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Reviewer: purpleskies Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 15, 2015 09:54 am Title: Keeping Readers/Getting Reviews

very good points! Going to take a lot into consideration

Author's Response:

Let me know if they help :)

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 06, 2015 10:38 am Title: Keeping Readers/Getting Reviews

I think I'm a pretty consistent poster...? I put the question mark because im not sure what length of time is considered consistent between posts. Lol

I make it my business to reply to my reviews. I feel if they take the time to drop a few lines it's only right to acknowledge them in some way. I know not everyone will have the time to do this but it's just something I do personally. 

I'm willing to take on any kind of review. Flames and all. If you're strongly grounded in your story and have a reason for how it's going then you should be able to explain it to your readers. This is how you know a reader is really paying attention when they point things out. I've seen it done quite rudely at times. It's all about tact. 

I always put "rate and review I want to here your thoughts" in the end notes of my story. I dont know if that counts as pandering or not. It's really not meant to be. I've mentioned once when I saw a few people stopped reviewing and it was out of curiosity that I asked. Know that I've been here longer I've come to see that it's the nature of posting here. Sometimes people just stop reviewing and that's ok. As for holding stories hostage I've seen that as well and it baffles me. I personally write for my love of writing so I don't understand why people would do that. The story itself should be enough of an insentive for people to keep coming back. 

The take home message is definitely on point!! Great post!! 

More soon <333

Author's Response:

You are ;) I think regular is when a person does it on a reasonably consistent schedule. Ideally less than a month. I believe one of the most consistent is Enola Lee. She's got a schedule posted and everything.

Responding to reviewers doesn't need to take a lot of time. One could easily post a quick thank you. Are personalized ones the best? YES. That's how I became a huge fan of Annie's. Her stories are the ones that got me reviewing, but her responses are what made me a regular reviewer in general.

LOL. I remember when you said that. I posted to say why, b/c I'm a bit quirky....I feel guilty when I stop commenting on anything and do try to provide warnings ahead of time and/or follow up.  I don't like leaving writers wondering why. 

You don't pander for reviews. A "Rate and Review, Please" or "I love reading your comments" is totally fine.

Thanks, girl :)

Reviewer: HoneyToTheBee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 06, 2015 09:47 am Title: Keeping Readers/Getting Reviews

Agree agree agree. Though when I first started here I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't even know how to reply to reviews and some people might not even know you can or that people expect it.

I greatly appreciate constructive criticism or suggestions on what needs to happen in the story or what's missing. I actually enjoy flames! I'm a debater and believe me I'd argue that flamer into the ground and enjoy it. I don't really write for reviews but when I get them I'm 100% more motivated to update sooner. Especially like enthusiastic ones. When people are really worked up about what's going on in the story... I try not to keep them waiting.

side note:

That gif... being the newbie fan I am I've never actually seen his signature before!It's beautiful. Michael isn't an easy name to sign, the letters don't flow that easy. I'm totally about to steal his technique. (my names Michaela)

I also typed this on my cell so excuse any auto correct fails or punctuation errors that occurred here today 

Author's Response:

LOL I remember you figuring that out.

I have a hard time understanding the line between flaming and constructive criticism. As such, I've probably unknowingly crossed the line :/ ... then again, I think that line also fluctuates with the sensitivity of the author.

Michael had an awesome signature. Much better than Jermaine's smiley face one.

Your comment has better grammer and spelling than mine do via my phone.

Reviewer: KerenOlivero Anonymous [Report This]
Date: Feb 05, 2015 08:03 pm Title: Keeping Readers/Getting Reviews

1. Definitely agree, although I know real life could rear its head or bad writer's block so in those cases I understand. Myself I try to have updates for my 2 WIP fics monthly..the updates are that slow since I write other stuff besides Michael..and some days I would end up slacking off due to laziness/stubborn muse/distraction. 

2.That's what I try to do when I get a review..though admittedly I have a hard time knowing how to respond to reviews like "aww" or something..but it really lights up my day when I do receive reviews.

