few on here. I started reading ASchmuck's and rather like it.

LOL, let's be clear: EVERYTHING has the potential to be campy if not done well. For instance, some nicknames in the romance stories carell. I totally agree - less is more. And more believable = more engaging.

I think that most stories include those as H/C appears throughout our lives. I see most fictional stories as an amalgamation of genres, that are categorized by their main genre. Trying to look at one in isolation isn't realistic. I think that is what you are asking? I'm not quite clear. Sorry.

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