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Hello. My name is Ema. I'm 27, from Toronto Canada. I've never had the privilege of seeing Michael perform live, but I did have tix to This Is It for Feb.01.2010!!

I've been active in the online MJ community on and off throughout my life. In 2005-2007, I was a video/digital collector and Mod on MJUK forum. In 2012-2014, I authenticated MJ autographs on Autograph Magazine Live. I drift in and out of the online stuff, but in my heart, MJ is always #1.

Since I'm among fellow MJ fans here, I'll say that I'm taking his death very badly. He is like a parent and best friend to me in some strange way, and since a young age has shaped my psyche and touched every part of my life. I respect him deeply as a person, not just a musician.

I started reading/writing MJ fanfic when I was about 11. The subject of my fics has changed greatly over the years, and lately it's hard for me to read/write anything disrespectful or OOC of MJ. I think "realistic" fics really need to be realistic, rather strictly, (unless intended to be humor or drastically AU), bcuz I have such a clear picture of him as an unparalleled individual that it would be sacrilege to portray him "realistically" in any callous way. Wild sex romps with random fangirls/LMP/whoever else have been done a thousand times over, and without substance, it's distasteful, in my opinion. Let's not do them anymore. Bad writing is distasteful also. MJ deserves better. I know MJ has the most international fandom ever, but please don't write cringe-worthy R/NC17 material if you can't write in English. He would DIE.

Outside of the MJ fandom I can't stand Het. I read/write Slash instead, with a few unorthodox kinks mixed in. Oops, lol.

I've written for several fandoms in the last couple years, but I haven't written MJ fanfic in forever (since I was 11-13yo probably). I was re-inspired recently and that's why I'm here.

* I only write the kind of fics that I would want to read.
* I don't use a beta.
* Thank you for any feedback. :)
* I believe reviews should always be honest. I'd hate to get 100 awesome reviews if the people didn't actually think it was. Tell me what was wrong, don't be scared.
* I leave negative & positive & everything reviews, which are hopefully fair and constructive.
* I make my own awesome banners! I hate ugly banners and this fandom is FULL of them. Gross.
* My fav MJ album is Dangerous, if I had to pick.
* My fav MJ song is Billie Jean, if I HAD to pick; bcuz of how momentous & timeless it is. I love ALL of them though. It's easier to pick from few songs I dislike- maybe Enjoy Yourself? But even that one is catchy. Damn you MJ! My favs rotate all the time, and I rediscover new reasons to love old songs. Right now I'm really digging All In Your Name, Keep The Faith, Speed Demon, 2000 Watts. Other favs: Who Is It, Be Not Always, Music & Me, Threatened, Shout, They Don't Care About Us, Give In To Me, PYT... it's HARD to choose, I want to pick them all, every single one.
* Other music I enjoy is mostly EDM, r&b, alt rock, older pop, classical, but most of all MJ is my #1 forever! :)
* I LOVE Michael's fashion, his style inspires me immensely. Amazing.
* I'm always up for a game of Chess.
* I don't want my own kids. There's plenty out there that need love, why bring one more into the world?
* I'm a big computer geek.
* I make jewelry. Check out

Now that I've introduced myself and my writing... Questions/Concerns? Just ask. :)

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