3. I welcome constructive criticism as I received it mostly when I was a novice..have to say though it can be very annoying when someone is vague with if they say grammar error and don't be specific..also it depends on what they say too because depending on the advice some are not in any position to do for example if they flame  for lack of updates when there could be a good reason for it and if you look at their fics their grammar looks like something that'll make any Language Arts teacher start screaming or something. Also there's no need to get personal with the author as long as they don't get personal there is a difference between a low level and blatant ignorance and some reviewers feel that criticism means insults and childish name-calling when it isn't so. Some aim to tear people down and that's the type I don't far I haven't gotten any flames yet though..there was some helpful suggestions before but the reviewer at least stated the strong points

I agree with your don'ts..must say demanding reviews is even worse than begging and I'm with you on threatening not to post any new chapters..I understand the frustration..on the other hand I keep going and remain optimistic that people would review when they're ready..

Author's Response:

1. I really suck at being understanding about writer's block. I've had to write through so many periods of writer's block....I'm talking, having to use creativity with dry material or material that would be very contentious. I still wrote it and sent it in. I do get having responsibilities come to the forefront. I don't get taking 2+ months for an update unless the person is working 60+ hour weeks, has some newborn twins, etc.

2. LOL. what about posting an "aww" gif? add some humor in there.

3. 'Language Arts' oh my god. I haven't heard that term in about a decade. Old person problems.... I believe in balancing criticisms with compliments, just as I believe that some reviewers need to censor a bit. Myself included, sometimes.


TBH as a reader, when I look through the archives on here, I'm not looking for the most reviewed stories. I'm looking for the longest stories. Stay optimistic ;)

Reviewer: brandyandMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 05, 2015 07:38 pm Title: Keeping Readers/Getting Reviews

First off i apologized for the lack of capilization that will come with this review and any badly misspelled words because i am on my phone and too lazy to reboot my computer but i do want to reply to this. So with that being said here i go, lol. 

I LOVE the Moonwalker gif you uploaded as an example. It was right on. I am one and it is evident in my story WYWTOM that I was VERY inconsistent with my story line. It went from one thing to another thing and I read that story over just a little while ago and i dont know how ANY of my readers stuck around with me. 

Which brings me to my next point, im HORRIBLE at replying to reviews. I spend two hours off and on in one day to write up a chapter. The minute I upload it I log off and the cycle repeats. I say the only story I've actually kept up fairly is Gangsta Lovin but I'm getting into the habit of doing it for all my stories because i know it plays a nice chunk in having a successful story. Since WYWTOM I don't bribe or beg for reviews.

I may bump up my story for the simple reason that ut gets bumped down so fast the minute i upload it and im just like damn! But after you saying how its practically a disappointment when there isnt anything new indecided if it falls down the recents then oh well hopefully my readers will find it. I know it can be discouraging to not get reviews but its all about perfecting your craft and building yourself up. When i startrd fanfiction here the maximum amount i would get for each chapter was 2 or 3 reviews. Sometimes i would get 0, but i kept writing and now here i am getting a maximum of 8-14 reviews on chapters.

At times i get discouraged when it drops down to 3 or 4 but then i look at my reads and i get over it. Dont get me wrong i love my reviewers but i love my readers just as equally. I know i wont get buku reviews every single chapter so i dont even ain that high, i will always be satsified with whatever i get because im lucky to at least have SOMETHING. 

Constructive critism? I'm all for it. You've helped me a tremendous amount, even when I  was having writers block with Mars Vs. Venus, but i try to write through my writers block with filler chapters as people call it. 


Loved the points today girl!


Author's Response:

Smart phone problems lol

It's understandable for first time authors to want to shove a bunch of stuff in there. You really want a story that will grab's just that it's easy to cross over to too much. There are a few very popular authors on here that I simply can't read b/c despite having written so many stories, it's like each chapter is an episode of a novela. I mean, even more dramatic than an US soap opera.

I get it re:reviews. I can see why you liked bumping. It's nice to get the extra love. The thing is is that that also means pushing someone else's story down. Plus, it also means that your readers who miss it the first time will see it again when the next chapter gets posted. Realistically, though, I like to think people scroll down.

Aww, I'm just glad you found it helpful. I always feel like a user when I just read and don't leave a comment...or my comment feels empty. I actually love it when authors ask questions such as:

I'll be honest guys, I'm stuck on this next chapter. What do you want to see happen? What do you think will happen?

Readers are often the untapped well of material.


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