Just piping up because I realize that there hasn't been any "news" in a long long time. We are still here, accounts are still being created, and it's great to see authors updating and readers commenting :)

--Redone on Mar 14, 2020 09:08 am 10 Comments

Wow! It's great to see this. This site has been quiet for far too long. Good to know it's getting its spark back because I really like it here. Thanks for reaching out!

- DareToDream on Jun 10, 2020 10:27 pm
So happy this website is still active, such a lovely site for MJ fans.
- pitbullswifey on Jun 19, 2020 06:28 am

:) We may have become less visible, but we've never gone away!

- Redone on Aug 30, 2020 05:07 pm

Thanks for keeping the site up! I love coming back to read stories about MJ. 

- MJSWIFEY on Sep 28, 2020 06:18 pm

This site keeps a part of our minds and hearts alive. Definitely, MJ brought us together. I truly appreciate your efforts throughout this time. 

- YuliAlexaMJ on Feb 17, 2021 08:45 pm

Just to comment! Still here in 2022. ❤ Thank you for keeping this site up, truly. So many living treasures here and irreplaceable. 

- Yolaachaa on Feb 20, 2022 08:34 pm

Greetings..I decided to make a tentative comeback (see more details in my journal chapter update/reflection)..still very isolated from the fandom but it actually feels pretty good to be back and I'm ready to write again. Those who reached out, can't thank you enough for that. -Lady K

- LadyKeren on Jun 01, 2022 08:23 am
I have a question if anyone will answer it: Is there another way to post pictures on here? The tree graphic never appears when I attempt to upload a banner for my story.
- MichaelManiac on Sep 21, 2022 12:30 pm

Thanks for the update. @MichaelManiac use imgur and put the image in the html.

- yourburgersarethebest on Dec 01, 2022 06:56 pm

Sorry - we don't get alerts when people comment here. If you want timely responses, email is best :)

- Redone on Jan 20, 2023 05:17 pm