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Self registration is closed. Since opening registration over a dozen members created duplicate accounts (many creating multiple duplicate accounts despite email notifications) and a spammer created over a dozen accounts. We hate having to close it (again), but we don't have the time or interest in continuing this pattern of deleting accounts.

Those interested in joining: If you want to join the MJFiction community and can promise to give back by reviewing those chapters/stories you read, please fill out this form:


Current members: Thank you again to those who have donated. If we are to reopen registration permanently or modernize the site, we will need to do some additions to the site, which will cost money. We received many offers to donate money when the site went down, and a few of those members have followed through on these. Unfortunately, the upfront costs of MJFiction are high as we came in after years of neglect to the site's maintenance. If you have a couple dollars to spare, please consider using the PayPal function. This will be the last request I post.


--Redone on Aug 12, 2016 08:22 am 7 Comments

Just out of curiosity, why do you guys feel the need to delete duplicate accounts? Do they make the site run slow? What's the problem with having them? Just curious, just curious...

- Willyoubethere8 on Aug 13, 2016 11:43 am

From a previous News posting: 

"All of the additional, and in most cases unused, accounts slow down the databases and add to the running costs of the site. It wouldn't be an issue if they were unique accounts, but the fact that the same people have multiple accounts is a kick. We can't get an accurate gauge of our userbase either as user having multiple accounts throws off the number massively."

There is also the huge issue of people creating duplicate accounts to review and boost their own stories, thereby setting an unrealistic comparison for the average writer. 

Please let us know if you have a duplicate - there is NO penalty to anyone who is forthcoming about it. Best!

- Redone on Aug 13, 2016 12:42 pm

I don't have any. I was just curious to know. Thanks for responding! 

- Willyoubethere8 on Aug 15, 2016 06:02 am
- Dri on Oct 14, 2018 01:02 pm

Hello! I'm a member of this site and would like to say thank you for keep this place to all writers and readers of MJ fanfiction. I love this site very much! However, I would like to say there is a large amount of unfinished stories here. Some writers started to write and just stoped to write. They didnt say nothing to the readers. Just abandoned the stories. That's rude IMO. 

Please, SKYWRITER can you post the chapters of Someone to Trust and Perfect Strangers, please? Thank you. Most of my fav stories on MJFiction are unfinished. Sad...

- Dri on Oct 14, 2018 01:11 pm

Skywriter, I agree with Dri on how sad it is when writers abandon their story! (I won't name names, but there is one particular story that should have never, ever been abandoned!) 

I haven't been here on this site very long, but I have to commend you and Redone (I think that's your name from the homepage) for all of the work you do to keep this website safe and functional. I only have one concern: when the setting is changed to "green", it is near impossible to upload text. Is this a glitch? 

- yourburgersarethebest on Aug 10, 2019 10:35 pm

Thank you :) we are both mainly behind the scenes due to life and competing demands, but we’re still here. Lemme notify Skye, since we don’t get alerts when people comment on these posts 

- Redone on Sep 11, 2019 07:48 pm